6 Reasons to consult with an Astrologer

6 Reasons to consult with an Astrologer

Hi there Moon Watchers !

A few days ago going through some of my old files in my computer I found one of these ready made Astrology Reports I bought online for 5 dollars back in 2014. I hadn’t seen it in a long time and it dated back to when I had started learning Astrology. At that time I would still get easily confused about the jargon used by some fellow practitioners. It came with quite a few pages and reading it took me back into memory lane and I remembered how confused I felt about it. Although some parts made sense other just totally fogged my mind even more. 


Going through this made me think about these reports and that is why I’ve decided to share In this post 6 reasons why you should get an Astrology Reading from an Astrologer rather than purchasing a cheap Report Online.


1.Ready made (computer based) reports are impersonal 


If you are going to start a journey of self discovery you most certainly want to get personal. Although some reports have good information, they don’t necessarily take into account the current circumstances your are living or even what are the issues and focuses you have in your mind right now. It’s like reading a recipe to bake a regular vanilla cake when you are trying to make a gluten free chocolate lava cake. It doesn’t address the issue because it has to be general.


2. Very often the information is contradictory 


Human beings are complex. We are a mix of certainties, paradoxes, contradictions and confusion. Yes you might feel really good about making sure everyone is happy and there is a bunch of harmony around you, yet you feel a deep call to follow your own path in be assertive about it. In a ready made report these contradictions are often confusing because they’ll address one side of the puzzle only and will not integrate a 360° view. An astrologer wil be able to connect the dots and integrate the information in a way that you can understand your beautiful complex being. 


3. If you have a question well you can’t get a direct answer 


There is no secret in this one. Because these reports will give you a general list of some of the traits of the planets and elements involved, if one thing is not clear to you, or you’d like to better understand a particular piece you cannot ask questions.  You get what you get. There is no one to guide you to understand them. 


4. They have their limits 


You’ll notice these reports have their limits, not only they won’t go deep, they don’t answer your question they are often written with astrological jargon that makes it hard to understand. They might even present themselves in a way that this is your destiny and you have no choice in the matter.


5. Spending time with an astrologer you exchange energy that is transformed into information 

Because everything is energy, the moment you send your request, the astrologer is already tuning in into your energy and when you actually meet the energy is transformed into information. It’s like sending a text to someone to tell them something important in comparison to calling them and having that energetic exchange to really say what matters. 


6. With an Astrologer you actually start the healing work of self-discovery


If you are consulting an Astrologer is because you feel you need answers. Perhaps there are patterns in your life that you’ve started noticing, or you are going through a particular change, or any form of need to go beyond what you’ve been doing so far. With your astrology consultation you can understand these patterns and have keys on how to break them. You can finally understand some of the inner conflicts you might have and even better understand your key gifts that will help you move forward on your path.


At Moon Watchers by The Stars Within we focus on helping you decode your true potential to shine. Perhaps you have been trying a career for a long time and you are fed up of it, or there have been some changes in your life and you need to reconnect to your essence. Together we uncover your life purpose, your key talents and gifts. It’s all about empowering you to know yourself inside out, to encourage self-acceptance where there needs to be and motivation to break through patterns. 

So there you have it ! 6 reasons why consulting an Astrologer takes you up to the sky instead of computer made reports. 

In less than a couple of weeks I’m launching my premium Soulful Coaching service where only you and a select few will have a chance to dive deep into self discovery and breaking through beliefs that hold you back from creating the life you desire. It’s a heart based coaching program where you’ll connect to your true essence and gain the knowledge to design the life you wish to have. Sign up to the newsletter to be first to know when the doors open.

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Live your Hero Journey- Astro-Tarot Forecast Week August 16th to 22nd 2020

Live your Hero Journey- Astro-Tarot Forecast Week August 16th to 22nd 2020

Hello dear Moon Watchers

Back in 2006 when I was in university, I started studying and reading about Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey. This philosophy has accompanied me for most of my adult life and one of my all time favorite podcasters, public speakers and illustrations Andy J Pizza is a huge fan of this, which just makes me even more passionate about it !

I won’t go much into the explanation of the Hero’s Journey, but I can say this : this week’s New Moon in Leo and overall forecast really makes me think about how much are on the right path of our own Hero Journey.

We live in a time, and specially since the beginning of the year, where we are being propelled to fully step into our own hero journey. One that is aligned with our values, desires and minds. We are deconstructing the structures and removing old ways that no longer serve ourselves so we can develop entirely from caterpillars to full on beautiful butterflies 🦋.

I can’t deny this really touches me deeply since, for the past two years, I have been in a process of deconstructing old beliefs, ideas and conditionings that I have received, engaged in and taken as being truthful. I cannot even begin to tell you how much my life has changed.

