Speak up your mind ! – Astro Forecast Week Sep 20th 2020

I remember the first time I had to defend my ideas in front of more experienced people. I was scared and the weight of responsibility felt really real. I was about 23 years old and I was finishing my studies in University and I had to defend my dissertation which I had spend 1 year and half writing it. Although in front of me stood a board that could decide my success or failure, I had no other choice but to defend the ideas I had been working on for so long. 

As I look at the Forecast of the week and the action around Mercury I think about the effort we make to speak about what we truly believe in.

It takes courage to defend our view points, our thoughts and ideas and even more strength to put in ways so that this information is spread correctly.

Fun Fact Mercury (Hermès Greek in mythology) is the God that steals Fire and gives it to humanity, bringing knowledge, information and “technology”. By doing so he defies the more powerful gods like Zeus (Jupiter), Cronus (Saturn) and Hades (Pluto).  What kind of information, knowledge and technology is Mercury bringing you this week ?

Sometimes we have to be bold and we are forced into taking the action, we might be met with adversity, but these are forces that push us into the direction we need to go. If they might seem hard in the beginning, they will helps us to structure ourselves and defend what we truly believe in.

As we approach the end of the year, the Fall Equinox invites us to celebrate the harvest and also to prepare for the colder months.

We are at a turning point and we need to take action if we are to see our ideas manifested in real life by the time we reach 2021. 

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Weekly Astro Forecast Sept 20th to 26th, 2020

Monday 21

Mercury Square Pluto Rx – 6:21 GMT +1

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to speak up about what’s on our minds and specially when we are trying to create justice and equality (Libra qualities) in the face of powerful structures (Pluto in Capricorn). The tension, or frustration we may feel, might just push us to stand up and speak up for what we believe.  In this Square, Mercury meets Pluto and opens up about injustices regarding power and control issues. Think about Greta Thunberg strong speech in front of politicians and institutions defending the injustices in the climate change urgency. 

Tuesday 22

Sun enters Libra – Fall/Spring Equinox. 13h30 GMT

The Sun moves into Libra where it has to think about the other and not only just of the self. This is not a favorite place for it to be as it rules the Ego, the ”I” and it is at its “fall” in Libra. Natural ruler of the the self, it wants to shine on its own and in Libra it is asked to compromise, to find harmony between oneself and other “Sun”. This doesn’t mean that Libra season is not meant to be good, it just means that during this time our focus shifts from ourselves into creating balance with others and when the ego needs to compromise it might feel uncomfortable. During Libra season we are required to re-stablished balance in our relationships and partnerships but also in the different areas of our lives where Libra falls in our natal charts. This also marks the Equinox where we enter the last quarter of the year and we harvest what we’ve planted in the spring (northern hemisphere). During this time we also prepare for the coming winter months and we go within. 

Mercury Trine NN 08:34 GMT +1

Trines are aspects that allow energies to flow effortlessly, in this case it equals new information coming in easily, new ideas, new communications that will allow us to move closer to our Future Destiny directed but the North Node. Mercury wants harmony and justice in Libra and the North Node wants information to circulate, they couldn’t work better together. It’s as if you you find the perfect PR to disseminate your ideas and spread the word.

Wednesday 23

Mercury Square Saturn 11:38 GMT +1h

On the same note we might be forced to organize and structure out thinking patterns and ideas. We are clear about the harmony, balance and justice we want to create, but we might not be as organized and disciplined about sharing that information as we should. Squaring Saturn, Mercury is forced to sit down and structure its thoughts and ideas. Perhaps it is time to draft your action plan just as you get ready for the First Quarter Moon in Capricorn. 

Thursday 24

First Quarter Moon 🌝 Capricorn ♑️ 02:55 GMT +1

The First Quarter Moon is a moment where either we take action or we are forced into taking action as it is the nature of Squares. The Moon rules Cancer and it is what we need to feel safe and balanced and in Capricorn, a sign that doesn’t really dwell much in emotional outbursts, it needs structure, stability, discipline and responsibility. Eventhough the Sun is in Libra and our focus is on creating harmony and making sure we are being fair with those around us, internally we are craving discipline, structures and stability. As we got clear on what we needed to clean up during our New Moon Moon 🌚 in Virgo ♍️ , this it the time where we get serious about implementing these changes.

Mercury Opposes Mars Rx 11:52 GMT+1

Mercury Opposing Mars Retrograde reminds me of sitting in front of Netflix  trying to decide which movie to watch with your partner. You want something relaxing and informative, he/she wants an adventure documentary. You hesitate, should each of you put on your headsets and watch whatever you desire alone or should one of you compromise and deal with the frustration in order to create harmony in the relationship. Oppositions bring us to moments of decision. The key to living through the polarity is trying to find the middle. With Mercury it is about what we say and how we communicate. Perhaps we need to make a choice about choosing which battles to fight and dealing with the frustration of a retreat or the aggressiveness of an attack.

A note on Venus Transits this week : throughout the week Venus will be making Quincunxes to Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. The planet of relationships and fiances will have to change certain ways and adapt if it is to create balance and beauty in our lives supporting the Sun in Libra. Look at your 1-1 relationships and to your finances. Where do you need to adjust in order to create more abundance, magic and transformations.

PS : Obviously there are other movements in the Sky, but I chose to write about the most significant ones in my experience as an Astrologer.

PS 2 : As it is the Equinox week I’m preparing a special post and video to give you ideas on how to celebrate it ! It’s coming up on Tuesday ! Don’t miss it : hit the follow button and come say hello on instagram so you don’t miss the special IGTV.

Wishing you all a wonderful week !


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