Full Moon in Aries – What it means to be the Peaceful Warrior

Full Moon in Aries – What it means to be the Peaceful Warrior

Happy Full Moon 🌝 in Aries ♈️ (Oct 1st 2020, 21:05 GMT) !

We come close to the Climax of a cycle started in the beginning of the year in late March. As the Sun shines a strong light onto the Moon we become aware of our evolution and what was in the shadow finally comes to light and to our consciousness.

Every Full Moon we are given the chance to realize our evolution in the past 6 months in regards with the matters related to the sign where the Moon falls into. Today we are in Aries. Aries rules over our energy, our impulses, motivation and drive to act. It is pure energy of doing. Not in the sense of following a plan, but just actively doing something ! It is also how we react : are we impatient, selfish, aggressive (which would be negative expressions of this sign) or are we brave, pioneer and assertive ?

It is a great time to think back and reflect :

⭐️ How have you been taking the lead role in your own life ?

⭐️ Have you been brave when needed ?

⭐️Have you been too impatient or selfish ?

⭐️What have you learnt about managing your energy ?

⭐️How do you feel about taking the initiative ?

Mars the ruler of Aries is Retrograde in Aries until November 14th, inviting us to review what it means to take independent action, how do we deal with frustrations and delays and what is truly motivating us to go forward

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The Sabian Symbol for the Moon in the Full Moon is “A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images“ and perhaps this is speaking to us about our pre-conceived ideas of what is leadership, independence and what is being brave. Societies teach us about how we should signify these terms and through our life experiences we have the opportunity to verify them and decide if we want to re-invent new meanings.

Chiron sitting only 2 degrees away says “A Large Woman’s Hat With Streamers Blown By An East Wind” and it is perhaps just like an East Wind blowing away our outdated conceptions, we are given the chance to indeed free ourselves from them.

Once we become aware on what is really holding back on our growth we can begin the process of letting go, of transformation.

The Sun sitting in the opposite end in Libra is at its “fall”. It is hard to think only of the self when in Libra we are asked to think through the prism of relationships. The Sabian Symbol for 9° Libra suggest that the Self, however, has become aware of the rapid waters it has been navigating, and wants to find the calm waters of balance.

A balanced Aries energy is capable of being interdependent, valuing initiative, motivation and being brave. It is the Peaceful Warrior that does not react or aggressively attacks, but rather acts with the just the right energy, inspiration and a good dose of optimism !

The month of October is a powerful one, two Full Moons and the veil between the worlds thinner. It is a special movement to find the right balance within our relationships so we can begin the shadow work required in Scorpio Season starting October 22nd.

Healing is never easy, but is necessary if we want to evolve.

I hope you’ll find time to reflect about these ideas and come up with your own version of independence, leadership and assertiveness, one that brings more positivity, cooperation and love into your life.

Want to know more about this month’s energy, click here to watch the Tarot Forecast for October





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New Moon in Virgo – Organize your life

New Moon in Virgo – Organize your life

Happy New Moon in Virgo (Sep. 17th 2020, 11:00 GMT) !

Although we are almost at the end of Virgo Season we still have time to set Virgo intentions. While the Sun has been traveling through this zodiac sign, it has made us take a closer look at our messy lives, we’ve (hopefully) become a little bit clearer on where we need to declutter, clean up and get more organized. 

Think about making lists, lists of lists and overall putting your life back in order.

This is the Universe giving us an opportunity as we close in to the end of the year to re-organize ourselves and make sure we have everything we need (and only what we really need) to finish the sprint we’ve set ourselves to back in January. 

During this New Moon take some time to :

  • Organize your home, office and space – a clean space = a clean mind
  • Set goals to improve your health, daily routines and life style (could be a good time to start Yoga or eating healthier)
  • Think about where in your life you tend to be too critical and perfectionist, is it something that is helping you or not ?
  • Being of service. Virgo’s ultimate energy is devoted to service and doing what needs to be done

Remember when setting intentions during a New Moon ritual focus on how you want to feel rather than what the end result will look like. Be opened to what the universe might bring you by the time the cycle reaches its peak in the Full Moon in Virgo in about 6 months from now. 

Understand the full scope of this Virgo Moon by watching my New Moon Video on IGTV. Click here or on the image below.

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Make it right – Astro-Forecast Week September 13th 2020

Make it right – Astro-Forecast Week September 13th 2020

Hi there  !

I made a mistake. There you go I admit it. Last week I came to realize I had messed up something really important to me. I felt as though I was caught up being mischievous, like a little kid eating too much candy before dinner.  Obviously it is not a pleasant feeling when you realize you’ve made a mistake, and although it is important to come clean about, it is more important to adjust your atitude so you can be responsible and  repare the mistake you’ve made, even when we are grown ups. This obviously came hand in hand with the Planetary transits from last week.

 This week we are given the chance to make it right and we should take it.

Unlike me, perhaps you didn’t mess up anything important, however this week we will feel the need to readjust our course, straighten our sails and get our crew on board with a better view of where we are heading. 

Check out this week’s forecast ! 


Weekly Forecast September 13th to 19th


Sunday 13th

Venus Trines Chiron

Aspiring actress needing confidence to shine meets the wounded director that will help her glow. This is the nature of Venus Trining Chiron. We get an opportunity to heal our wounds in regards to our leadership and capacity to take action (Chiron in Aries) as we step into what we value with confidence, passion and courage (Venus in Leo). We have a beautiful opportunity to heal or « stage fear » in life.

