What makes your heart beat – Astro-Forecast Week September 6th 2020

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Last week, I was telling a friend how my partner and I are currently exploring a new country, looking for land in order to settle our roots after two years of nomad life. I was telling her that in order to do that we bought a Campervan so we can travel and sleep anywhere, the ultimate nomad life style, that is temporary of course, because we are dreaming of our future home.

And as I told her about this she, who is also going through making big life changes to follow her path, said that I was living the dream life. That really made me wonder… Whose dream life was Iiving ? Society’s or mine ? Mine definitely. But what defines a dream life and how do you know if you are on the right path ?

To me this answer didn’t come easy and I still have days where I doubt myself, I get scared and anxious, I wonder if I’m too romantic and other days, I know inside that this is the path for me and that I feel truly happy and aligned.

Obviously these doubts are part of the process. Through Astrology and Tarot I see these cycles of going forward, being highly motivated, and then making a stop and re-evaluating. This year, has been quite intense in this sense, because although we could feel this on an individual level, now we can definitely see it in a collective one. This historical moment is giving the opportunity to many of us to make the changes, or at least start them, so that we live more aligned with our true purposes, and find happiness on the simple things.

For the last four months Jupiter has been retrograding, making us look within, reminding us of what truly brings us joy and excitement. During this time, things might have become a bit foggy and harder to see. But it’s exactly when we can’t use our regular go-to senses that our intuition kicks in, and it’s in the midst of the foggyness that we learn to trust our hearts.

Jupiter will go direct this week, removing this veil and as we see clearly Mars will asks us to take it slow. It is starting a retrograde motion for the next 2 months and a half. During this time we will be able to learn to deal with frustration, re-evaluate our motivation and drive and even our actions. We are almost at the last quarter of 2020 and the energy that has been helping us transition this year is trying ti wrap it up so that we can make the final steps to complete the transformation.

These transformations of course have to come from within and we can find true happiness if we are aligned with our deepest values. So I ask you, what truly motivates you in life ? Have you been able to understand what truly brings you joy ?

This is the time to answer to these questions so you can move ahead with your transformations from a place of peace instead of fear.

Weekly Forecast September 6th to 12th

Sunday 6th

Venus enters Leo

Relationships can breathe a little during this time. With Venus entering Leo today, it wants to find and feel LOVE in a Romantic Movie type of way. In romantic Leo, Venus demonstrates love in dramatic and exaggerated ways, the same way it spends money in carelessly wanting to surround itself with beautiful shiny things. Venus leaves the home and the protection of the nest in Cancer in order to be a romantic and passionate lover in Leo. It could be a good time to meet someone new, or even to bring in new passion and fire to existing relationships.

Venus has had some rough times in the past month, opposing Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, which means that relationships and finances were feeling a lot of pressure from these 3 powerful Planets. Now, it has more freedom to show love more authentically and even play. The negotiations however will happen with the Sun, the ruler of Leo, who right now is more concerned about making progress and fine tuning every aspect of the self. It reminds me of couples who have been in a relationship for a long time and suddenly one of the partners starts working out more, trying to improve him/herself so that it can feel better and therefore be a better lover (Venus in Leo).

Wednesday 9th

Mars Retrograde 28° Aries

It is not a pleasant thing when an action oriented planet such as Mars goes retrograde, it means that moving forward becomes very difficult. The time is to revise our actions, learn to master our temper and even how we deal with frustration.

During 2 months period we will be asked to revise our actions, to review our action plan. Some astrologers suggest even finishing up old projects or even going on a vacation. But that isn’t always possible. The way I see this is that going forward will be difficult, so this is a good time to review what is motivating you to achieve your goals. Mars is the FUEL that makes us blaze through and go get what we want. So if the FUEL is lacking, why is that ? OR is the FUEL the right one ? Perhaps you started a new venture with the wrong motivation, or you are feeling low in energy because you are missing your drive. This is a good opportunity to get in touch with why is that and how are you learning to deal with this frustration. When Mars will go back to Direct motion, it will have crossed paths with Saturn for the second time, and it will be growing in wisdom until they form the last square in January, where it will be graduating from the lessons of this transit.

Sun Trines Jupiter

On a positive note, the Sun and Jupiter come together in harmony in a trine aspect, Jupiter’s signature move. Jupiter expands the light of the Sun making it shine even brighter. Jupiter who is slowing down to finally go back to direct motion on Saturday connects to the Sun who has his nose focused on the details of Virgo. The Sun wants to make improvement in health, wealth, business, and daily routines, connecting to Jupiter in Capricorn who is concerned with long term planning, business growth and consistent steady forward movement, these two coming together might bring a nice productive day to make positive changes in your work routine that will take you closer to achieving your long term goals. Perhaps you’ll magically understand what is the flaw you need to fix. The Sabian Symbols for this connection is 17° Virgo – A Ouija Board and 17° Capricorn : The union flag flies from A British Warship. And just like that, magically an issue that has been bugging you flies away.

Thursday 10th

Mercury Opposes Chiron

Mercury in Libra concerned with making adjustments is opposing Chiron in Aries. That is to say that, although focusing on harmony and trying to find common ground is important while communicating and sharing ideas in partnerships, it is also important to stay true to yourself. Chiron in Aries is pointing to us where in our leadership we are wounded. Where in our lives we are not being the leaders of it and we are letting others take the steering wheels from our boats. It is painful to watch someone make decisions for you and feel like you are in someone else’s shadow. It is time we become aware of this situation and by finding harmony within ourselves, taking a leading role, we can from an equal position negotiate with others to cooperate. In an opposition we are torn between opposite energies, the key is always to meet in the middle and create balance. You cannot ignore your wounds as the leader of your life and let others make the decision for you, but you can use your experience from this wonderful to heal and harmonize communications with others and with yourself.

Last Quarter Moon 🌙  in Gemini 18°

Action is required when the Moon and the Sun challenge one another. With the knowledge gathered in last weeks Full Moon in Pisces, here we are called to release what is no longer serving us. The Moon in Gemini seeks information, all types of information. It is curious, inquisitive, it is going after the truth. The Sun on itself is also focused on finding the truth, but in a practical, analytical and critical way. We could think these two energies would form a good aspect, but if the Sun in Virgo wants the practicality, the Moon in Gemini wants to discuss over things. The Sun wants introspection and evaluation, the Moon wants to talk about it, read about and change its mind about it. Perhaps the key is to talk through what is not working, what needs improvement and find common ground with the help of Mercury in Libra.

Saturday 12th

Jupiter Direct 17° Capricorn

Finally after 4 months of retrograde motion, Jupiter the planet of expansion, growth and blessings is finally going back to Direct motion. During this time we have had the time to go within and analyse what truly matters to us. Jupiter brings excitement, happiness, expansion into the areas of life that it touches in our birth charts and in transits. When it is retrograde we are given the chance to evaluate what truly sparks to us ? Where do we find the most joy within ourselves ? What do we want to cultivate and grow and expand from inside out. After this 4 month period, we can finally open up and share all the good inspiration we’ve found within.

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