Find Your Purpose with Astrology

Find Your Purpose with Astrology

I remember growing up and reading in the magazines how Leo Sun people are the life of the party, performers by nature and attention seekers with a keen predisposition for drama and being self-centered. With a description like that, the Pisces rising that I am hated being a Leo. It was not until I started learning Astrology and understanding that the archetypal messages and systems (which are a bit more complex than a general horoscope thrown in a Women’s magazine to say the least), that I started to understand the importance of my Sun sign in my life purpose.

I realize through my work that a lot of people find it hard to relate directly to their Sun Signs and that’s precisely one of the key elements to our life purpose. In this post I’m going to share with you why your Sun sign plays a major role in your life purpose but it’s not the only player in the game. 

Before we start, go ahead and grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me for this ride. 

The Sun is the central star and point of our Solar System. It’s a bit redundant I know, but it is very important to understand its meaning. It is the central point, the focal point and from where all the light comes and touches the Earth. Without the Sun there would be no life on Earth as we know it. Therefore, your Sun sign is your true essence, it is what you do that makes you feel totally who you are, it is your inner shining light. 

But get too close to the Sun you’ll get sunburnt.

Take my example: a natural performer, attention seeker… I really didn’t connect to this, until I understood that this meant using my personality in everything I do. My life purpose is to shine my light into all I do, making sure that my persona (my Sun) stands out in all aspects of my life. Not easy when you are insecure girl like I was when I was dipping my feet in Astrology. 

For other signs, the Sun might not be as out there as it is for Leo Sun people. This is a matter of planetary rulership which is a bit more complex subject. But for the purposes of this post let’s just say that everyone’s Life Purpose is to fully embrace the light of their Sun Signs, whether it is in Pisces, Taurus, Aquarius, Aries or any of the 12 zodiac signs. 

Done ! 

Nah I’m just kidding

Of course that’s easy to say but HOW do we do that ?

That’s the real question !

I won’t lie to you. It is pretty hard going to our essence… We are made of emotions (Moon), ideas (Mercury), Desires (Venus), Motivations (Mars) , expansion (Jupiter), Restrictions (Saturn), Revolution (Uranus), Dreams (Neptune), Transformations (Pluto) and all of these together don’t always agree on HOW we are to become the light of our Sun. That is why understanding how all of these planets are working (or not) together in your Natal Chart is primordial. This is the way we understand how your life purpose is supposed to manifest itself in your life. 

Through Astrology you can learn to embrace it and make it a beautiful journey rather than something you are fighting against. It’s like the sunscreen and hat you need in order to start getting used to staying in your light. 

The first step is to understand through which Zodiac sign is your Sun speaking and where does it like to express itself (which area of your life). Then we work with the dynamics of each planet, how they interact, help each other or not. We take a close look at what we call the Angles in your chart to understand what role your Ascendant (the zodiac sign that was rising in the horizon the moment you were born) is asking you to assume in this life, and which direction you should take that will your bring you the most growth with your North Node. 

Your Midheaven, or Career Line will tell us how you are recognized socially for what you bring into the world. Combine all of these to your the asteroid Chiron your deepest insecurities and how you can help others, and your Part of Fortune (what brings you the most luck) and THERE we are starting to get a full picture on HOW to fully shine your Sun and thus step in fully into your life purpose. >> Click here to read how I run my Astrology Consultations. 

Astrology is a mirror of your life and it’s a journey. Each time you come to it you will understand a bit more about yourself and your purpose. It carries the blueprint of your potential and it’s up to you to harness it. Sometimes you’ll be ready to understand certain messages that didn’t quite resonate a first time.

There is divine timing for everything in life. You can’t force a flower to blossom in the winter, it will just not happen. Same goes with understanding your Natal Chart. But you can start feeling it, getting to know it and spending time with it so you witness and when it’s blooming at its fullest. 

I hope I’ve managed to help you understand why your Sun sign has a major role in your life purpose but it’s the only key to unlocking it. 

