NVC & Marshall Rosenberg inspired.

I work with an appreciation of everyone having different needs around money. I am fully in alignment with the Rates shared by other Astrologers and Intuitive Coaches in Europe, and I add another piece in my approach to money.

It’s important to me:

1) that this consultation is financially accessible for everyone and that your needs around sustainability are acknowledged.

2) that my energy and work is valued, and my needs for sustainability are acknowledged.

3) that the energy and work of other Astrologers and Intuitive Coaches offering similar services is valued and their needs for sustainability are acknowledged. (I don’t want you to choose my services only because this approach to money enables you to ‘pay less” than what others are asking.)

 Through my personal experience I have found that participants enjoy the option to choose how much they want to pay, that it builds trust and connection. From my perspective, quite magically, I have always received an amount that makes it sustainable for me.

Sliding scale 0€-120€ for a Consultation

This includes the prep-time I’ll spend studying your case in depth and elaborating your Video Call – 1 hour – of the actual consultation where I share with you the information I have gathered.

Use the table below as a Guideline, but chose your amount accordingly to your needs and what you can afford given your current circumstances. I trust that you chose what you believe is fair for both you and me.

Pay 0€ If you and I have a pre agreed exchange of skills or because you are acknowledging my time and work in another way or because I want to gift it to you on account of your activist/local community work.
Pay 45€ If you are on benefits or very low income and with no assets
Pay 60€  If you are on benefits or very low income with some assets
Pay 70€If you earn less than 20.000€ before tax
Pay 90€If you earn between 20.000-30,000€ before tax
Pay 100€If you earn more than 30.000€ before tax
Pay 120€As a supporting rate to fund people who cannot afford the lowest rate so that living Your life Purpose authentically and in flow with life becomes available to a wider section of the community.
Applicable only for 1h Astrology Consultations & 1h30 Tarot Consultations

* *This does not apply for Soulful Coaching Consultations. Please email me for Coaching Sessions


Please pay a deposit of 50% before we schedule our Video Call Meeting

Pay the remaining 50% 72h before our scheduled Video Call Meeting

Option : pay in full 72h before our meeting.

Email me at so we can schedule your call.

If it is a GIFT, email me with the Name and email of the person you are making a gift to so I can schedule the call with the person.


Account Owner’s Name: Izabella Peregrino

Bank: N26

IBAN: DE72 1001 1001 2628 1025 50


Please use : Astrology/ Tarot + Last Name as reference.


If you cancel up to 1 week before our meeting date, I am willing to refund your deposit less 5€ admin fee. 

Please send me an invoice requesting a refund for what you paid minus 5€.

If you cancel up to 72 hours before the start time I’ll refund you 50% of your deposit minus 5€.

If you cancel in less than 48h or don’t show up I will not be able to refund your contribution.




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