Yet, it all doesn’t come ease and there are it’s bits of challenges, tensions and conflicts, but it is important even in these time to take stock of the victories, celebrate the moments where you (or I) have taken a leadership role in your life. Where do you still want to make progress and where you are already the leading star…

So often I see in my intuitive coaching sessions people giving their power away to others, stepping out of the spotlight believing they don’t know how to lead their lives, letting others do so. It makes my Leo heart really sad. That is why I’m so determined to helping people that want to live authentically, unapologetically and truthfully to their hearts.

If you follow someone else’s way,
you are not going to realize
your potential.

Joseph Campbell

That is also why I’m so committed in releasing my new website soon so I can help more people realize their full potential. That also means, I’ll be migrating the blog over there and if you are interested in knowing more about how Astrology and Tarot can help you understand your leadership style you can read more here and download this cool and easy Tarot Spread here. 

Weekly Forecast August 16th to 22nd

Sunday 16th

Sun trine Mars & Venus Square Chiron

When our focus and our drive work together it becomes very easy and pleasant to go after what we want. Mars trine Sun helps find harmony between our essence and our actions.

On the same day, Venus the planet of love, beauty, values and finances is making a challenging aspect to Chiron the asteroid also known as a wounded healer. We might be facing some hurst and past traumas regarding Venus realms. Although there could be tension, it may also help us understand what wounds we still need heal in regards to these matters so we can move forward in a better and lighter way.

Monday 17

Sun Conjunct Mercury

Our minds aligns with our focus. Mercury is the planet of the mind, communications and systems when it comes close to the Sun, at the same degree their energies blend. In a sense this means that we speak and think who we are at our core at this moment. It could be a great day for being assertive and having a boost of confidence ! With Mercury also making a harmonious connection with Mars, it will become even easier to feel extra motivated by our thoughts and ideas.

Tuesday 18

Mercury Sextile North Node & Venus Sextile Uranus

 What a great day for ceasing an opportunity ! There could be messages, ideas, informations that suddenly come to us that not only will help us take the direction we are all collectively being geared towards to but also more aligned with our hearts desires. What if you hear news, or have a sudden insight about something that might really make a difference into shifting your life in a better direction and more desirable direction ? Keep your ears and heart opened !

Wednesday 19

New Moon 26° Leo

The Moon finally comes together with the Sun to begin a new cycle. New Moon in Leo is asking us to step into our true authenticity and be brave to live our own stories ! All of that whilst having fun, being kind and generous and creative ! How can you step into the leading role of your life ?

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is : “After the heavy storm, a rainbow 🌈” .What a wonderful new beginning after all that we have been through. It’s time to set the intentions so we can be like a colorful rainbow.

Thursday 20

Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury is finally going home entering Virgo. Here this planet feels a lot more comfortable where it can be analytical and practical. During the time Mercury will be recharging here in Virgo, our minds will look for practicality, order and efficiency. Attention to detail is a must. When the Sun joins the party, we will be a lot more focused on getting that to-do list our of the way, thus ending the party and vacations time we had while in Leo. I suggest take these three days to start thinking about what would you like to re-organize in your life so you can declutter and create space for efficiency.

Saturday 22

Sun enters Virgo, Virgo Season Begins &Mars Sextile North Node

Since you took the time to think about how to organize your life, now with the Sun officially kickstarting Virgo season you are ready to start acting on it ! Virgo is all about perfecting things, making things better and devoted work. If it is about fully engaging in a task Virgo is here to be fully committed to it. With this season we are invited to take a closer look on how we can improve our lives, work and the planet. With Mars connecting to the North Node we are extra motivated to share ideas, thoughts and engage with our friends and networks.

Tarot Card of the Week :

The six of wands often represents victory ! It depicts the prodigy sun returning home, or the Hero arriving at the village after one of its victorious quests. there is celebration and acclamation!

Some tarot readers will this energy as blocked or even negative, representing the opposite of it’s traditional meaning. In my experience and in the relationship I’ve built with my cards, I often see reversed cards as inward expressions of its energies.

So if it would mean victory in this case I see it as inner victories. With the New Moon in Leo this week we have the opportunity to  step into the leadership role of our lives, becoming the main actors/actresses. I think of this as a huge victory of our higher self over our egos. What feats have you accomplished and what do we still want to accomplish in your life. Wonderful time to dream and set intentions.


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How do I conduct an Astrology Reading

How do I conduct an Astrology Reading

Reading Time 5 minutes. 


“I didn’t believe Astrology and I always found it difficult to relate to the horoscope description we read in the magazines, but now I can see how through my Natal Chart you can totally understand and see me, what powerful self-development tool it is”. A wonderful feedback from Catherine* one of my dearest clients after her very first Shine Your Why consultation with me. 


If you ever thought about having an Astrology consultation, but you feel hesitant, in this post I’m sharing with you my process of how I conduct my readings so you can understand better what to expect. 


