Letting go of wounds! – Astro Forecast Week Sep 27th to Oct 3rd 2020

Letting go of wounds! – Astro Forecast Week Sep 27th to Oct 3rd 2020

As we approach the end of the year and the end of the month it feels as though the energies are picking up and the transformations, lessons and adjustments we need to make before the end of the year are being intensified.

Imagine you have been running a marathon and you are towards the end of the race, however you know you still need to cross the finish line and you’ll need strength and perseverance to do so.

The energies of this week really make me think about our development and how we can still improve. In one hand we have once more Mars retrograde squaring big old Saturn trying to teach us to deal with our frustrations, anger and overall excess energy and only a few days later a Full Moon in Aries bringing to light all the lessons and blessings from the past 6 month period since the New Moon back in March. Have we learnt our lessons ? Mars the ruler of Aries is still retrograde and it feels like we will be collecting more lessons than blessings this time.

Add that Chiron is still in Aries we can’t deny we are in need for healing in regards to Aries matters.

I invite you to take a look at your life this week and reflect upon Aries matters. Here are some questions that can help you :

⭐️ How have I been dealing with frustrations in my life ?

⭐️ How do I feel about my energy level and overall motivation ?

⭐️ What have I learned about being independent and brave in my life ?

⭐️ Where have I been impulsive or too quick to act/react and what are the lessons from it ?

I can’t say energetically it is a smooth week, it hasn’t been a smooth year… But I do hope you’ll take the time to integrate the lessons that are available for us right now.

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Weekly Astro Forecast Sept 27th to Oct 3rd, 2020

Sunday 27th

Mercury into Scorpio 7:41 GMT

Today Mercury enters into Scorpio and we want to get real about things. In this Zodiac Sign, the planet of the mind, communications, ideas and systems is not so interested in chit chat and shallow information, it wants to understand deeply what is going on and get to the truth. There is a sense of mistrust and fear because of the deep dark waters of Scorpio, but the goal is to cut the sugar coating and get down to reality. This will definitely come out in our way to communicate with others, in writing, speaking, visually and even non-verbal communication. 

Venus Sextile N.N 14:41 GMT

Today we also have an opportunity to open a new doorway created by the North Node in Gemini and Venus in Leo. This is a particularly positive opportunity that deals with Relationships & finances and new ideas, communications & short travels. The key with sextiles is not so much about the event in itself, but more so about what doors get opened that were closed before. The choice to go through them is yours.

Monday 28

Saturn Retrogrades ends 05:11 GMT

Saturn Stations at 25° Capricorn just before it goes back to direct motion. Saturn is often related to structures, restrictions, responsibility, discipline and has been retrograde since  May 10th. Often a planet in retrograde motion expresses its energy inwardly rather than externally and we have been re-considering the structures in our lives. What have we learnt since May about responsibility, discipline and hard work and how do we want to go forward with these themes in our lives. If you have integrated the lessons and you do roll up your sleeves you’ll find that the rewards of Saturn are empowering. 

Tuesday 29th

Venus Trines Mars Rx 01:01 GMT

Venus Trines Mars on Tuesday and this can represent a sudden increase in our energy levels as we take rapid action towards what we desire. If Venus is what we want, Mars is how we go after it and in a trine it means we do it fast, with energy and enthusiasm. With Mars being retrograde perhaps the action is not concrete in the outside world, but it has an effect of increasing the internal drive to achieve the desired outcome. 

Sun Opposes Chiron 20:43 GMT

At the same time the Sun is faced with Chiron “the wounded healer”. It is as if the Self confronts it’s Shadow Self. As the bearer of light, the Sun throws light into what has been hurting us lately. We are confronted with a choice : should we continue to be selfish, impatient, overly impulsive and ultimately hurting ourselves and our relationships  (Chiron in Aries) or should we find common ground and discover our light through the lens of partnering and cooperating with others (Sun in Libra) ?Once we arrive in a harmonious relationship with who we are individually (Aries) we can fully express our authenticity with otherS and experience our potential (Sun) through our relationships to others (Libra).

Mars Rx Squares Saturn 21:49 GMT

And we finally hit the 2nd Square between Mars and Saturn, hopefully this time we will feel a little stress and frustration than the first time it happened back in August. This is the second of three squares happening between these two planets and they force events and actions in our lives that are here to teach us about navigating frustrations in the face of restrictions. Imagine wanting to move forward and being stopped by someone who has more authority regarding a matter, or when you want to go out and have fun, but you have to stay in and do the work. This tension might bring us to act upon limitations, but the real question is how. 

Thursday October 1st

Full Moon 🌝 in Aries ♈️ 21:05 GMT

The Full Moon in Aries is finally here and we close up a cycle started in the beginning of the year in late March. Every Full Moon we are given the chance to realize our evolution in the past 6 months in regards with the matters related to that sign in this case Aries. Aries rules over our energy, our impulses, motivation and drive to act. It is pure energy of doing. Not in the sense of following a plan, but just purely doing something ! It is also how we react : are we impatient, selfish, aggressive (which would be negative expressions of this sign) or are we brave, pioneer and assertive ? What are you ready to let go of in regards with these matters ? 

