Full Moon in Aries – What it means to be the Peaceful Warrior

Happy Full Moon 🌝 in Aries ♈️ (Oct 1st 2020, 21:05 GMT) !

We come close to the Climax of a cycle started in the beginning of the year in late March. As the Sun shines a strong light onto the Moon we become aware of our evolution and what was in the shadow finally comes to light and to our consciousness.

Every Full Moon we are given the chance to realize our evolution in the past 6 months in regards with the matters related to the sign where the Moon falls into. Today we are in Aries. Aries rules over our energy, our impulses, motivation and drive to act. It is pure energy of doing. Not in the sense of following a plan, but just actively doing something ! It is also how we react : are we impatient, selfish, aggressive (which would be negative expressions of this sign) or are we brave, pioneer and assertive ?

It is a great time to think back and reflect :

⭐️ How have you been taking the lead role in your own life ?

⭐️ Have you been brave when needed ?

⭐️Have you been too impatient or selfish ?

⭐️What have you learnt about managing your energy ?

⭐️How do you feel about taking the initiative ?

Mars the ruler of Aries is Retrograde in Aries until November 14th, inviting us to review what it means to take independent action, how do we deal with frustrations and delays and what is truly motivating us to go forward

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The Sabian Symbol for the Moon in the Full Moon is “A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images“ and perhaps this is speaking to us about our pre-conceived ideas of what is leadership, independence and what is being brave. Societies teach us about how we should signify these terms and through our life experiences we have the opportunity to verify them and decide if we want to re-invent new meanings.

Chiron sitting only 2 degrees away says “A Large Woman’s Hat With Streamers Blown By An East Wind” and it is perhaps just like an East Wind blowing away our outdated conceptions, we are given the chance to indeed free ourselves from them.

Once we become aware on what is really holding back on our growth we can begin the process of letting go, of transformation.

The Sun sitting in the opposite end in Libra is at its “fall”. It is hard to think only of the self when in Libra we are asked to think through the prism of relationships. The Sabian Symbol for 9° Libra suggest that the Self, however, has become aware of the rapid waters it has been navigating, and wants to find the calm waters of balance.

A balanced Aries energy is capable of being interdependent, valuing initiative, motivation and being brave. It is the Peaceful Warrior that does not react or aggressively attacks, but rather acts with the just the right energy, inspiration and a good dose of optimism !

The month of October is a powerful one, two Full Moons and the veil between the worlds thinner. It is a special movement to find the right balance within our relationships so we can begin the shadow work required in Scorpio Season starting October 22nd.

Healing is never easy, but is necessary if we want to evolve.

I hope you’ll find time to reflect about these ideas and come up with your own version of independence, leadership and assertiveness, one that brings more positivity, cooperation and love into your life.

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