Sit back, relax, grab a cookie and a Matcha Latte and let’s dive in this reading with me…

I start with…. (drumroll please)


Disclaimer !!!!

I always present this before I start a reading, why ? Because I truly believe it is my responsibility as an Astrologer to let people know that you Should NEVER take what Astrology tells you as your fate.


I believe we are here to learn and evolve and hopefully that’s what we will do, therefore there is no fated trait. Your Natal Chart is nothing but the starting point, if you harness the good of it you can shine and if you learn to work, heal and transmute the shadow or harder aspects of it you’ll thrive. 


Studying your chart will help you understand yourself better. But just like any self study, it requires you to come over to it to from time to time to grasp new information, to go deeper, to contrast to your experience of life. It is self discovery and it’s a life journey.


The preparation : 


You can’t bake a cake without the proper ingredients and you certainly cannot tell a story without setting the mood. Same goes with an Astrology reading, wether it is aSolar Return where we look at the energy of the year for you (birthday to birthday) or a Natal Astrology Reading.


So it all starts with three key informations your Birth Date, Time of Birth** and Place of Birth. Armed with these three key informations and thanks to technology I can enter them in a software (I use two Astro App and AstroGold) to calculate the position of the planets and asteroids the moment you were born. A snapshot of the sky at that precise moment. This is the physical information I use to interpret the archetypal energies that combined together make the blueprint of your potential.


Before we meet, I spend about 90 minutes studying your Natal Chart so I can see the best and most important information I’ll share with you. This way I’m already seeing the archetypal energies that you’ll express and connect to your life story.


The Consultation :

When we hop into the consultation via Zoom we first take some time to breathe and be present. A quick 2 minute centering to bring us back into the present moment and open our hearts to receive the information we need to receive. 


Then I explain what is Astrology and what you can expect from the consultation. I bring up your chart that looks a little bit like this below (in the exemple we have Aretha Franklin’s chart). From there I draw and explain the key aspects of it. We start by noticing where most of your planets are located in your chart and what that means.




In the case of a Shine Your Why (similar to a Natal Astrology consultation) I like to start from general topics to more specifics, building up the story and the layers as we go.

In the case of our exemple, most of the planets for Aretha Franklin are on the top half of her chart meaning she understands the world by actively engaging with it rather than reflecting and analyzing it.


She is has many planets in her 7th house of partnerships, marriage and intimate relationships which shows to me that love and partnerships had an important role in her life. She indeed married twice and was entangled twice to the same man. Even though they were important to her, she did change her mind about her choices (Mars in Gemini) and sometimes suddenly ending a relationship (Uranus). 


Then we move on to understand your leadership style with the modalities (you can read about what these means over here) and how do you function (via communication, inspiration, emotions or practicality )and what you need in order to recharge your batteries.


Then we dive into the core of your personality analyzing your Sun (your essence), Moon (your emotional core) and Ascendant (your role in the exterior world). We dig into how the they are acting in your chart (Zodiac Sign) and how they get along or not with other planets. We look for instance at you value and desire in life (Venus) and your drive and motivation to go after it (Mars).


We look at your Midheaven (Medium Coeli – MC) or what we say your Career Line and see how do you get social recognition and how do you shine outside the realm of your home. If you look at Aretha’ s MC you’ll see its in Leo and we can understand why she was such a great performer shining her light in the world.  


These are just some of the key aspects we look into. We can dive a lot deeper and look at your communication style with Mercury and Part of Fortune (what you do that brings luck to you).


You can ask questions and I’ll definitely ask you some questions. It is a wonderful exchange as we explore (Indiana Jones style) your blueprint. 


We close the reading with learning more about your astrological calendar and if we have time a wonderful message from one my favorite Oracle Cards. Right after you receive in your email your personal Astrological Year Calendar and the best dates and seasons for you based on your chart. 


There you go, this was a quick explanation of how I conduct my consultations, I hope it clarifies a little bit for you. 


I’ve read my own chart over and over again, each time understanding a new aspect a little deeper as I also understand myself a little deeper. Reading your chart is eye opening, reassuring and empowering. It is radical self-acceptance and drive to evolve from the things holding us back. It is a journey of self-understanding which creates more harmony in every aspect of our lives. The more aligned we are with our true calling the more inner-peace we experience and the more love we can infuse in our lives. 


If you want to go even deeper I’m soon launching a wonderful Intuitive Coaching program for a very feel select group of people where we go deep into creating positive change in your life. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about it and secure your spot when the doors open.



*To protect my clients Identities I never share their real names.

** The time of your birth is extremely important because it can alter key aspects of your chart such as your Ascendant and Career Line. 