Tuesday 15th

Sun Trines Pluto

As we get closer to the end of Virgo Season, our focus is on clearing out whatever is no longer serving us. Think about it this way : you’ve made a mess in your home trying to organize things into categories (Sun in Virgo), but then Marie Kondo comes in and reminds you that you need to « throw away » what no longer sparks joy and is not useful (Pluto in Capricorn). Roll up your sleeves, put some fun music its is cleaning day !

Venus Squares Uranus

After feeling confident and bold, it’s time to agitate the rebellious side of us. As we feel more confident we also can act in sudden and unexpected ways. When Venus meets Uranus with tension we might act impulsively, or at least feel the urge to do so. It’s like when you are feeling good about yourself and you walk into a store with beautiful things and suddenly you end up buying something you don’t really need in the spur of the moment. Later you look at what you bought and think : « Why did I buy in the first place ! »


New Moon in Virgo

Almost at the end of Virgo Season, while the Sun gets ready to move into Libra, the Moon is finally realizing that it needs to start a new cycle if wants to build balance and harmony in the next month. What is this new cycle ? We need to purify whatever is not good for us. The New Moon in Virgo asks us to pay attention to detail, to separate, organize, categorize our emotions. Be pragmatic about it and down to earth. Perhaps it is a good thing to step out of perfectionism and criticism and focus on devoted service for the greater good. Wherever House the New Moon falls in your chart will give you a hint on where this new beginning is.

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Sun Square NN

Have you ever had days when you are very focused on your task, you are doing something that needs a lot of attention and care and suddenly your phone rings. You want to ignore it, but the caller keeps calling back and you feel like you have no choice but to reply. This is the Sun in Virgo meeting the North Node in Gemini. We want to stay focused in the task at hand, but the North Node is asking us to share and communicate whatever we are doing with others. Perhaps we don’t feel ready to do it yet, but the Cosmos doesn’t always give us the time we desire. Take this as na opportunity to learn something that will broaden your view and spread your seeds.

Mercury Square Jupiter

Balance is a key whenever we want to advance in different areas of our life. It requires us to have a quick mind and be able to see the different options and possibilities at our disposal. However, when we fall into the trap of not deciding one path or another, we might feel pressure form our responsibilities to get moving. With Mercury in Libra squaring Jupiter in Capricorn we might just be driven from overthinking to actually start doing whatever it is that we want to accomplish. I’d go with Jupiter on this one as there are more chances for growth. So get the work done !

Sun Trines Saturn

We have a great opportunity today to really focus our attention and be disciplined about advancing on our goals in a step by step way. Pragmatism, discipline, structure. The more we stay in this energy today the better we will feel to progress.

Friday 18th and Saturday 19th

If you ever started working on a project only to realize the goals of the project change while still in the planning stages and you have to re-do much of the work and action plan you’ve had imagined, then you are familiar with the energy coming in this Friday and Saturday. As the Cosmos gave us a little push into getting organized and structured to move forward, we are called to make adjustments in regards to our dream vision for the future/ (Mercury Quincunx Neptune). At the same time we will need to adjust the focus of our actions if we are to advance (Sun Quincunx Mars Retrograde). These are changes that will be positive in the long run. We are being directed to where we need to go if we desire to become aligned with our true purpose.


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What makes your heart beat – Astro-Forecast Week September 6th 2020

What makes your heart beat – Astro-Forecast Week September 6th 2020

Hi lovely one,


Last week, I was telling a friend how my partner and I are currently exploring a new country, looking for land in order to settle our roots after two years of nomad life. I was telling her that in order to do that we bought a Campervan so we can travel and sleep anywhere, the ultimate nomad life style, that is temporary of course, because we are dreaming of our future home.

And as I told her about this she, who is also going through making big life changes to follow her path, said that I was living the dream life. That really made me wonder… Whose dream life was Iiving ? Society’s or mine ? Mine definitely. But what defines a dream life and how do you know if you are on the right path ?

To me this answer didn’t come easy and I still have days where I doubt myself, I get scared and anxious, I wonder if I’m too romantic and other days, I know inside that this is the path for me and that I feel truly happy and aligned.

Obviously these doubts are part of the process. Through Astrology and Tarot I see these cycles of going forward, being highly motivated, and then making a stop and re-evaluating. This year, has been quite intense in this sense, because although we could feel this on an individual level, now we can definitely see it in a collective one. This historical moment is giving the opportunity to many of us to make the changes, or at least start them, so that we live more aligned with our true purposes, and find happiness on the simple things.

For the last four months Jupiter has been retrograding, making us look within, reminding us of what truly brings us joy and excitement. During this time, things might have become a bit foggy and harder to see. But it’s exactly when we can’t use our regular go-to senses that our intuition kicks in, and it’s in the midst of the foggyness that we learn to trust our hearts.

Jupiter will go direct this week, removing this veil and as we see clearly Mars will asks us to take it slow. It is starting a retrograde motion for the next 2 months and a half. During this time we will be able to learn to deal with frustration, re-evaluate our motivation and drive and even our actions. We are almost at the last quarter of 2020 and the energy that has been helping us transition this year is trying ti wrap it up so that we can make the final steps to complete the transformation.

These transformations of course have to come from within and we can find true happiness if we are aligned with our deepest values. So I ask you, what truly motivates you in life ? Have you been able to understand what truly brings you joy ?

This is the time to answer to these questions so you can move ahead with your transformations from a place of peace instead of fear.