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How do I conduct an Astrology Reading

How do I conduct an Astrology Reading

Reading Time 5 minutes. 


“I didn’t believe Astrology and I always found it difficult to relate to the horoscope description we read in the magazines, but now I can see how through my Natal Chart you can totally understand and see me, what powerful self-development tool it is”. A wonderful feedback from Catherine* one of my dearest clients after her very first Shine Your Why consultation with me. 


If you ever thought about having an Astrology consultation, but you feel hesitant, in this post I’m sharing with you my process of how I conduct my readings so you can understand better what to expect. 


Sit back, relax, grab a cookie and a Matcha Latte and let’s dive in this reading with me…

I start with…. (drumroll please)


Disclaimer !!!!

I always present this before I start a reading, why ? Because I truly believe it is my responsibility as an Astrologer to let people know that you Should NEVER take what Astrology tells you as your fate.


I believe we are here to learn and evolve and hopefully that’s what we will do, therefore there is no fated trait. Your Natal Chart is nothing but the starting point, if you harness the good of it you can shine and if you learn to work, heal and transmute the shadow or harder aspects of it you’ll thrive. 


Studying your chart will help you understand yourself better. But just like any self study, it requires you to come over to it to from time to time to grasp new information, to go deeper, to contrast to your experience of life. It is self discovery and it’s a life journey.


The preparation : 


You can’t bake a cake without the proper ingredients and you certainly cannot tell a story without setting the mood. Same goes with an Astrology reading, wether it is aSolar Return where we look at the energy of the year for you (birthday to birthday) or a Natal Astrology Reading.


So it all starts with three key informations your Birth Date, Time of Birth** and Place of Birth. Armed with these three key informations and thanks to technology I can enter them in a software (I use two Astro App and AstroGold) to calculate the position of the planets and asteroids the moment you were born. A snapshot of the sky at that precise moment. This is the physical information I use to interpret the archetypal energies that combined together make the blueprint of your potential.


Before we meet, I spend about 90 minutes studying your Natal Chart so I can see the best and most important information I’ll share with you. This way I’m already seeing the archetypal energies that you’ll express and connect to your life story.


The Consultation :

When we hop into the consultation via Zoom we first take some time to breathe and be present. A quick 2 minute centering to bring us back into the present moment and open our hearts to receive the information we need to receive. 


Then I explain what is Astrology and what you can expect from the consultation. I bring up your chart that looks a little bit like this below (in the exemple we have Aretha Franklin’s chart). From there I draw and explain the key aspects of it. We start by noticing where most of your planets are located in your chart and what that means.




In the case of a Shine Your Why (similar to a Natal Astrology consultation) I like to start from general topics to more specifics, building up the story and the layers as we go.

In the case of our exemple, most of the planets for Aretha Franklin are on the top half of her chart meaning she understands the world by actively engaging with it rather than reflecting and analyzing it.


She is has many planets in her 7th house of partnerships, marriage and intimate relationships which shows to me that love and partnerships had an important role in her life. She indeed married twice and was entangled twice to the same man. Even though they were important to her, she did change her mind about her choices (Mars in Gemini) and sometimes suddenly ending a relationship (Uranus). 


Then we move on to understand your leadership style with the modalities (you can read about what these means over here) and how do you function (via communication, inspiration, emotions or practicality )and what you need in order to recharge your batteries.


Then we dive into the core of your personality analyzing your Sun (your essence), Moon (your emotional core) and Ascendant (your role in the exterior world). We dig into how the they are acting in your chart (Zodiac Sign) and how they get along or not with other planets. We look for instance at you value and desire in life (Venus) and your drive and motivation to go after it (Mars).


We look at your Midheaven (Medium Coeli – MC) or what we say your Career Line and see how do you get social recognition and how do you shine outside the realm of your home. If you look at Aretha’ s MC you’ll see its in Leo and we can understand why she was such a great performer shining her light in the world.  