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Light your inner Fire – Astro-Tarot Forecast Week August 9th to 15th

Light your inner Fire – Astro-Tarot Forecast Week August 9th to 15th

I can’t believe how quickly time flies ! I’ve turned 34 years old last week (happy birthday to me !) and I can’t lie to you… I did run away from the computer so I could really practice self care and some time out in the Sun and enjoying in Nature as much as possible. So I apologize for missing last week’s forecast and my weekly hello. That said, I’m ready to roll and I’m fully energized to give you the best of what I’ve got in terms of Astrology and Intuitive Coaching !


Grab your Pastel de Nata (Portuguese custard tart) and your cup of coffee or tea and join me as we check out this week’s forecast.

Weekly Forecast August 9th to 15th


Healing talks 

As Mercury the planet of our minds, thoughts, ideas and communications forms a harmonious (trine) connection to Chiron the asteroid known to be a wounded healer, we have an opportunity to heal through words and communications. Perhaps it’s a good day to journal or talk things through with a friend or someone you trust, so through your words and analytical thinking you can release wounds that are ready to be healed.


Proclaiming Freedom

After a good heart warming conversation where we are finally healing some of our issues regarding action and leadership, we feel a tension rise up as Mercury creates a challenging aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This might make us say and think about radical changes and freedom. In fixed Taurus, Uranus might find a little bit difficult to rebel in a grand way, but the energy to create a fuss, or at least start talking about the much needed Freedom is here.


Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

The Moon makes its way to becoming darker and darker. It is time to tie up lose ends,  and get down with whatever you need to accomplish. In Taurus, the Moon feels good when it recognizes that things are being built and created in a slow steady pace. Not a good time to start new projects, but rather focus your attention to be stubborn to finish them. I would also suggest indulging in some pleasures since Taurus likes delight itself with good food, comfort and friends. Find the right balance between relaxing and enjoying life and building for the future.


Act upon the changes you can no longer ignored

Mars forms a challenging aspect (square) to Pluto forcing us to take action into making the transformations we decided to make back when Mars joined Pluto in January. It’s time to start manifesting these changes. Mars is inviting us to take the necessary steps before it goes retrograde on September 10th where it will slow us down and asks us to revise our action plan.


Are you really ready to be free ? 

When a big planet such as Uranus stops to go retrograde we feel it. It’s like a huge body going forward that suddenly has to slow down, stop and reverse. It takes an incredible amount of energy to do so. Therefore we feel this Uranus halt. Being a Planet that embodies the archetype of an Activist and Rebel crying for freedom, during its retrograde time we are being asked to re-think what is freedom and how are we building our own personal freedom. The effects of this transit will become more clear once it passes in Jan 14 2021 as it usually happens with further planets. 

Tarot Card of the Week :

C43A2ED2-6180-4ADB-B58D-8421B06979C0The Ace of Wands Reversed sparks to me as energy that wants to be released but still hasn’t found a way to do so. Much like the energy of this week in Astrology, there is a tension building up inside of us ready to come out, but yet the time is not right just yet. It is important that we take time to dream the vision, to let ourselves be totally filled with the passion required to motivate us to move forward. 

Before we can Manifest our desires, we must first dream of them, every detail. Being internally motivated is often a more powerful fuel than being externally motivated. What motivates you right now in life ? What is your dream and vision ? Are you feeling that fire burn from within ? Build up on it, increase the pressure, so when the time comes for it to be released and for you to take action you can become your infinite source of inner motivation !



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Find Out Your Leadership Style with Astrology

Find Out Your Leadership Style with Astrology

Reading time : 4 minutes 


When I worked in the corporate world as a team manager, before I had decided to go all into Astrology and Intuitive Coaching we would often talk about leadership. What does it mean to be a leader, what is a good leader and is everyone a leader


In this post I’m going to tell you how you can find your leadership style in your Birth Chart and rise up to the leader you are meant to be !


I had my own set of beliefs regarding this matter back then and I even thought I was not a leader. I was still learning Astrology and despite knowing I am a Leo Sun (often depicted as natural leaders) I didn’t feel like a “leader”. To me a leader was someone who had strategic vision and were able to gather people around an exciting project. 


After a long process of researching and trying to understand what leadership meant, there were FOUR things that made me change my perspective on this issue :


 Number 1 ) was this TED Talk from Drew Dudley about Everyday Leadership. You should definitely watch it so inspiring.


Number 2 ) Gandhi’s famous words “Be the Change you Want to see in the World” – this is strong leadership right there.


Number 3 ) Understanding Modalities in Astrology


Number 4) Using Tarot to go deeper – (there is a surprise by the end of this post).


AAnnd as you know Astrology is my thing, so we are going to dive into that !


What are modalities 


In Tropical Western Astrology, the Zodiac signs can be divided into three categories that we call modalities. Each modality represents the way a sign creates, maintains and changes a season or a cycle.


There are the Cardinal Signs : the ones that are in the beginning initiating each season of the year such as Capricorn initiates Winter, Cancer initiates the Summer, Libra initiates the Fall and Aries initiates the Spring. 

