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The first step to freedom is awareness


If only you’d know how much inner light and strength you have inside… You have the potential to be your true, free, authentic self in the world. You are an unique being who deserves to look back to your life and say « I truly lived my life to the fullest ». Often life challenges prevent us from embracing our true power and light, making us believe we don ‘t have it within us. But believe me, you DO. The more you connect to your true essence, (which is spiritual, physical, emotional and mental) the more you‘ll thrive & feel flow in your life, feeling a deeper connection with The Universe and Nature.

Wether you chose Astrology or Tarot, you deserve to be FREE & HAPPY to be YOURSELF and DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

1h Natal Astrology

Shine Your Why & learn :
Starting at 45€
  • Core Personality & Life Purpose
  • Hidden Talents & Gifts
  • Leadership Style
  • Communication Style
  • Your values and drive
  • Your Cosmic Calendar & much more

Understanding your personal blueprint will empower you to fully embrace your uniqueness. Private readings bring out your individual strengths and offer you motivational guidance so you can step into your authenticity and meet life with confidence .

Your Astrology Reading is conducted By Zoom (video & screen share).

Soulful Coaching

Walk into your light :
Starting at 80€
  • Get clarity on your current path
  • Create a plan to achieve your goals
  • Get motivated and inspired
  • Learn tools to be autonomous
  • Chose your rythme
  • 1 session (100€), 3 months(270€) or 6 months (480€)

If you’re starting a new cycle, living in a total eclipse, or simply want to optimize your potential & make informed decisions, Bella will meet with you monthly for an in-depth look at your stars.  Using Astrology, Tarot & Positive Psychology, we’ll create a roadmap so you can create positive change in your life.

Sessions are held on same weekday each month via Zoom.

1 1/2 h Tarot Reading

Get answers :
Starting at 45€
  • Understand your current situtation
  • Embrace your Free Will
  • Open yourself to your intuition
  • Ask your questions
  • Be proactive about the outcome you desire

Get a 360° view of your current situation by enganging in a Tarot Consultation. It will be an unforgettable experience. Through the cards & Bella’s deep knowledge of this ancient practice, you’ll find the answers you need, you’ll gain clarity on your past and present & even brainstorm possibilities for the future.

Your Tarot Reading is conducted By Zoom (video & screen share).

Let’s make you shine your light !

Our values



There is no other way to live life. Kindness is offering love to those who cross our path. Being kind because, ultimately it is LOVE that is at the core of what we do.



Staying curious is one of the most important values here at The Stars Within. It encourages us to always keep looking, keep searching and keep learning. We are everyday students.



We come into this world to evolve and let go of what holds us back from becoming the best versions of ourselves. We are constantly looking for new ways to grow from inside out.



Look at the up at the Sky and feel the miracle of life. Every single day. Surround yourself with angels, positive energy, beautiful people, beautiful souls, clean heart, angel.