Weekly Forecast September 6th to 12th

Sunday 6th

Venus enters Leo

Relationships can breathe a little during this time. With Venus entering Leo today, it wants to find and feel LOVE in a Romantic Movie type of way. In romantic Leo, Venus demonstrates love in dramatic and exaggerated ways, the same way it spends money in carelessly wanting to surround itself with beautiful shiny things. Venus leaves the home and the protection of the nest in Cancer in order to be a romantic and passionate lover in Leo. It could be a good time to meet someone new, or even to bring in new passion and fire to existing relationships.

Venus has had some rough times in the past month, opposing Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, which means that relationships and finances were feeling a lot of pressure from these 3 powerful Planets. Now, it has more freedom to show love more authentically and even play. The negotiations however will happen with the Sun, the ruler of Leo, who right now is more concerned about making progress and fine tuning every aspect of the self. It reminds me of couples who have been in a relationship for a long time and suddenly one of the partners starts working out more, trying to improve him/herself so that it can feel better and therefore be a better lover (Venus in Leo).

Wednesday 9th

Mars Retrograde 28° Aries

It is not a pleasant thing when an action oriented planet such as Mars goes retrograde, it means that moving forward becomes very difficult. The time is to revise our actions, learn to master our temper and even how we deal with frustration.

During 2 months period we will be asked to revise our actions, to review our action plan. Some astrologers suggest even finishing up old projects or even going on a vacation. But that isn’t always possible. The way I see this is that going forward will be difficult, so this is a good time to review what is motivating you to achieve your goals. Mars is the FUEL that makes us blaze through and go get what we want. So if the FUEL is lacking, why is that ? OR is the FUEL the right one ? Perhaps you started a new venture with the wrong motivation, or you are feeling low in energy because you are missing your drive. This is a good opportunity to get in touch with why is that and how are you learning to deal with this frustration. When Mars will go back to Direct motion, it will have crossed paths with Saturn for the second time, and it will be growing in wisdom until they form the last square in January, where it will be graduating from the lessons of this transit.

Sun Trines Jupiter

On a positive note, the Sun and Jupiter come together in harmony in a trine aspect, Jupiter’s signature move. Jupiter expands the light of the Sun making it shine even brighter. Jupiter who is slowing down to finally go back to direct motion on Saturday connects to the Sun who has his nose focused on the details of Virgo. The Sun wants to make improvement in health, wealth, business, and daily routines, connecting to Jupiter in Capricorn who is concerned with long term planning, business growth and consistent steady forward movement, these two coming together might bring a nice productive day to make positive changes in your work routine that will take you closer to achieving your long term goals. Perhaps you’ll magically understand what is the flaw you need to fix. The Sabian Symbols for this connection is 17° Virgo – A Ouija Board and 17° Capricorn : The union flag flies from A British Warship. And just like that, magically an issue that has been bugging you flies away.

Thursday 10th

Mercury Opposes Chiron

Mercury in Libra concerned with making adjustments is opposing Chiron in Aries. That is to say that, although focusing on harmony and trying to find common ground is important while communicating and sharing ideas in partnerships, it is also important to stay true to yourself. Chiron in Aries is pointing to us where in our leadership we are wounded. Where in our lives we are not being the leaders of it and we are letting others take the steering wheels from our boats. It is painful to watch someone make decisions for you and feel like you are in someone else’s shadow. It is time we become aware of this situation and by finding harmony within ourselves, taking a leading role, we can from an equal position negotiate with others to cooperate. In an opposition we are torn between opposite energies, the key is always to meet in the middle and create balance. You cannot ignore your wounds as the leader of your life and let others make the decision for you, but you can use your experience from this wonderful to heal and harmonize communications with others and with yourself.

Last Quarter Moon 🌙  in Gemini 18°

Action is required when the Moon and the Sun challenge one another. With the knowledge gathered in last weeks Full Moon in Pisces, here we are called to release what is no longer serving us. The Moon in Gemini seeks information, all types of information. It is curious, inquisitive, it is going after the truth. The Sun on itself is also focused on finding the truth, but in a practical, analytical and critical way. We could think these two energies would form a good aspect, but if the Sun in Virgo wants the practicality, the Moon in Gemini wants to discuss over things. The Sun wants introspection and evaluation, the Moon wants to talk about it, read about and change its mind about it. Perhaps the key is to talk through what is not working, what needs improvement and find common ground with the help of Mercury in Libra.

Saturday 12th

Jupiter Direct 17° Capricorn

Finally after 4 months of retrograde motion, Jupiter the planet of expansion, growth and blessings is finally going back to Direct motion. During this time we have had the time to go within and analyse what truly matters to us. Jupiter brings excitement, happiness, expansion into the areas of life that it touches in our birth charts and in transits. When it is retrograde we are given the chance to evaluate what truly sparks to us ? Where do we find the most joy within ourselves ? What do we want to cultivate and grow and expand from inside out. After this 4 month period, we can finally open up and share all the good inspiration we’ve found within.

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Get real with your goals Astro-Forecast Week August 30th to September 5th 2020

Get real with your goals Astro-Forecast Week August 30th to September 5th 2020

Hi Moon Watchers and everyone !


I’m so excited this week I’m Launching my website today ! YAY !

I’m so happy to officially kick this new place for the Moon Watchers to gather every Sunday Morning with weekly forecasts and anyone else who wishes to join and read my articles.

If you are new here, you can join my private Facebook Group here : Moon Watchers Club.

This week I’m making something special ! I hosted a live Tarot Forecast for the Month Of September on IGTV. You can watch the replay over here.

This week’s forecast really reminds me of these sports films where the athlete goes under tremendous pressure and training in order to improve her/his skills before a competition.