These are just some of the key aspects we look into. We can dive a lot deeper and look at your communication style with Mercury and Part of Fortune (what you do that brings luck to you).


You can ask questions and I’ll definitely ask you some questions. It is a wonderful exchange as we explore (Indiana Jones style) your blueprint. 


We close the reading with learning more about your astrological calendar and if we have time a wonderful message from one my favorite Oracle Cards. Right after you receive in your email your personal Astrological Year Calendar and the best dates and seasons for you based on your chart. 


There you go, this was a quick explanation of how I conduct my consultations, I hope it clarifies a little bit for you. 


I’ve read my own chart over and over again, each time understanding a new aspect a little deeper as I also understand myself a little deeper. Reading your chart is eye opening, reassuring and empowering. It is radical self-acceptance and drive to evolve from the things holding us back. It is a journey of self-understanding which creates more harmony in every aspect of our lives. The more aligned we are with our true calling the more inner-peace we experience and the more love we can infuse in our lives. 


If you want to go even deeper I’m soon launching a wonderful Intuitive Coaching program for a very feel select group of people where we go deep into creating positive change in your life. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about it and secure your spot when the doors open.



*To protect my clients Identities I never share their real names.

** The time of your birth is extremely important because it can alter key aspects of your chart such as your Ascendant and Career Line. 



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5 Steps to Ask great Tarot Questions

5 Steps to Ask great Tarot Questions

Hi you !

When I first started reading Tarot back in 2012 I quickly jumped over on the internet and started offering free Tarot reading for practice. That year I read not only for me countless times, but also for friends, and over 200 strangers on the web and in cafes in Paris.

I was getting some solid Tarot skills there. Even though my readings were getting better I felt that there was something missing so that they could go from Good to Sky Rocket AMAZING.

With practice I realized it was not so much the interpretation of the cards holding me back, but how we were phrasing the Questions.

Today I’m going to share with you a step by step approach that I use with my clients to formulate GREAT Tarot Questions and get Champagne Toast answers for yourself and others.

Real life exemple :

Let’s take Sandra* as an exemple : she books in a reading with me because she is very unhappy at her current job. I ask her what question she would like to ask the Tarot and she quickly replies : “I want to know If I’m going find a job that will make me happy”.

Before I tell you how to make the question, let’s first understand why this question, or request does not work really well for the Tarot or Oracles :

Tarot and Oracles are tools used to tap into your intuition, and bring up your inner wisdom which is infused with great knowledge that goes way beyond a simple yes or no answer. Let’s say it would simply say yes. What would be Sandra’s take on this. She probably would be waiting for the time to come and not actively creating the future/present she wants to live. Most likely it would do her a disservice. Her inner wisdom knows best to give her the key information needs to feel safe, empowered and motivated to change her current situation which is her unhappiness at her work.

Let’s go through the 5 steps to understand what Sandra really wants to find out and how we can transform her statement into a powerful question that will bring about the best answer for her current situation.

*Step One*

State your issue. This means staying away from anything that starts with  “I want to know if/should [add whatever question that results in a yes or no answer]. Just plain and simple state your issue, i.e : I’m unhappy at my job.

*Step Two*

State your feelings in regards to the issue. Let’s take the example of S. above: I’m unhappy at my job because I feel bored at work, or because I feel like I’m lost, with no sense of purpose, or because [whatever it is that you feel].

*Step Three*

State your desired outcome. Let’s continue with the example: I’m unhappy at my job because I feel lost useless and I wish I would work with something that makes me feel like I’m actually contributing to something.

*Step Four*

State what you believe that the Tarot can do to help you. ex : I chose to consult the cards because I believe the Tarot will give me an answer that will allow me to : see things through a new perspective, or to find a new career path, or take steps to transforming this lack of purpose into something else.

* Step Five *

Combine the previous steps into one question. I’m unhappy at my job because I feel like I have no sense of purpose. I wish to know what I can do in order to find a career path that is aligned with my life purpose.