These are initiators, visionaries and starters. They are natural leaders who like to be in the front bringing people towards one direction that they believe is the best one.


There are the Fixed Signs : Taurus maintains the Spring, Leo carries on with the Summer, Scorpio deepens the Fall and Aquarius stabilizes the winter. 

These are the managers, the everyday leaders, they keep things moving and they hold the status quo. They keep the oil in the machine so everything runs smoothly. These are leaders that your team looks up to to continue the work, to keep it going, to not lose sight of the long term goal set by the Cardinal signs.


And last there are the Mutable signs : Gemini carries us from Spring to Summer, Virgo harvests from Summer to Fall, Sagittarius warms us from Fall to Winter and Pisces melts us from Winter to Spring. 

These are the ones that initiate change. They notice the wonderful things we have been doing and they see that we need to change so we don’t stay too stuck in our ways. They bring new perspectives, they see what worked and what didn’t work, they broaden our horizons and bring us to a sense of love. These are the leaders that see change as a constant way of evolving and improving. 


How to find this in your birth chart :


Armed with your birthdate, time and city you can enter this information in a website like and you can look for a little box like this :




Count how many points you have in each column represented by C, F, M and you’ll know how much emphasis you’ll have on each leadership style. You’ll notice we all have a little bit of each. This way you can know what are your natural ways of leadership and really highlight them so you can be the best leader you are meant to be.


21DB100B-0FC7-4EC5-9F43-6A97EC5BE5E9Now that you know what is your leadership style thanks to the modalities of the Zodiac, you might feel ready to jump into going deeper with a wonderful Tarot Spread I use with my clients. Click here to get the Tarot Spread and try it for yourself.


If you still feel confused about it you can schedule an appointment to get a full Astrology reading with an astrologer. Here at Moon Watchers by The Stars Within we offer a Shine Your Why consultation where during one full hour over video call we dive deep into your Natal Astrology to uncover your core personality and life purpose, your strengths, talents and gifts so you can fully shine your star within. You can contact me for more information over here.


Until next week !








If you’ve found this post helpful in anyways go ahead and direct message me on instagram to let me know I’d love to thank you in person. 


Expanding your horizons – Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 27th to August 2nd

Expanding your horizons – Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 27th to August 2nd

Since I met my partner I shared with him passion for Tarot cards. He was so opened about it and even decided to learn to read them himself.

I love how when two people meet (romantically or not, it can be a friend) we expand each other’s universes and minds. We allow ourselves to try new things and share the things we like. Hopefully evolving in our own ways.

I would have never taken a permaculture course by myself if I hadn’t met my companion. The dreamy, artistic, writer in me much prefers to spend time imagining worlds and digging into Astrology, Tarot and other spiritual pursuits than planting. However, precisely because I’m dreamy, I need something to ground me, and he expanded my world in that sense.

This week we have the chance to expand our worlds as well, dream of a new future and start rebelling to old ways.

Check out this week’s forecast.

Weekly Forecast July 27th to August 2nd


Monday First Quarter Moon in Scorpio ♏️ 

As the Moon in Scorpio squares the Sun in Leo marking the First Quarter Moon, we feel the tension rising as we enter one of the busiest weeks of the month. With Scorpio’s intensity and ambition to go deep with our desires and empowerment, we might face some challenges because the Sun is shining our attention towards play and fun. Mars the ruler of Scorpio, while in Aries will be squaring Mercury in Cancer on the following day making us a bit more snappy and careless with our words. Best is to avoid conflict and really measure words before speaking them, specially if you feel emotional about certain subject. This square adds a little spice to this First Quarter Moon which asking us to move forward with our ambitions and reclaim our power. That is precisely why it’s important to be mindful about others feelings and specially watch for reactive emotions.

Monday Jupiter Sextile Neptune

On Monday Jupiter the planet of joy and abundance connects with dreamy Neptune in what we call a sextile, bringing us an opportunity for blessings. Perhaps we are getting a chance to receive a sign that shows us a door to align with our dreams. It’s a window of opportunity are you going to take it ? 

Tuesday Venus Quincunx Jupiter and Square Neptune

Venus the planet of our desires, love, finances and values is making a few aspects to adjust to a new situation. First Venus Quincunx Jupiter than Square Neptune. We are called to adjust what we desire for our growth and joy which can create some tension with our longer term dreams. Sometimes we want to follow a path which may seem more abundant but that might add a little confusion in regards to our initial plans. Imagine a going on an adventure to expand your world but what you find in your journey makes you question your itinerary.  

Sun square Uranus

On Sunday the Sun square Uranus makes us see a situation with a radical different perspective ! We feel some tension building up inviting us to make a quick move, retrieve our freedom and act rebellious, perhaps a little pre-view of the Full Moon in Aquarius next week. This gives me a feeling of skinny dipping in the moon light – if only Portuguese waters weren’t freezing cold ! One can dream am I right ?


