Letting go of wounds! – Astro Forecast Week Sep 27th to Oct 3rd 2020

As we approach the end of the year and the end of the month it feels as though the energies are picking up and the transformations, lessons and adjustments we need to make before the end of the year are being intensified.

Imagine you have been running a marathon and you are towards the end of the race, however you know you still need to cross the finish line and you’ll need strength and perseverance to do so.

The energies of this week really make me think about our development and how we can still improve. In one hand we have once more Mars retrograde squaring big old Saturn trying to teach us to deal with our frustrations, anger and overall excess energy and only a few days later a Full Moon in Aries bringing to light all the lessons and blessings from the past 6 month period since the New Moon back in March. Have we learnt our lessons ? Mars the ruler of Aries is still retrograde and it feels like we will be collecting more lessons than blessings this time.

Add that Chiron is still in Aries we can’t deny we are in need for healing in regards to Aries matters.

I invite you to take a look at your life this week and reflect upon Aries matters. Here are some questions that can help you :

⭐️ How have I been dealing with frustrations in my life ?

⭐️ How do I feel about my energy level and overall motivation ?

⭐️ What have I learned about being independent and brave in my life ?

⭐️ Where have I been impulsive or too quick to act/react and what are the lessons from it ?

I can’t say energetically it is a smooth week, it hasn’t been a smooth year… But I do hope you’ll take the time to integrate the lessons that are available for us right now.

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Weekly Astro Forecast Sept 27th to Oct 3rd, 2020

Sunday 27th

Mercury into Scorpio 7:41 GMT

Today Mercury enters into Scorpio and we want to get real about things. In this Zodiac Sign, the planet of the mind, communications, ideas and systems is not so interested in chit chat and shallow information, it wants to understand deeply what is going on and get to the truth. There is a sense of mistrust and fear because of the deep dark waters of Scorpio, but the goal is to cut the sugar coating and get down to reality. This will definitely come out in our way to communicate with others, in writing, speaking, visually and even non-verbal communication. 

Venus Sextile N.N 14:41 GMT

Today we also have an opportunity to open a new doorway created by the North Node in Gemini and Venus in Leo. This is a particularly positive opportunity that deals with Relationships & finances and new ideas, communications & short travels. The key with sextiles is not so much about the event in itself, but more so about what doors get opened that were closed before. The choice to go through them is yours.

Monday 28

Saturn Retrogrades ends 05:11 GMT

Saturn Stations at 25° Capricorn just before it goes back to direct motion. Saturn is often related to structures, restrictions, responsibility, discipline and has been retrograde since  May 10th. Often a planet in retrograde motion expresses its energy inwardly rather than externally and we have been re-considering the structures in our lives. What have we learnt since May about responsibility, discipline and hard work and how do we want to go forward with these themes in our lives. If you have integrated the lessons and you do roll up your sleeves you’ll find that the rewards of Saturn are empowering. 

Tuesday 29th

Venus Trines Mars Rx 01:01 GMT

Venus Trines Mars on Tuesday and this can represent a sudden increase in our energy levels as we take rapid action towards what we desire. If Venus is what we want, Mars is how we go after it and in a trine it means we do it fast, with energy and enthusiasm. With Mars being retrograde perhaps the action is not concrete in the outside world, but it has an effect of increasing the internal drive to achieve the desired outcome. 

Sun Opposes Chiron 20:43 GMT

At the same time the Sun is faced with Chiron “the wounded healer”. It is as if the Self confronts it’s Shadow Self. As the bearer of light, the Sun throws light into what has been hurting us lately. We are confronted with a choice : should we continue to be selfish, impatient, overly impulsive and ultimately hurting ourselves and our relationships  (Chiron in Aries) or should we find common ground and discover our light through the lens of partnering and cooperating with others (Sun in Libra) ?Once we arrive in a harmonious relationship with who we are individually (Aries) we can fully express our authenticity with otherS and experience our potential (Sun) through our relationships to others (Libra).

Mars Rx Squares Saturn 21:49 GMT

And we finally hit the 2nd Square between Mars and Saturn, hopefully this time we will feel a little stress and frustration than the first time it happened back in August. This is the second of three squares happening between these two planets and they force events and actions in our lives that are here to teach us about navigating frustrations in the face of restrictions. Imagine wanting to move forward and being stopped by someone who has more authority regarding a matter, or when you want to go out and have fun, but you have to stay in and do the work. This tension might bring us to act upon limitations, but the real question is how. 

Thursday October 1st

Full Moon 🌝 in Aries ♈️ 21:05 GMT

The Full Moon in Aries is finally here and we close up a cycle started in the beginning of the year in late March. Every Full Moon we are given the chance to realize our evolution in the past 6 months in regards with the matters related to that sign in this case Aries. Aries rules over our energy, our impulses, motivation and drive to act. It is pure energy of doing. Not in the sense of following a plan, but just purely doing something ! It is also how we react : are we impatient, selfish, aggressive (which would be negative expressions of this sign) or are we brave, pioneer and assertive ? What are you ready to let go of in regards with these matters ? 

Friday October 2nd

Venus into Virgo 20:48 GMT

Venus ends it’s cruise in extravagant Leo to enter detail oriented and efficiency focused Virgo. Here Venus wants to be practical, down to earth. It wants the details to be perfect and it wants to be of service. Although we often relate Virgo to the quest of perfectionism and constant criticism, Virgo is really trying to improve the world where it lives, it wants to be of service and help others be better too. In relationships we might start taking a closer look at our partnerships and what is working and what needs perfecting. In money matters it is a good time to get real about your finances and figure out where are your coins disappearing to ? What are the details of your income versus expenses and where is your money going and how can you improve it !

PS : Obviously there are other movements in the Sky, but I chose to write about the most significant ones in my experience as an Astrologer.

Wishing you all a wonderful week !


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