The athlete has a goal that it is to win, but often she/him gets caught up in life’s pleasures and not taking things seriously. In one hand she wants the glory and benefits of being a winner, but in the other she doesn’t want to put in the hard work to get there.

During the second act of the movie, the athlete faces a loss (Pluto) and then it meets a hard trainer which is very much tough love (Saturn) in order to get our athlete in shape with hardcore discipline and responsibility and a strong strategy (Mercury) in place.  It won’t be easy, she suffers through the training, but once she wins the competition she will know it was all worth it.

That my friends it’s the energy coming up this week. Are you ready to train, stay focused and get in shape ? Or are you going to give up on your dream ?


Weekly Forecast August 30th to September 5th

Sunday 30

Mercury opposes Neptune

We are finally at the end of August and vacations are almost at the end, we can’ deny back to work is in our minds. In one side Mercury is already ready to go, he has been waiting for this for a while now. He has bought the new planner, a cute to-do list paper, new colorful pens, a new calendar and already set in the dates that are important. He cleaned his table and he is ready to get down to business. On the opposite side we have Neptune who is not ready for that yet. Neptune wants to invite friends over, drink some more Sangrias, share kisses and hugs even in times of Covid. Neptune is inviting Mercury telling him to relax, enjoy some more, let’s make Summer last longer. In one side Mercury is telling you “no, stay focused, we have work to do ! We are ready !” And on the other Neptune telling you “relax, let’s continue dreaming the year ahead, enjoying as much as we can, besides anything that has become reality,  started in the dream world. Which way should you go ?Since Jupiter, the former ruler of Pisces is in Capricorn trying to create order in the chaos with Saturn, perhaps the best would be to follow Mercury and the Sun in Virgo this time & allow yourself to meet with Neptune at night time to unwind.

Monday 31st

Venus Opposes Pluto

Last week Venus had a wonderful connection to Neptune. Through them we had the opportunity to see beauty in the world, to dream of our most wonderful desires. In Cancer it wants safety, comfort, emotional security and a nest. Today, however Venus has a meeting with Pluto. In Greek mythology Pluto represents Hades, the God of the underworld, he rules over life and death. Pluto was very powerful, and had a lot of wealth, hence he is feared by many and his strength is overwhelming. Pluto is telling Venus the reality of her dreams. In Capricorn, Pluto removes structures that are useless, it removes the lies and the rosed-color glasses. If you want your desires to happen, you’ll need to do the work to get there. There is no easy way, but the structures need to be in place and the cold reality might not be easy to look at.

Tuesday Sept 1st

Mercury Trines Pluto


Pluto again this week brings good messages for Mercury. As the Planet of Death, rebirth, Power and Control, Pluto is clearing the way for Mercury to work at its best. Mercury will have clear space to think, analyze and improve so it can reclaim its power. Pluto is destroying the structures and stablished ideas that have been stopping Mercury to move forward into perfecting its plan. In a way this will be experienced in an easier way because there is good communication between the two. So what beliefs, systems, traditions and ideas have been stopping you for making progress in you advancement to achieve your goals ? Remember Mercury is about the mind, so this reflects on your strategic planning.

Wednesday Sept 2nd

Full Moon 10° Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces is closing a cycle we started in February 2020. Where were you then and where are you now ? Pisces is all about unconditional love, dissolving boundaries, bringing people together, equality and unification. It is about love, compassion, sorority & fraternity. Pisces is spiritual and dreamy, artistic and idealistic. The Sun in Virgo is focused on separating what’s good from what’s bad, what needs to be improved and purified. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is “Men Traveling A Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination” – The Sun is asking are you on the right path ? What do you carry in your back back that is still too heavy ? The Sun is showing to the Moon this is the progress you’ve made, these are the lessons and this is what you need to let go of in order to perfect yourself so that you can experience unconditional love inside and out.

Sun Trines Uranus

At the same time the Sun makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus and we have the opportunity to exerce our freedom or even to experience an ah-ha moment (Uranus) which can liberate us some how. The Sun focused on it’s routine and perfecting itself in Virgo receives a visit from Uranus who brings an unexpected solution, or completely radical view on the matter that can help the Sun move ahead. As quickly as Uranus comes, it goes. So pay attention because in Uranus in Taurus is not as loud as it would have been in another sign. Keep heart, ears and eyes opened to new information coming your way, you might just stumble across the solution you were seeking.

Venus Opposes Saturn

Venus is having a rough time after being in dreamy Neptune. After Pluto comes to give her the hard truth about her desires she is now faced with heavy Saturn who will not let her get away with her responsibilities. Like a bad hangover day when you have to go to work despite your massive headache. Venus rules, love, beauty and finances, Saturn rules structures, governments, discipline and responsibility. Wherever Venus has been frivolous with love and finances (Under the influence of Neptune), Saturn is here to tell her that every action has a reaction. Saturn brings the rules of Karma. Everything you do and want has a price. Saturn is strong in Capricorn and it might pull the scale towards his side. We might feel quite emotional about this since Venus is in Cancer, the house of the Moon which rules over our emotional realm and feeling of security. Get your finances in check, be responsible about it and remember the power is in you.

Thursday Sept 3rd

Mercury Square N.N

Mercury continues traveling on Virgo’s path, leading the Sun. Just a few days before it moves into more harmonious grounds in Libra, Mercury creates tension with the Moon’s North Node in Gemini, also ruled by Mercury. In Gemini Mercury is more concerned with sharing information and learning, in Virgo it wants to create systems and analyze everything. This tension will help us move towards the North Node, which is our collective destiny path for the next 1,5 year (approx). This means, that perhaps we have spent too much time analyzing and it’s time to start sharing the information we’ve perfected while we have been in Mercury.