Tarot Card of the Week :


We have to juggle between many activities and keeping our balance is what we need to do. What areas of your life are out of balance or are asking too much of you ?

The danger with trying to do to many things at the same time is that we might over do it and spread ourselves too thin.

Look over at your resources, both financial and physical and see where you can adjust to find a better equilibrium.




5 Steps to Ask great Tarot Questions

5 Steps to Ask great Tarot Questions

Hi you !

When I first started reading Tarot back in 2012 I quickly jumped over on the internet and started offering free Tarot reading for practice. That year I read not only for me countless times, but also for friends, and over 200 strangers on the web and in cafes in Paris.

I was getting some solid Tarot skills there. Even though my readings were getting better I felt that there was something missing so that they could go from Good to Sky Rocket AMAZING.

With practice I realized it was not so much the interpretation of the cards holding me back, but how we were phrasing the Questions.

Today I’m going to share with you a step by step approach that I use with my clients to formulate GREAT Tarot Questions and get Champagne Toast answers for yourself and others.

Real life exemple :

Let’s take Sandra* as an exemple : she books in a reading with me because she is very unhappy at her current job. I ask her what question she would like to ask the Tarot and she quickly replies : “I want to know If I’m going find a job that will make me happy”.

Before I tell you how to make the question, let’s first understand why this question, or request does not work really well for the Tarot or Oracles :

Tarot and Oracles are tools used to tap into your intuition, and bring up your inner wisdom which is infused with great knowledge that goes way beyond a simple yes or no answer. Let’s say it would simply say yes. What would be Sandra’s take on this. She probably would be waiting for the time to come and not actively creating the future/present she wants to live. Most likely it would do her a disservice. Her inner wisdom knows best to give her the key information needs to feel safe, empowered and motivated to change her current situation which is her unhappiness at her work.

Let’s go through the 5 steps to understand what Sandra really wants to find out and how we can transform her statement into a powerful question that will bring about the best answer for her current situation.

*Step One*

State your issue. This means staying away from anything that starts with  “I want to know if/should [add whatever question that results in a yes or no answer]. Just plain and simple state your issue, i.e : I’m unhappy at my job.

*Step Two*

State your feelings in regards to the issue. Let’s take the example of S. above: I’m unhappy at my job because I feel bored at work, or because I feel like I’m lost, with no sense of purpose, or because [whatever it is that you feel].

*Step Three*

State your desired outcome. Let’s continue with the example: I’m unhappy at my job because I feel lost useless and I wish I would work with something that makes me feel like I’m actually contributing to something.

*Step Four*

State what you believe that the Tarot can do to help you. ex : I chose to consult the cards because I believe the Tarot will give me an answer that will allow me to : see things through a new perspective, or to find a new career path, or take steps to transforming this lack of purpose into something else.

* Step Five *

Combine the previous steps into one question. I’m unhappy at my job because I feel like I have no sense of purpose. I wish to know what I can do in order to find a career path that is aligned with my life purpose.

There you go, in five simple steps you’ve narrowed down a powerful question that will help Sandra, or you, get answers that will ignite momentum to create positive change in your life.

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* For the privacy of my clients I never share their real names.


Let you inner child shine ! Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 20th to 26th

Let you inner child shine ! Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 20th to 26th


This week I’m in an amazing place in Portugal called Terra Alta to learn all I can about Permaculture. It’s like being in a summer camp all over again, except that it is for environmental conscious grown ups ! That said, my partner and I and a big group of people are just like little kids all over again.

We are camping making fire, building natural buildings, cooking and laughing it really feels like the perfect kick off for the Leo Season (my favorite one, I’ll let you guess why… It’s only the most important season of the year for a humble Leo like myself).

While we are playing and planting crops over here I have also had the chance to share some knowledge about Tarot and definitely one of my favorite topics which I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow ! Double post this week ! How lucky are we ?

Since I don’t have much access to the internet, I better be quick with this one, so here it goes :

Weekly Forecast July 20th to 26th

Monday July 20th – New Moon in Cancer 6:33pm UK

New Moon in Leo !! Right ? No… In Cancer ! That’s right, 2020 is definitely a Cancer year ! With this New Moon in Cancer we are called to revise the intentions we’ve set in June 21st during the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Do you remember ? About a month ago?

 Now that we have woken up to what we need to change with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn ♑️ two weeks ago, we are ready to fully embrace this New Cancer ♋️ Cycle which will last for about 9 years ! And I dare to say given all of what’s been going on in 2020, for the next 35 years ! What is home for you ? Where are your roots ? Who are the people and projects you want to nurture and how can you take better care of yourself, others and the planet ?