There you go, in five simple steps you’ve narrowed down a powerful question that will help Sandra, or you, get answers that will ignite momentum to create positive change in your life.

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* For the privacy of my clients I never share their real names.


Stay focused & opened – Weekly Astro-Tarot Forecast July 6th to 11th 2020

Stay focused & opened – Weekly Astro-Tarot Forecast July 6th to 11th 2020

Reading time : 3 minutes


All I want to do this week is take some me time. I don’t know about you, but the energies of last week were quite intense and not only keeping all animals awake at night (cats and dogs went crazy over here !) but also me !

When I see all the changes I’ve started in my life in the past 2 years I ask myself : “I did all that ?”. They feel really real right now…  But then again the Eclipses Cycle that has just finished on the axis Capricorn / Cancer were activating some important areas of my Natal Astrology Chart, making the effects even stronger (this is valid for a lot of us).

I cannot help feeling a pinch of fear as well as excitement. Can you see the butterflies in my belly ?

This week however, we will get a little bit of rest. We still have some tensions we need to resolve, but all in all I feel like they are here to support us more than anything.

I actually have a surprise for you ! You want to stay tuned because TOMORROW I’m sharing with you a great tool I use that helped me through out these changes !

Check out next week’s Forecast or scroll down for the Tarot Card for the Week

Weekly Forecast July 6th to 11th

Mercury Squares Mars July 8th

When we get to the middle of the week that Mercury (planet of communications, thoughts, ideas, systems and short travel) who is preparing to end it’s retrograde motion later on, squares Mars (our motivation, drive, action) to add a little spice. We are being called to Walk the Talk and not just Talk the Walk. It’s time to take some action into what we have been thinking about because the tension has been building up. Mercury in Cancer is a lot more emotional and defensive, with Mars in Aries we can be a bit more impulsive with our words and reactive with our emotions. The idea here is to be upfront with how you want to nurture yourself and others, but mindful not to come off too strong. 

Mercury Retrograde Ends July 11th

By Saturday Mercury ends its Retrograde motion (it will still be in a shadow period as we say while it picks up speed for another 2 weeks). Hurray ! A little less glitches and difficulties when it comes to communications, technology and transportations. So if you were in revision mode with a project (like writing a book or something) you are getting the green light to move forward with it ! Go go go ! Enjoy because it won’t go retrograde again until October 14th (to November 3rd).

Venus Sextile Chiron also on Saturday July 11th

We get an opportunity to find healing through beauty, love and romance. Venus is the planet of love and desires,  in Gemini it gets creative and curious and perhaps this curiosity is going to help us look deeper into the wounds (Chiron) we carry in regards to leadership, identity and our bodies.

Tarot Card of the Week :

1F4454DA-A71B-4F76-BC81-79AA0940A0E9The Four of Cups portrays a person feeling a bit bored or refusing the opportunities being presented to him/her. So deep in though that we become unaware of our surroundings.

It’s like when we are so focused looking at our phone that when a person we know passes by that we’ve been wanting to meet up with we don’t even notice. We are in what we call a focus lock, and we miss out the world around us. In one hand we miss a chance, in another we can also avoid an icky situation.

Cups represent emotions, and this case could also be referring to avoiding certain emotions. Given the astrological forecast above, I feel like this could be referring to Venus Sextile Chiron. We have an opportunity to heal something so we need to be aware not to avoid looking out our emotions and thought patterns.

The advice for the week is : Stay focused but opened to receive love, information and healing.

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You’ve won and lost battles, but you still stand – Astro / Tarot Forecast

You’ve won and lost battles, but you still stand –  Astro / Tarot Forecast

Did you know that our minds love rituals ? Not necessarily spiritual rituals, but a form of routine that breaks an ongoing action.

It helps us shift from one energy into another and it gives us time to integrate the progress.

For example, since the beach re-opened here in Bali, Mathias (my partner) and I enjoy going for a little sunset walk at the end of the day to cut from work and allow ourselves to get into the mood for a cozy night.