Mercury Trines Saturn

Mercury fors a harmonious aspect with Saturn. Since the blocks have been removed by Pluto, now Mercury is free to bring in new structures, new traditions and create new foundations to build it’s master plan. It’s like after a full season in Virgo, it finally gets the perfect structure and strategy for its plan. After perfecting itself, Mercury is finally ready to go into Libra to find the right partner to help him achieve his purpose in business or in love.

Friday Sept 4th

Venus Square Mars & Mercury Sextiles Venus

After gaining clarity about the lies it was telling itself, paying its debt, Venus is pressured by Mars to take action. In a challenging Square, Venus and Mars meet with tension. In one side Venus is still focused on the home but Mars in Aries wants to take action and move forward. Mars is strong in Aries and perhaps taking a step forward might just be what Venus needs to get back on track and find beauty again. At the same time, Mercury brings new information to Venus which might just show her a new opportunity she can take to help her in this day.

Saturday Sept 5th

Mercury Moves into Libra

Mercury finally moves into Libra where it feels comfortable in an air sign. Here Mercury becomes more concerned with relationships, beauty and harmony. It wants to create balance and find the right words to convey its message. His focus shifts to communicating in a clear harmonious way. At the same time, it takes of his nose of the nitty gritty details and the desire to perfect everything as it was in Virgo and it opens itself to see the broader picture. What new sides and new perspectives can it consider, is there a way that it can find more balance ?

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Back on track or wait for it- Astro Forecast Week August 23rd to 29th 2020

Hello dear Moon Watchers,

While I sit here with my coffee replacement made of cereals and Chicoré – with a little bit of a headache (I must admit) – I look at the energies coming up next week and I can’t decide how to feel about it.  Part of me is excited about them, I want to know how they’ll play out in my life, but part of me Is also wishing for some slower moving energy.

Perhaps it is the fact that all the outer planets are in retrograde (as of the moment Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), or simply the urge that we feel from Mars pushing us into action before it goes retrograde in September. I guess 2020 will not let us truly relax until the very end. 

In any case this is a very important week astrologically as Mars will form it’s first (Of three) Square to Saturn so the tension is building up quite a lot. As it happens with squares, we will be taken in one direction or another wether we like it or not. This is a way of the Universe of making us move in the path we need to be following right now and correct our course of action. Are you in the right path, or have you strayed away from it ? We will soon find out. 

Check out this week’s forecast below : 

Weekly Forecast August 23rd to 29th

Sunday 23rd

Void of the Moon in Scorpio

Sundays are wonderful days to do nothing, just relax and take time to enjoy life. We are starting the week with a short Void of the Moon in Scorpio inviting us to precisely just that. Relax and leave it at that. Not an ideal day to start new projects, or new adventures, but best to just take a ste

Monday 24th

Mars 26° Aries Squares Saturn Rx 26° Capricorn

Mars the planet of out drive and motivation kicks off the week building up tension with Saturn. This is the first of three squares happening between these two planets, and most likely we will feel the first one with more strength. In one hand we have Mars which in its home sign Aries likes to move fast, get things done and just blaze through it’s goals. It’s an impulsive, action oriented planet. Saturn on the other hand, likes order, step by step approach and specially discipline and responsibility. Saturn wants to keep the structures that are in place, Mars just want to move as fast as possible and fight for what it wants. Squares tend to takes us in a direction of movement. Possibly we may feel more energized to go forward with our goals (Mars) and we will need to get a structure in place in order to do so (Saturn). Another option is we will feel restricted and frustrated in the advancement of our goals and desires. Saturn in this case will be making Mars sit down and have a deserved lecture about responsibility and discipline versus impulsiveness. Either way, these energies are strong and we can feel them personally and collectively. The first time is the hardest, the other two will be easier because we will know what is coming for us. The second square happens on September 29th, 2020 and the last one in January 12th 2021.

Tuesday 25th

Mercury 10° Virgo Trines Uranus 10° Taurus

Mercury in Virgo, leaves the chattiness of Gemini to become analytical and systematic. When It is in harmony with Uranus Retrograde in Taurus, we are focusing our minds into new ways of thinking the future and thinking outside of the box. Uranus likes originality and will certainly bring that into the Mercurial mind. 

Venus  17° Cancer opposes Jupiter 17° Capricorn Rx

Venus the planet of our desires, love, beauty and finances while it enjoys its emotional and nesting time in Cancer is Opposing Jupiter In Capricorn who is more concerned with career, business and structures. Although we might desire to stay at the comfort of our homes, we might feel pulled to act in the realms of our career To bring growth to it. Tough choice, the key here is to find a balance between the two. 

First Quarter Moon 🌝  in Sagittarius 0° 

As we continue this busy Tuesday, we have our first quarter moon in 0° Sagittarius. This is the opportunity to start acting on the first steps of what we have seeded during the New Moon in Leo or back in the New Moon in Sagittarius late November 2019 (can you remember ?). Sagittarius wants to expand the mind, the beliefs and follow the path of adventure. It is ruled by Jupiter, known as the great Teacher. With the Fire energy of inspiration and action, it brings lightness and enthusiasm to your life and a desire to learn new things and experience life to the maximum.

The Sabian Symbol for this First Quarter Moon is : « Retired Army Veterans Gather To Reawaken Old Memories »  and doesn’t it feel exactly like this ? As if after more than 6 months of waiting, slowly moving we are somehow remembering where we were back then ? I really invite you to look back to late November last year and take note of your progress.