In case you were wondering, the New Moon in Leo will happen on August 19th this year

If you are interested in working with the moon, Join me and others in my exclusive Moon Watchers Club on Facebook with bi-weekly Full Moon and New Moon videos and workbooks and more ! 

Tuesday Sun in Cancer Opposes Saturn in Capricorn

Have you ever felt torn between the idea of taking care of your self and doing something that mess you feel good and being responsible with your obligations ? Well this is how Sun Opposite to Saturn feels like. We want to be where our focus is but Saturn is reminding us that we still need to get the work done. It’s tough to make a choice. Be gentle with yourself and try to find the right balance.

Wednesday Leo ♌️ Season Begins

Right after we get more clarity where our heart needs to be, we begin Leo Season as the Sun moves into this new zodiac sign until August 22 when it steps into Virgo ! Now we can allow our inner children, and actual children, to have some fun, fully express ourselves and why not even take the spotlight a little. Our focus shifts from the coziness of home to our inner light. The goal is to renew with our self-confidence and authenticity. Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun and it brings forth these questions of how confident are you with yourself. With its big bright light we become more generous and take more space where we go.

Be bold, show yourself and most of all have FUN !

Thursday Mercury Sextile Uranus 

A great analogy for this aspect would be the Harry Potter twins Fred and George releasing fireworks inside the school hall. Uranus represents sudden change, rebellion and Mercury represents our mind, systems, ideas and communication. Sextile, these planets are creating some sudden noise to speak freely about what they want. Mercury in Cancer is emotional and nurturing, Uranus in Taurus is making this rebellion quite tangible (think about the statues of colonialism coming down in many countries with since #blacklivesmatter). In our personal lives this could be like a sudden need to take the day off for yourself and go soak up in the sun drinking some Matcha Lattes for exemple.


Tarot Card of the Week :

940A9D20-3E3E-4FB3-BA2F-4851872FDC5AIsn’t it just a beautiful synchronicity ! As the Sun moves into its home in Leo we have the major Arcana card The Sun as a wonderful reminder for ourselves this week.

This card brings forth a lot of joy and happiness. It reminds us to be free to be ourselves, to live authentically, to have a light heart and free mind. The child in the picture carries nothing Appart from the red flag. It is naked totally comfortable and confident and the flag a symbol of power. The horse symbolizes movement and freedom. There is abundant joy if we want to embrace our personal inner light !


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Pack your bags, it’s time to move forward Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 12th to 19th

Pack your bags, it’s time to move forward Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 12th to 19th

Time flies and honestly it’s quite overwhelming to think that the time to move has arrived. We are finishing up the last details of our move as we get emotionally ready for the actual moment ! It’s crazy to think that we are about to really close a parenthesis, which really felt like a whole chapter, of our lives.

Maybe it’s the Covid-19 effect, or the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction or everything that has been happening this year, but our lives have most definitely changed forever and I’m quite excited to see what the new cycle brings !

This week, just like packing the last boxes of a big move, we are wrapping up what we’ve learnt in the Full Moon and closing the 2018-2020 Eclipse Season in Capricorn and Cancer cycle for good until they begin again in 8 years from now ! It’s time to make the last check before we set better intentions with the New Moon in Cancer early next week, as we get a second chance on perfecting the safe base we want to create for ourselves and loved ones.

Here’s next week’s forecast and scroll to read the Tarot Card for the Week !

Weekly Forecast July 12th to 19th

Sunday Last Quarter Moon July 12th in Aries ♈️

Finally we’ve had a little time to digest the powerful Jupiter Pluto conjunction and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse from the beginning of the month. We can’t deny it had it’s dose of stirred emotions and tension.

It’s like we just went on big hike to reach a mountain to take a big look at the land beneath us. We just became more aware of the forests, the rivers, and the landscape. We are able to understand the big picture and once we’ve seen what we had to see, we start walking down the mountain, taking the time to think about what and where the changes will be made once we get to the bottom.

The Last Quarter Moon in Aries ♈️ gives us the energy to wrap up the lose knots and start clearing up what we still have left to clear up before we kick off a new cycle with the New Moon in Cancer on July 20th (a second New Moon in Cancer !).  Aries might want us to start new projects and be impulsive, but the time is to gather what we still want to keep and let go of the extra weight.

Monday Sun Trines Neptune

The Sun trining Neptune will help us get a little bit more clarity of what is our dream vision for the future and what is it that we want to create next. Take the opportunity when the veil lifts so tune in to your intuition and pay attention to your dreams. 

Thursday Saturn Quincunx North Node

By Thursday Saturn in Capricorn (planet of discipline and responsibilities) is making a weird aspect – called quincunx – to our North Node in Gemini (which points to our destiny path). This is going to require us to make some adjustments in our goals, plans and discipline to be able to share our ideas and knowledge with the world.

