5 Steps to Ask great Tarot Questions

5 Steps to Ask great Tarot Questions

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When I first started reading Tarot back in 2012 I quickly jumped over on the internet and started offering free Tarot reading for practice. That year I read not only for me countless times, but also for friends, and over 200 strangers on the web and in cafes in Paris.

I was getting some solid Tarot skills there. Even though my readings were getting better I felt that there was something missing so that they could go from Good to Sky Rocket AMAZING.

With practice I realized it was not so much the interpretation of the cards holding me back, but how we were phrasing the Questions.

Today I’m going to share with you a step by step approach that I use with my clients to formulate GREAT Tarot Questions and get Champagne Toast answers for yourself and others.

Real life exemple :

Let’s take Sandra* as an exemple : she books in a reading with me because she is very unhappy at her current job. I ask her what question she would like to ask the Tarot and she quickly replies : “I want to know If I’m going find a job that will make me happy”.

Before I tell you how to make the question, let’s first understand why this question, or request does not work really well for the Tarot or Oracles :

Tarot and Oracles are tools used to tap into your intuition, and bring up your inner wisdom which is infused with great knowledge that goes way beyond a simple yes or no answer. Let’s say it would simply say yes. What would be Sandra’s take on this. She probably would be waiting for the time to come and not actively creating the future/present she wants to live. Most likely it would do her a disservice. Her inner wisdom knows best to give her the key information needs to feel safe, empowered and motivated to change her current situation which is her unhappiness at her work.

Let’s go through the 5 steps to understand what Sandra really wants to find out and how we can transform her statement into a powerful question that will bring about the best answer for her current situation.

*Step One*

State your issue. This means staying away from anything that starts with  “I want to know if/should [add whatever question that results in a yes or no answer]. Just plain and simple state your issue, i.e : I’m unhappy at my job.

*Step Two*

State your feelings in regards to the issue. Let’s take the example of S. above: I’m unhappy at my job because I feel bored at work, or because I feel like I’m lost, with no sense of purpose, or because [whatever it is that you feel].

*Step Three*

State your desired outcome. Let’s continue with the example: I’m unhappy at my job because I feel lost useless and I wish I would work with something that makes me feel like I’m actually contributing to something.

*Step Four*

State what you believe that the Tarot can do to help you. ex : I chose to consult the cards because I believe the Tarot will give me an answer that will allow me to : see things through a new perspective, or to find a new career path, or take steps to transforming this lack of purpose into something else.

* Step Five *

Combine the previous steps into one question. I’m unhappy at my job because I feel like I have no sense of purpose. I wish to know what I can do in order to find a career path that is aligned with my life purpose.

There you go, in five simple steps you’ve narrowed down a powerful question that will help Sandra, or you, get answers that will ignite momentum to create positive change in your life.

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* For the privacy of my clients I never share their real names.


5 Tarot Decks for beginners

5 Tarot Decks for beginners

Reading time : 4 minutes

Hi there !

I was looking at the Tarot deck I gave my partner when he showed an interest in learning how to read cards for himself. It was the same deck I used when I first started back in 2012, funny enough it is not a traditional deck most people would go for, but I found the symbology really easy to understand.

With my huge collection of decks, I realize there are other Tarot decks that can be quite good if you are just starting out.

In this post I’m sharing my top 5 Tarot Decks for beginners !


5) The Happy Tarot By Serena Ficca

28AF8F8B-DAC6-4810-B5FA-20174F75AF30This is perfect if you are starting out but you are still a bit uncertain about Tarot, (or if you have children). These cards are just so uplifting, cute and harmless looking. You can’t get scared with them. The only thing I will say for beginners is that because it has such a sweet look it’s hard to rely on your emotional reaction to the images when learning to read without a guide book, because its a gentle deck. This is ideal if you just want to start playing with Tarot but you are not ready to commit. If anything you can create a nice game with you kids with it.

4) Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


This is a beautiful deck created by . It is whimsical, fantasy like and FILLED with details. So many that you can totally get lost in one single card for hours decoding and intuiting what each element means. I would definitely recommend for someone who enjoys whimsical atmospheres and if you like picking on details. I don’t think it’s a good deck to start with big spreads, but rather to keep it to a minimum and even better a 1 Card a Day kind of deck. There is just so much information in one card, you really don’t need more.

3) Crystal Visions by Jennifer Galasso


Now this is an interesting deck with a lot of female characters in it. If you watched series like Outlander, Game of Thrones and you enjoyed the female characters I think this would be a good fit for you. It keeps most of the symbology from the classic Rider-Waite Smith deck but with a twist. I really enjoy the scenes depicted in it and I find it easy to intuit. I actually cut the white borders of mine and the images just became even more poppy ! I would definitely use this one if you are moving ahead into small spreads like 2 or 3 cards

2) The Mythic Tarot and guide book by Juliet Sharman & Liz Green

7300D6E5-9CC2-4DF1-9420-2D620E451A8EThis is a tough one and I am biased because it was my very first contact with Tarot and my very first deck. What I love about it is that once you learn the GReek Myths surrounding each group of cards it becomes sooo easy to tell a story visually. Besides, I love history and specially ancient history so this really sparks to me. I definitely recommend this one if you are learning to connect the characters and tell a story within the cards. Why ? Because the story in each card is already there you just have to make the connections ! Great to start learning larger spreads and why not even try a full on 10 card Celtic Cross.

1) Rider Waite – Smith Tarot  (RWS) by Rider Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith

The WorldOf course this had to be the first one ! One it is the one that inspired the majority of the modern English Tarot tradition decks (the French Tradition does not have pictures in the minor arcana cards) and there are just soo many books out there about it. It is the “industry standard” deck. Easy to find information about the meaning of each card, and it is the most commonly used deck by many of the professional Tarot readers and Authors out there. So this is a very safe choice and perfect for a variety of things : 1 card a day, small spreads, large spreads, telling a story ! It really is my go to deck and the one I use in my Client readings !

Now some people might have come across a beautiful deck called The Wild Unknown Tarot. The reason I don’t recommend this one for beginners is because the symbology cannot really be matched to the classic RWS which makes understanding the cards more difficult. It does come with a beautiful booklet, but you have to be very good at listening and understanding your intuition if want to read with this one. Which is why I recommend this one for more advanced readers.

So there you go : you now have my top 5 tarot decks for beginners ! 

Tell me which one is your favorite ?

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