Thursday 27th

Mars 26° Aries Sextiles North Node 26° Gemini

After getting so much tension from Saturn, Mars has an opportunity shown by the North Node in Gemini. A door for us to step into our future destiny opens and it’s our chance to seize it.

Venus 19° Cancer Trines Neptune 19° Pisces Rx

At the same time, Venus in Cancer Trining Neptune in Pisces might just gives a feeling of daydreaming and imagining what we want for our dream life. Ideally with these two energies we would be able allow some time to dream what we want, but also be aware of the opportunity to act that shows up to us.

Saturday 29th

Mercury 17° Virgo Trines Jupiter 17°Capricorn Rx

Finally on Saturday, Mercury forms a harmonious aspect with Jupiter, our minds expanding in the direction of creating a detailed plan for us to follow through to achieve our goals.


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Live your Hero Journey- Astro-Tarot Forecast Week August 16th to 22nd 2020

Live your Hero Journey- Astro-Tarot Forecast Week August 16th to 22nd 2020

Hello dear Moon Watchers

Back in 2006 when I was in university, I started studying and reading about Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey. This philosophy has accompanied me for most of my adult life and one of my all time favorite podcasters, public speakers and illustrations Andy J Pizza is a huge fan of this, which just makes me even more passionate about it !

I won’t go much into the explanation of the Hero’s Journey, but I can say this : this week’s New Moon in Leo and overall forecast really makes me think about how much are on the right path of our own Hero Journey.

We live in a time, and specially since the beginning of the year, where we are being propelled to fully step into our own hero journey. One that is aligned with our values, desires and minds. We are deconstructing the structures and removing old ways that no longer serve ourselves so we can develop entirely from caterpillars to full on beautiful butterflies 🦋.

I can’t deny this really touches me deeply since, for the past two years, I have been in a process of deconstructing old beliefs, ideas and conditionings that I have received, engaged in and taken as being truthful. I cannot even begin to tell you how much my life has changed.

Yet, it all doesn’t come ease and there are it’s bits of challenges, tensions and conflicts, but it is important even in these time to take stock of the victories, celebrate the moments where you (or I) have taken a leadership role in your life. Where do you still want to make progress and where you are already the leading star…

So often I see in my intuitive coaching sessions people giving their power away to others, stepping out of the spotlight believing they don’t know how to lead their lives, letting others do so. It makes my Leo heart really sad. That is why I’m so determined to helping people that want to live authentically, unapologetically and truthfully to their hearts.

If you follow someone else’s way,
you are not going to realize
your potential.

Joseph Campbell

That is also why I’m so committed in releasing my new website soon so I can help more people realize their full potential. That also means, I’ll be migrating the blog over there and if you are interested in knowing more about how Astrology and Tarot can help you understand your leadership style you can read more here and download this cool and easy Tarot Spread here. 

Weekly Forecast August 16th to 22nd

Sunday 16th

Sun trine Mars & Venus Square Chiron

When our focus and our drive work together it becomes very easy and pleasant to go after what we want. Mars trine Sun helps find harmony between our essence and our actions.

On the same day, Venus the planet of love, beauty, values and finances is making a challenging aspect to Chiron the asteroid also known as a wounded healer. We might be facing some hurst and past traumas regarding Venus realms. Although there could be tension, it may also help us understand what wounds we still need heal in regards to these matters so we can move forward in a better and lighter way.

Monday 17

Sun Conjunct Mercury

Our minds aligns with our focus. Mercury is the planet of the mind, communications and systems when it comes close to the Sun, at the same degree their energies blend. In a sense this means that we speak and think who we are at our core at this moment. It could be a great day for being assertive and having a boost of confidence ! With Mercury also making a harmonious connection with Mars, it will become even easier to feel extra motivated by our thoughts and ideas.

Tuesday 18

Mercury Sextile North Node & Venus Sextile Uranus

 What a great day for ceasing an opportunity ! There could be messages, ideas, informations that suddenly come to us that not only will help us take the direction we are all collectively being geared towards to but also more aligned with our hearts desires. What if you hear news, or have a sudden insight about something that might really make a difference into shifting your life in a better direction and more desirable direction ? Keep your ears and heart opened !

Wednesday 19

New Moon 26° Leo

The Moon finally comes together with the Sun to begin a new cycle. New Moon in Leo is asking us to step into our true authenticity and be brave to live our own stories ! All of that whilst having fun, being kind and generous and creative ! How can you step into the leading role of your life ?

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is : “After the heavy storm, a rainbow 🌈” .What a wonderful new beginning after all that we have been through. It’s time to set the intentions so we can be like a colorful rainbow.

Thursday 20

Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury is finally going home entering Virgo. Here this planet feels a lot more comfortable where it can be analytical and practical. During the time Mercury will be recharging here in Virgo, our minds will look for practicality, order and efficiency. Attention to detail is a must. When the Sun joins the party, we will be a lot more focused on getting that to-do list our of the way, thus ending the party and vacations time we had while in Leo. I suggest take these three days to start thinking about what would you like to re-organize in your life so you can declutter and create space for efficiency.

Saturday 22

Sun enters Virgo, Virgo Season Begins &Mars Sextile North Node

Since you took the time to think about how to organize your life, now with the Sun officially kickstarting Virgo season you are ready to start acting on it ! Virgo is all about perfecting things, making things better and devoted work. If it is about fully engaging in a task Virgo is here to be fully committed to it. With this season we are invited to take a closer look on how we can improve our lives, work and the planet. With Mars connecting to the North Node we are extra motivated to share ideas, thoughts and engage with our friends and networks.