Friday October 2nd

Venus into Virgo 20:48 GMT

Venus ends it’s cruise in extravagant Leo to enter detail oriented and efficiency focused Virgo. Here Venus wants to be practical, down to earth. It wants the details to be perfect and it wants to be of service. Although we often relate Virgo to the quest of perfectionism and constant criticism, Virgo is really trying to improve the world where it lives, it wants to be of service and help others be better too. In relationships we might start taking a closer look at our partnerships and what is working and what needs perfecting. In money matters it is a good time to get real about your finances and figure out where are your coins disappearing to ? What are the details of your income versus expenses and where is your money going and how can you improve it !

PS : Obviously there are other movements in the Sky, but I chose to write about the most significant ones in my experience as an Astrologer.

Wishing you all a wonderful week !


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Speak up your mind ! – Astro Forecast Week Sep 20th 2020

Speak up your mind ! – Astro Forecast Week Sep 20th 2020

I remember the first time I had to defend my ideas in front of more experienced people. I was scared and the weight of responsibility felt really real. I was about 23 years old and I was finishing my studies in University and I had to defend my dissertation which I had spend 1 year and half writing it. Although in front of me stood a board that could decide my success or failure, I had no other choice but to defend the ideas I had been working on for so long. 

As I look at the Forecast of the week and the action around Mercury I think about the effort we make to speak about what we truly believe in.

It takes courage to defend our view points, our thoughts and ideas and even more strength to put in ways so that this information is spread correctly.

Fun Fact Mercury (Hermès Greek in mythology) is the God that steals Fire and gives it to humanity, bringing knowledge, information and “technology”. By doing so he defies the more powerful gods like Zeus (Jupiter), Cronus (Saturn) and Hades (Pluto).  What kind of information, knowledge and technology is Mercury bringing you this week ?

Sometimes we have to be bold and we are forced into taking the action, we might be met with adversity, but these are forces that push us into the direction we need to go. If they might seem hard in the beginning, they will helps us to structure ourselves and defend what we truly believe in.

As we approach the end of the year, the Fall Equinox invites us to celebrate the harvest and also to prepare for the colder months.

We are at a turning point and we need to take action if we are to see our ideas manifested in real life by the time we reach 2021. 

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Weekly Astro Forecast Sept 20th to 26th, 2020

Monday 21

Mercury Square Pluto Rx – 6:21 GMT +1

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to speak up about what’s on our minds and specially when we are trying to create justice and equality (Libra qualities) in the face of powerful structures (Pluto in Capricorn). The tension, or frustration we may feel, might just push us to stand up and speak up for what we believe.  In this Square, Mercury meets Pluto and opens up about injustices regarding power and control issues. Think about Greta Thunberg strong speech in front of politicians and institutions defending the injustices in the climate change urgency. 

Tuesday 22

Sun enters Libra – Fall/Spring Equinox. 13h30 GMT

The Sun moves into Libra where it has to think about the other and not only just of the self. This is not a favorite place for it to be as it rules the Ego, the ”I” and it is at its “fall” in Libra. Natural ruler of the the self, it wants to shine on its own and in Libra it is asked to compromise, to find harmony between oneself and other “Sun”. This doesn’t mean that Libra season is not meant to be good, it just means that during this time our focus shifts from ourselves into creating balance with others and when the ego needs to compromise it might feel uncomfortable. During Libra season we are required to re-stablished balance in our relationships and partnerships but also in the different areas of our lives where Libra falls in our natal charts. This also marks the Equinox where we enter the last quarter of the year and we harvest what we’ve planted in the spring (northern hemisphere). During this time we also prepare for the coming winter months and we go within. 

Mercury Trine NN 08:34 GMT +1

Trines are aspects that allow energies to flow effortlessly, in this case it equals new information coming in easily, new ideas, new communications that will allow us to move closer to our Future Destiny directed but the North Node. Mercury wants harmony and justice in Libra and the North Node wants information to circulate, they couldn’t work better together. It’s as if you you find the perfect PR to disseminate your ideas and spread the word.

Wednesday 23

Mercury Square Saturn 11:38 GMT +1h

On the same note we might be forced to organize and structure out thinking patterns and ideas. We are clear about the harmony, balance and justice we want to create, but we might not be as organized and disciplined about sharing that information as we should. Squaring Saturn, Mercury is forced to sit down and structure its thoughts and ideas. Perhaps it is time to draft your action plan just as you get ready for the First Quarter Moon in Capricorn. 

Thursday 24

First Quarter Moon 🌝 Capricorn ♑️ 02:55 GMT +1

The First Quarter Moon is a moment where either we take action or we are forced into taking action as it is the nature of Squares. The Moon rules Cancer and it is what we need to feel safe and balanced and in Capricorn, a sign that doesn’t really dwell much in emotional outbursts, it needs structure, stability, discipline and responsibility. Eventhough the Sun is in Libra and our focus is on creating harmony and making sure we are being fair with those around us, internally we are craving discipline, structures and stability. As we got clear on what we needed to clean up during our New Moon Moon 🌚 in Virgo ♍️ , this it the time where we get serious about implementing these changes.