Thursday Sun Opposes Pluto

Also on Thursday the Sun opposes Pluto and we feel torn between or need to go deep into ourselves to transform and evolve and our focus in nurturing our projects, our home and family* (family here includes the one you chose for yourself too). Inner change can impact our closest circle, but its inevitable if we want to evolve to a better situation for ourselves and those around us.

If you are interested in working with the moon, Join me and others in my exclusive Moon Watchers Club on Facebook with bi-weekly Full Moon and New Moon videos and workbooks and more ! 

Tarot Card of the Week :

9C11E5FA-2AD1-4442-A8D9-375A65A49C8F The Three of Pentacles is usually a card of team work and support to build your projects and achieve your goals.

Reversed, this card is inviting us to look at our close network. Who are the people very close to you, or the very few you trust to help you with the important task at hand. You might feel tempted to do it all on your own, but if you can reach out to those who can give you a hand a help you move forward on your path.

Keep your friends close and be brave to ask for help if needed !



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Plan Your Week with the Energy of the Planets – Work with FLOW

Plan Your Week with the Energy of the Planets – Work with FLOW

Reading time : 4 minutes

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and felt like pulling your hair out ? Or maybe you constantly forget important tasks you must do in a week and you efficiency is low ? I sure have done both.

When I started my solopreneur adventure I was so overwhelmed with the amount of tasks I had and the little time to get them done. It’s one of those things you know it’s going to be tough but you don’t really know it until you actually start. Luckily, being a productivity NERD that I am, I’ve combined batch working with the energy of the Planets to boost my efficiency. And that is exactly what I am going to share with you on this post.


Plus if you stick around you’ll find a surprise at the end of this page.


I’ve always been a sucker for productivity since my corporate days and I was very early on in the game of Bullet Journals, the minimalist type (not the super fancy ones) because my goal was productivity and efficiency.


When I became a solopreneur, I struggled in the beginning to get organized and I felt often distracted, being pulled in many different directions, or not motivated at all. 


Luckily with my knowledge of Astrology and energy work, I realized I could combine most of my work and create a weekly calendar that matched the Planets energy so I could work from a place of FLOW. 


But first things first ! A little Key concept for ya :


Batch Work

You’ve probably heard about this from Batch Cooking, where you cook all of your meals all together in one day. I loved doing this when I lived in Paris. With Batch Working is the same idea. In simple words :


 Batch working is combining similar tasks in themed days and/or time frame.


For instance, you could have a Content Planning day that you’d schedule on the same day of the week. That way you know all you’ll do about content will be placed in that particular day and time : that includes writing your instagram, FB captions, blog posts and etc.


If you are anything like me you probably already gave this a try and you still feel there is something missing. 


What I found was that for certain tasks it was working better in certain days as for other tasks I felt absolutely discouraged. That’s when I realized that the Planets, just like the Moon (but this is another subject) have influential energies on the days and we could harness them to our advantage.


So instead of randomly assigning days for certain tasks, what If I could match them to planetary energies ?


…And that my friend was a game changer for me. 


I started by making a list of all of the ongoing tasks I had and I compared it to the energy of each planet represented by each day of the week and matched them together. That way I would not only batch my work but also match to the energy already available for me. 


Why swim against the current if you can use the current to make you swim faster ? 


As an exemple Monday is the day of the Moon, and the energy of the Moon is nurturing, caregiving, protective, emotional, intuitive. So I started offering my followers a Pick a Card Monday to nurture their energies over on instagram and reserved Wednesday’s for writing and recording content as it is the day of Mercury the planet of communications. Once I’ve aligned those, things just started to FLOW. 


Here are the Themes for each Planet & Day of the Week : 


  • Monday / Moon Day : Nurturing / Intuition /Safety / Emotions
  • Tuesday / Mars Day : Action, Motivation, Active / Warrior / Defensive / Energetic
  • Wednesday / Mercury Day : Ideas / Communications / Short travels / Writing / Speaking / Teaching
  • Thursday / Jupiter Day : Expansion / Blessings / Excitement / Enthusiasm / Education
  • Friday / Venus Day : Love / Values / Finances / Detail oriented / Adjustments
  • Saturday / Saturn Day : Structure, Responsibility, Goals, discipline, delayed gratification
  • Sunday / Sun Day : The Self, the essence, our focus or energy, Ego. Sunday Funday is exactly what it should be. Do what you love !


Because I truly believe in sharing knowledge…


I’ve created an exclusive Guide that you can grab for free so you too can start aligning your work with planetary energies and start harnessing this powerful motivation booster.


In the guide you’ll have a template to fill out with your tasks but also the key words to each Planetary Energy so you can easily match them to your tasks and created Universal Aligned Themed Days ! Isn’t that much better than just regular themed days ? 




CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE  to grab your Plan with the Planets Guide ! By filling out the form you’ll be added to my monthly newsletter where I share a bite sized easy to read forecast for the month, how to work with the Moon and more.  


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