Tarot Card of the Week :

The six of wands often represents victory ! It depicts the prodigy sun returning home, or the Hero arriving at the village after one of its victorious quests. there is celebration and acclamation!

Some tarot readers will this energy as blocked or even negative, representing the opposite of it’s traditional meaning. In my experience and in the relationship I’ve built with my cards, I often see reversed cards as inward expressions of its energies.

So if it would mean victory in this case I see it as inner victories. With the New Moon in Leo this week we have the opportunity to  step into the leadership role of our lives, becoming the main actors/actresses. I think of this as a huge victory of our higher self over our egos. What feats have you accomplished and what do we still want to accomplish in your life. Wonderful time to dream and set intentions.


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Light your inner Fire – Astro-Tarot Forecast Week August 9th to 15th

Light your inner Fire – Astro-Tarot Forecast Week August 9th to 15th

I can’t believe how quickly time flies ! I’ve turned 34 years old last week (happy birthday to me !) and I can’t lie to you… I did run away from the computer so I could really practice self care and some time out in the Sun and enjoying in Nature as much as possible. So I apologize for missing last week’s forecast and my weekly hello. That said, I’m ready to roll and I’m fully energized to give you the best of what I’ve got in terms of Astrology and Intuitive Coaching !


Grab your Pastel de Nata (Portuguese custard tart) and your cup of coffee or tea and join me as we check out this week’s forecast.

Weekly Forecast August 9th to 15th


Healing talks 

As Mercury the planet of our minds, thoughts, ideas and communications forms a harmonious (trine) connection to Chiron the asteroid known to be a wounded healer, we have an opportunity to heal through words and communications. Perhaps it’s a good day to journal or talk things through with a friend or someone you trust, so through your words and analytical thinking you can release wounds that are ready to be healed.


Proclaiming Freedom

After a good heart warming conversation where we are finally healing some of our issues regarding action and leadership, we feel a tension rise up as Mercury creates a challenging aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This might make us say and think about radical changes and freedom. In fixed Taurus, Uranus might find a little bit difficult to rebel in a grand way, but the energy to create a fuss, or at least start talking about the much needed Freedom is here.


Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

The Moon makes its way to becoming darker and darker. It is time to tie up lose ends,  and get down with whatever you need to accomplish. In Taurus, the Moon feels good when it recognizes that things are being built and created in a slow steady pace. Not a good time to start new projects, but rather focus your attention to be stubborn to finish them. I would also suggest indulging in some pleasures since Taurus likes delight itself with good food, comfort and friends. Find the right balance between relaxing and enjoying life and building for the future.


Act upon the changes you can no longer ignored

Mars forms a challenging aspect (square) to Pluto forcing us to take action into making the transformations we decided to make back when Mars joined Pluto in January. It’s time to start manifesting these changes. Mars is inviting us to take the necessary steps before it goes retrograde on September 10th where it will slow us down and asks us to revise our action plan.


Are you really ready to be free ? 

When a big planet such as Uranus stops to go retrograde we feel it. It’s like a huge body going forward that suddenly has to slow down, stop and reverse. It takes an incredible amount of energy to do so. Therefore we feel this Uranus halt. Being a Planet that embodies the archetype of an Activist and Rebel crying for freedom, during its retrograde time we are being asked to re-think what is freedom and how are we building our own personal freedom. The effects of this transit will become more clear once it passes in Jan 14 2021 as it usually happens with further planets. 

Tarot Card of the Week :

C43A2ED2-6180-4ADB-B58D-8421B06979C0The Ace of Wands Reversed sparks to me as energy that wants to be released but still hasn’t found a way to do so. Much like the energy of this week in Astrology, there is a tension building up inside of us ready to come out, but yet the time is not right just yet. It is important that we take time to dream the vision, to let ourselves be totally filled with the passion required to motivate us to move forward. 

Before we can Manifest our desires, we must first dream of them, every detail. Being internally motivated is often a more powerful fuel than being externally motivated. What motivates you right now in life ? What is your dream and vision ? Are you feeling that fire burn from within ? Build up on it, increase the pressure, so when the time comes for it to be released and for you to take action you can become your infinite source of inner motivation !



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Expanding your horizons – Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 27th to August 2nd

Expanding your horizons – Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 27th to August 2nd

Since I met my partner I shared with him passion for Tarot cards. He was so opened about it and even decided to learn to read them himself.

I love how when two people meet (romantically or not, it can be a friend) we expand each other’s universes and minds. We allow ourselves to try new things and share the things we like. Hopefully evolving in our own ways.

I would have never taken a permaculture course by myself if I hadn’t met my companion. The dreamy, artistic, writer in me much prefers to spend time imagining worlds and digging into Astrology, Tarot and other spiritual pursuits than planting. However, precisely because I’m dreamy, I need something to ground me, and he expanded my world in that sense.

This week we have the chance to expand our worlds as well, dream of a new future and start rebelling to old ways.

Check out this week’s forecast.

Weekly Forecast July 27th to August 2nd


Monday First Quarter Moon in Scorpio ♏️ 

As the Moon in Scorpio squares the Sun in Leo marking the First Quarter Moon, we feel the tension rising as we enter one of the busiest weeks of the month. With Scorpio’s intensity and ambition to go deep with our desires and empowerment, we might face some challenges because the Sun is shining our attention towards play and fun. Mars the ruler of Scorpio, while in Aries will be squaring Mercury in Cancer on the following day making us a bit more snappy and careless with our words. Best is to avoid conflict and really measure words before speaking them, specially if you feel emotional about certain subject. This square adds a little spice to this First Quarter Moon which asking us to move forward with our ambitions and reclaim our power. That is precisely why it’s important to be mindful about others feelings and specially watch for reactive emotions.