And as our time here in Southeast Asia comes to an end, we are really taking the time to acknowledge all the blessings and learnings we have received for the past few months. IT hasn’t been always easy, being far from family and friends, quarantine but it has had its share of positivity too. I mean surfing without a wetsuit in a 30° Celsius water, what could beat that ? 

But don’t let me take you away from the important energies surrounding us for the next seven days ! Check out next week’s Astrology Forecast below :


Monday – Jupiter  Conjunct Pluto 24° of Capricorn JUNE 30th

We start the week as Jupiter the planet of expansion, blessings and optimism comes together with Pluto the planet of death, rebirth, transformations and transmutations the changes that we have been seeing in a collective level will begin to feel even more real and everlasting. Hopefully, since Jupiter is such a positive planet, we will start seeing how positive these changes really are for the long term. 

Tuesday – Saturn goes back into Capricorn 

A planet of responsibilities and discipline, Saturn which has been retrograde in Aquarius, goes back to Capricorn and stays there making sure we are keeping up with our promises and doing the work we have to do to evolve. Saturn transit is often feared because it makes you work hard to be able to enjoy the benefits. It understands that hard work pays off and the important role of delayed gratification. In Capricorn, this energy is extra strong and is reminding us of our responsibilities and discipline ! Pull out that to do list ! It’s about time you start checking off some items.

Weekend – July 5th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4:44 GMT in 14° Capricorn

And why not close the week with a blast. We are finally wrapping up a cycle of crisis and changes that we have started on July 12th 2018 ! Can you remember what was your life back then ? This Full Moon and Eclipse are here to stir a few last things up and make sure we release Capricorn’s authoritarianism and need for control to fully embrace the nurturing, intuitive, caregiving side of ourselves. Not only individually but also collectively. These set of Eclipses won’t happen for another 9 years, so whatever we are finishing up now we started way back in 2011. As Justin Timberlake says it goes around.

The card of the Week :

5C6E31F4-527B-4FEC-BB6D-C2AEF76F6B0A9 of Wands Reversed

Can you believe how far we’ve come and how many battles we’ve had since the beginning of the year ? It’s definitely exhausting and we are still hurt and trying to recover from all that has been going on. Inside we are feeling low in energy, but we KNOW that there is a light at the end of tunnel and despite all the hardships we are still standing. We stand together. This card is asking us to reflect and acknowledge all that we have gone through, all the adjustments we have made, all the battles we’ve won and lost but is also reminding us that through these lessons we still know how to get up back to our feet.

Stay strong, harness your gifts, hold on to your passion, better times will come.



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And just who am I ?


B341D6EB-EBE9-45ED-94AE-5B7F8DD7193EIf it has got to do with shining a light on your true potential & life’s purpose 

I’m your girl 

I’m Bella Astrologer, Intuitive Coach and watercolor artist

It takes a lot more than reading your horoscope to understand the power you have lying within you

Wether you are just starting in Astrology or if you already have some knowledge, and you are tired of reading stuff out there that just creates more confusion…

(Ahem*)This is where I slide in with my telescope, computer, some hot cocoa and a few tarot cards.

Make a little room for me next to you, will ya ? Let’s look up at the stars and feel that connection. Let’s use this knowledge on a down to earth practical way and harness this energy.

Every person has a deep purpose, mine ?

With my Sun and Moon in Leo and Pisces Rising, I am here to infuse positivity and optimism into your life as well as inspiring you to live a life filled with purpose and joy. My career zone in Sagittarius and Capricorn combines the thirst for new ways of thinking to teaching these in a practical, logical and step by step way.

After more than 10 years of spiritual studies (Astrology, Tarot& Oracles, Yoga, Crystals, NVC, Aromatherapy and Reiki ), I finally left the coorporate world to live my mission full time. This blog is for me to share with you all the knowledge I have gathered these past years and some of the exact same techniques I used to decode my own life purpose, and that of many other intuitives like you. 

Let’s begin ?