New Moon in Virgo – Organize your life

Happy New Moon in Virgo (Sep. 17th 2020, 11:00 GMT) !

Although we are almost at the end of Virgo Season we still have time to set Virgo intentions. While the Sun has been traveling through this zodiac sign, it has made us take a closer look at our messy lives, we’ve (hopefully) become a little bit clearer on where we need to declutter, clean up and get more organized. 

Think about making lists, lists of lists and overall putting your life back in order.

This is the Universe giving us an opportunity as we close in to the end of the year to re-organize ourselves and make sure we have everything we need (and only what we really need) to finish the sprint we’ve set ourselves to back in January. 

During this New Moon take some time to :

  • Organize your home, office and space – a clean space = a clean mind
  • Set goals to improve your health, daily routines and life style (could be a good time to start Yoga or eating healthier)
  • Think about where in your life you tend to be too critical and perfectionist, is it something that is helping you or not ?
  • Being of service. Virgo’s ultimate energy is devoted to service and doing what needs to be done

Remember when setting intentions during a New Moon ritual focus on how you want to feel rather than what the end result will look like. Be opened to what the universe might bring you by the time the cycle reaches its peak in the Full Moon in Virgo in about 6 months from now. 

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