Mercury Opposes Mars Rx 11:52 GMT+1

Mercury Opposing Mars Retrograde reminds me of sitting in front of Netflix  trying to decide which movie to watch with your partner. You want something relaxing and informative, he/she wants an adventure documentary. You hesitate, should each of you put on your headsets and watch whatever you desire alone or should one of you compromise and deal with the frustration in order to create harmony in the relationship. Oppositions bring us to moments of decision. The key to living through the polarity is trying to find the middle. With Mercury it is about what we say and how we communicate. Perhaps we need to make a choice about choosing which battles to fight and dealing with the frustration of a retreat or the aggressiveness of an attack.

A note on Venus Transits this week : throughout the week Venus will be making Quincunxes to Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. The planet of relationships and fiances will have to change certain ways and adapt if it is to create balance and beauty in our lives supporting the Sun in Libra. Look at your 1-1 relationships and to your finances. Where do you need to adjust in order to create more abundance, magic and transformations.

PS : Obviously there are other movements in the Sky, but I chose to write about the most significant ones in my experience as an Astrologer.

PS 2 : As it is the Equinox week I’m preparing a special post and video to give you ideas on how to celebrate it ! It’s coming up on Tuesday ! Don’t miss it : hit the follow button and come say hello on instagram so you don’t miss the special IGTV.

Wishing you all a wonderful week !


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6 Reasons to consult with an Astrologer

6 Reasons to consult with an Astrologer

Hi there Moon Watchers !

A few days ago going through some of my old files in my computer I found one of these ready made Astrology Reports I bought online for 5 dollars back in 2014. I hadn’t seen it in a long time and it dated back to when I had started learning Astrology. At that time I would still get easily confused about the jargon used by some fellow practitioners. It came with quite a few pages and reading it took me back into memory lane and I remembered how confused I felt about it. Although some parts made sense other just totally fogged my mind even more. 


Going through this made me think about these reports and that is why I’ve decided to share In this post 6 reasons why you should get an Astrology Reading from an Astrologer rather than purchasing a cheap Report Online.


1.Ready made (computer based) reports are impersonal 


If you are going to start a journey of self discovery you most certainly want to get personal. Although some reports have good information, they don’t necessarily take into account the current circumstances your are living or even what are the issues and focuses you have in your mind right now. It’s like reading a recipe to bake a regular vanilla cake when you are trying to make a gluten free chocolate lava cake. It doesn’t address the issue because it has to be general.


2. Very often the information is contradictory 


Human beings are complex. We are a mix of certainties, paradoxes, contradictions and confusion. Yes you might feel really good about making sure everyone is happy and there is a bunch of harmony around you, yet you feel a deep call to follow your own path in be assertive about it. In a ready made report these contradictions are often confusing because they’ll address one side of the puzzle only and will not integrate a 360° view. An astrologer wil be able to connect the dots and integrate the information in a way that you can understand your beautiful complex being. 


3. If you have a question well you can’t get a direct answer 


There is no secret in this one. Because these reports will give you a general list of some of the traits of the planets and elements involved, if one thing is not clear to you, or you’d like to better understand a particular piece you cannot ask questions.  You get what you get. There is no one to guide you to understand them. 


4. They have their limits 


You’ll notice these reports have their limits, not only they won’t go deep, they don’t answer your question they are often written with astrological jargon that makes it hard to understand. They might even present themselves in a way that this is your destiny and you have no choice in the matter.


5. Spending time with an astrologer you exchange energy that is transformed into information 

Because everything is energy, the moment you send your request, the astrologer is already tuning in into your energy and when you actually meet the energy is transformed into information. It’s like sending a text to someone to tell them something important in comparison to calling them and having that energetic exchange to really say what matters. 


6. With an Astrologer you actually start the healing work of self-discovery


If you are consulting an Astrologer is because you feel you need answers. Perhaps there are patterns in your life that you’ve started noticing, or you are going through a particular change, or any form of need to go beyond what you’ve been doing so far. With your astrology consultation you can understand these patterns and have keys on how to break them. You can finally understand some of the inner conflicts you might have and even better understand your key gifts that will help you move forward on your path.


At Moon Watchers by The Stars Within we focus on helping you decode your true potential to shine. Perhaps you have been trying a career for a long time and you are fed up of it, or there have been some changes in your life and you need to reconnect to your essence. Together we uncover your life purpose, your key talents and gifts. It’s all about empowering you to know yourself inside out, to encourage self-acceptance where there needs to be and motivation to break through patterns. 

So there you have it ! 6 reasons why consulting an Astrologer takes you up to the sky instead of computer made reports. 

In less than a couple of weeks I’m launching my premium Soulful Coaching service where only you and a select few will have a chance to dive deep into self discovery and breaking through beliefs that hold you back from creating the life you desire. It’s a heart based coaching program where you’ll connect to your true essence and gain the knowledge to design the life you wish to have. Sign up to the newsletter to be first to know when the doors open.

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