Make it right – Astro-Forecast Week September 13th 2020

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I made a mistake. There you go I admit it. Last week I came to realize I had messed up something really important to me. I felt as though I was caught up being mischievous, like a little kid eating too much candy before dinner.  Obviously it is not a pleasant feeling when you realize you’ve made a mistake, and although it is important to come clean about, it is more important to adjust your atitude so you can be responsible and  repare the mistake you’ve made, even when we are grown ups. This obviously came hand in hand with the Planetary transits from last week.

 This week we are given the chance to make it right and we should take it.

Unlike me, perhaps you didn’t mess up anything important, however this week we will feel the need to readjust our course, straighten our sails and get our crew on board with a better view of where we are heading. 

Check out this week’s forecast ! 


Weekly Forecast September 13th to 19th


Sunday 13th

Venus Trines Chiron

Aspiring actress needing confidence to shine meets the wounded director that will help her glow. This is the nature of Venus Trining Chiron. We get an opportunity to heal our wounds in regards to our leadership and capacity to take action (Chiron in Aries) as we step into what we value with confidence, passion and courage (Venus in Leo). We have a beautiful opportunity to heal or « stage fear » in life.

Tuesday 15th

Sun Trines Pluto

As we get closer to the end of Virgo Season, our focus is on clearing out whatever is no longer serving us. Think about it this way : you’ve made a mess in your home trying to organize things into categories (Sun in Virgo), but then Marie Kondo comes in and reminds you that you need to « throw away » what no longer sparks joy and is not useful (Pluto in Capricorn). Roll up your sleeves, put some fun music its is cleaning day !

Venus Squares Uranus

After feeling confident and bold, it’s time to agitate the rebellious side of us. As we feel more confident we also can act in sudden and unexpected ways. When Venus meets Uranus with tension we might act impulsively, or at least feel the urge to do so. It’s like when you are feeling good about yourself and you walk into a store with beautiful things and suddenly you end up buying something you don’t really need in the spur of the moment. Later you look at what you bought and think : « Why did I buy in the first place ! »


New Moon in Virgo

Almost at the end of Virgo Season, while the Sun gets ready to move into Libra, the Moon is finally realizing that it needs to start a new cycle if wants to build balance and harmony in the next month. What is this new cycle ? We need to purify whatever is not good for us. The New Moon in Virgo asks us to pay attention to detail, to separate, organize, categorize our emotions. Be pragmatic about it and down to earth. Perhaps it is a good thing to step out of perfectionism and criticism and focus on devoted service for the greater good. Wherever House the New Moon falls in your chart will give you a hint on where this new beginning is.

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Sun Square NN

Have you ever had days when you are very focused on your task, you are doing something that needs a lot of attention and care and suddenly your phone rings. You want to ignore it, but the caller keeps calling back and you feel like you have no choice but to reply. This is the Sun in Virgo meeting the North Node in Gemini. We want to stay focused in the task at hand, but the North Node is asking us to share and communicate whatever we are doing with others. Perhaps we don’t feel ready to do it yet, but the Cosmos doesn’t always give us the time we desire. Take this as na opportunity to learn something that will broaden your view and spread your seeds.

Mercury Square Jupiter

Balance is a key whenever we want to advance in different areas of our life. It requires us to have a quick mind and be able to see the different options and possibilities at our disposal. However, when we fall into the trap of not deciding one path or another, we might feel pressure form our responsibilities to get moving. With Mercury in Libra squaring Jupiter in Capricorn we might just be driven from overthinking to actually start doing whatever it is that we want to accomplish. I’d go with Jupiter on this one as there are more chances for growth. So get the work done !

Sun Trines Saturn

We have a great opportunity today to really focus our attention and be disciplined about advancing on our goals in a step by step way. Pragmatism, discipline, structure. The more we stay in this energy today the better we will feel to progress.

Friday 18th and Saturday 19th

If you ever started working on a project only to realize the goals of the project change while still in the planning stages and you have to re-do much of the work and action plan you’ve had imagined, then you are familiar with the energy coming in this Friday and Saturday. As the Cosmos gave us a little push into getting organized and structured to move forward, we are called to make adjustments in regards to our dream vision for the future/ (Mercury Quincunx Neptune). At the same time we will need to adjust the focus of our actions if we are to advance (Sun Quincunx Mars Retrograde). These are changes that will be positive in the long run. We are being directed to where we need to go if we desire to become aligned with our true purpose.


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