Monday Jupiter Sextile Neptune

On Monday Jupiter the planet of joy and abundance connects with dreamy Neptune in what we call a sextile, bringing us an opportunity for blessings. Perhaps we are getting a chance to receive a sign that shows us a door to align with our dreams. It’s a window of opportunity are you going to take it ? 

Tuesday Venus Quincunx Jupiter and Square Neptune

Venus the planet of our desires, love, finances and values is making a few aspects to adjust to a new situation. First Venus Quincunx Jupiter than Square Neptune. We are called to adjust what we desire for our growth and joy which can create some tension with our longer term dreams. Sometimes we want to follow a path which may seem more abundant but that might add a little confusion in regards to our initial plans. Imagine a going on an adventure to expand your world but what you find in your journey makes you question your itinerary.  

Sun square Uranus

On Sunday the Sun square Uranus makes us see a situation with a radical different perspective ! We feel some tension building up inviting us to make a quick move, retrieve our freedom and act rebellious, perhaps a little pre-view of the Full Moon in Aquarius next week. This gives me a feeling of skinny dipping in the moon light – if only Portuguese waters weren’t freezing cold ! One can dream am I right ?


Tarot Card of the Week :


We have to juggle between many activities and keeping our balance is what we need to do. What areas of your life are out of balance or are asking too much of you ?

The danger with trying to do to many things at the same time is that we might over do it and spread ourselves too thin.

Look over at your resources, both financial and physical and see where you can adjust to find a better equilibrium.




Let you inner child shine ! Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 20th to 26th

Let you inner child shine ! Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 20th to 26th


This week I’m in an amazing place in Portugal called Terra Alta to learn all I can about Permaculture. It’s like being in a summer camp all over again, except that it is for environmental conscious grown ups ! That said, my partner and I and a big group of people are just like little kids all over again.

We are camping making fire, building natural buildings, cooking and laughing it really feels like the perfect kick off for the Leo Season (my favorite one, I’ll let you guess why… It’s only the most important season of the year for a humble Leo like myself).

While we are playing and planting crops over here I have also had the chance to share some knowledge about Tarot and definitely one of my favorite topics which I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow ! Double post this week ! How lucky are we ?

Since I don’t have much access to the internet, I better be quick with this one, so here it goes :

Weekly Forecast July 20th to 26th

Monday July 20th – New Moon in Cancer 6:33pm UK

New Moon in Leo !! Right ? No… In Cancer ! That’s right, 2020 is definitely a Cancer year ! With this New Moon in Cancer we are called to revise the intentions we’ve set in June 21st during the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Do you remember ? About a month ago?

 Now that we have woken up to what we need to change with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn ♑️ two weeks ago, we are ready to fully embrace this New Cancer ♋️ Cycle which will last for about 9 years ! And I dare to say given all of what’s been going on in 2020, for the next 35 years ! What is home for you ? Where are your roots ? Who are the people and projects you want to nurture and how can you take better care of yourself, others and the planet ?

In case you were wondering, the New Moon in Leo will happen on August 19th this year

If you are interested in working with the moon, Join me and others in my exclusive Moon Watchers Club on Facebook with bi-weekly Full Moon and New Moon videos and workbooks and more ! 

Tuesday Sun in Cancer Opposes Saturn in Capricorn

Have you ever felt torn between the idea of taking care of your self and doing something that mess you feel good and being responsible with your obligations ? Well this is how Sun Opposite to Saturn feels like. We want to be where our focus is but Saturn is reminding us that we still need to get the work done. It’s tough to make a choice. Be gentle with yourself and try to find the right balance.

Wednesday Leo ♌️ Season Begins

Right after we get more clarity where our heart needs to be, we begin Leo Season as the Sun moves into this new zodiac sign until August 22 when it steps into Virgo ! Now we can allow our inner children, and actual children, to have some fun, fully express ourselves and why not even take the spotlight a little. Our focus shifts from the coziness of home to our inner light. The goal is to renew with our self-confidence and authenticity. Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun and it brings forth these questions of how confident are you with yourself. With its big bright light we become more generous and take more space where we go.

Be bold, show yourself and most of all have FUN !

Thursday Mercury Sextile Uranus 

A great analogy for this aspect would be the Harry Potter twins Fred and George releasing fireworks inside the school hall. Uranus represents sudden change, rebellion and Mercury represents our mind, systems, ideas and communication. Sextile, these planets are creating some sudden noise to speak freely about what they want. Mercury in Cancer is emotional and nurturing, Uranus in Taurus is making this rebellion quite tangible (think about the statues of colonialism coming down in many countries with since #blacklivesmatter). In our personal lives this could be like a sudden need to take the day off for yourself and go soak up in the sun drinking some Matcha Lattes for exemple.


Tarot Card of the Week :

940A9D20-3E3E-4FB3-BA2F-4851872FDC5AIsn’t it just a beautiful synchronicity ! As the Sun moves into its home in Leo we have the major Arcana card The Sun as a wonderful reminder for ourselves this week.

This card brings forth a lot of joy and happiness. It reminds us to be free to be ourselves, to live authentically, to have a light heart and free mind. The child in the picture carries nothing Appart from the red flag. It is naked totally comfortable and confident and the flag a symbol of power. The horse symbolizes movement and freedom. There is abundant joy if we want to embrace our personal inner light !


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