Get real with your goals Astro-Forecast Week August 30th to September 5th 2020

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This week’s forecast really reminds me of these sports films where the athlete goes under tremendous pressure and training in order to improve her/his skills before a competition.

The athlete has a goal that it is to win, but often she/him gets caught up in life’s pleasures and not taking things seriously. In one hand she wants the glory and benefits of being a winner, but in the other she doesn’t want to put in the hard work to get there.

During the second act of the movie, the athlete faces a loss (Pluto) and then it meets a hard trainer which is very much tough love (Saturn) in order to get our athlete in shape with hardcore discipline and responsibility and a strong strategy (Mercury) in place.  It won’t be easy, she suffers through the training, but once she wins the competition she will know it was all worth it.

That my friends it’s the energy coming up this week. Are you ready to train, stay focused and get in shape ? Or are you going to give up on your dream ?


Weekly Forecast August 30th to September 5th

Sunday 30

Mercury opposes Neptune

We are finally at the end of August and vacations are almost at the end, we can’ deny back to work is in our minds. In one side Mercury is already ready to go, he has been waiting for this for a while now. He has bought the new planner, a cute to-do list paper, new colorful pens, a new calendar and already set in the dates that are important. He cleaned his table and he is ready to get down to business. On the opposite side we have Neptune who is not ready for that yet. Neptune wants to invite friends over, drink some more Sangrias, share kisses and hugs even in times of Covid. Neptune is inviting Mercury telling him to relax, enjoy some more, let’s make Summer last longer. In one side Mercury is telling you “no, stay focused, we have work to do ! We are ready !” And on the other Neptune telling you “relax, let’s continue dreaming the year ahead, enjoying as much as we can, besides anything that has become reality,  started in the dream world. Which way should you go ?Since Jupiter, the former ruler of Pisces is in Capricorn trying to create order in the chaos with Saturn, perhaps the best would be to follow Mercury and the Sun in Virgo this time & allow yourself to meet with Neptune at night time to unwind.

Monday 31st

Venus Opposes Pluto

Last week Venus had a wonderful connection to Neptune. Through them we had the opportunity to see beauty in the world, to dream of our most wonderful desires. In Cancer it wants safety, comfort, emotional security and a nest. Today, however Venus has a meeting with Pluto. In Greek mythology Pluto represents Hades, the God of the underworld, he rules over life and death. Pluto was very powerful, and had a lot of wealth, hence he is feared by many and his strength is overwhelming. Pluto is telling Venus the reality of her dreams. In Capricorn, Pluto removes structures that are useless, it removes the lies and the rosed-color glasses. If you want your desires to happen, you’ll need to do the work to get there. There is no easy way, but the structures need to be in place and the cold reality might not be easy to look at.

Tuesday Sept 1st

Mercury Trines Pluto


Pluto again this week brings good messages for Mercury. As the Planet of Death, rebirth, Power and Control, Pluto is clearing the way for Mercury to work at its best. Mercury will have clear space to think, analyze and improve so it can reclaim its power. Pluto is destroying the structures and stablished ideas that have been stopping Mercury to move forward into perfecting its plan. In a way this will be experienced in an easier way because there is good communication between the two. So what beliefs, systems, traditions and ideas have been stopping you for making progress in you advancement to achieve your goals ? Remember Mercury is about the mind, so this reflects on your strategic planning.

Wednesday Sept 2nd

Full Moon 10° Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces is closing a cycle we started in February 2020. Where were you then and where are you now ? Pisces is all about unconditional love, dissolving boundaries, bringing people together, equality and unification. It is about love, compassion, sorority & fraternity. Pisces is spiritual and dreamy, artistic and idealistic. The Sun in Virgo is focused on separating what’s good from what’s bad, what needs to be improved and purified. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is “Men Traveling A Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination” – The Sun is asking are you on the right path ? What do you carry in your back back that is still too heavy ? The Sun is showing to the Moon this is the progress you’ve made, these are the lessons and this is what you need to let go of in order to perfect yourself so that you can experience unconditional love inside and out.

Sun Trines Uranus

At the same time the Sun makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus and we have the opportunity to exerce our freedom or even to experience an ah-ha moment (Uranus) which can liberate us some how. The Sun focused on it’s routine and perfecting itself in Virgo receives a visit from Uranus who brings an unexpected solution, or completely radical view on the matter that can help the Sun move ahead. As quickly as Uranus comes, it goes. So pay attention because in Uranus in Taurus is not as loud as it would have been in another sign. Keep heart, ears and eyes opened to new information coming your way, you might just stumble across the solution you were seeking.

Venus Opposes Saturn

Venus is having a rough time after being in dreamy Neptune. After Pluto comes to give her the hard truth about her desires she is now faced with heavy Saturn who will not let her get away with her responsibilities. Like a bad hangover day when you have to go to work despite your massive headache. Venus rules, love, beauty and finances, Saturn rules structures, governments, discipline and responsibility. Wherever Venus has been frivolous with love and finances (Under the influence of Neptune), Saturn is here to tell her that every action has a reaction. Saturn brings the rules of Karma. Everything you do and want has a price. Saturn is strong in Capricorn and it might pull the scale towards his side. We might feel quite emotional about this since Venus is in Cancer, the house of the Moon which rules over our emotional realm and feeling of security. Get your finances in check, be responsible about it and remember the power is in you.

Thursday Sept 3rd

Mercury Square N.N

Mercury continues traveling on Virgo’s path, leading the Sun. Just a few days before it moves into more harmonious grounds in Libra, Mercury creates tension with the Moon’s North Node in Gemini, also ruled by Mercury. In Gemini Mercury is more concerned with sharing information and learning, in Virgo it wants to create systems and analyze everything. This tension will help us move towards the North Node, which is our collective destiny path for the next 1,5 year (approx). This means, that perhaps we have spent too much time analyzing and it’s time to start sharing the information we’ve perfected while we have been in Mercury.

Mercury Trines Saturn

Mercury fors a harmonious aspect with Saturn. Since the blocks have been removed by Pluto, now Mercury is free to bring in new structures, new traditions and create new foundations to build it’s master plan. It’s like after a full season in Virgo, it finally gets the perfect structure and strategy for its plan. After perfecting itself, Mercury is finally ready to go into Libra to find the right partner to help him achieve his purpose in business or in love.

Friday Sept 4th

Venus Square Mars & Mercury Sextiles Venus

After gaining clarity about the lies it was telling itself, paying its debt, Venus is pressured by Mars to take action. In a challenging Square, Venus and Mars meet with tension. In one side Venus is still focused on the home but Mars in Aries wants to take action and move forward. Mars is strong in Aries and perhaps taking a step forward might just be what Venus needs to get back on track and find beauty again. At the same time, Mercury brings new information to Venus which might just show her a new opportunity she can take to help her in this day.

Saturday Sept 5th

Mercury Moves into Libra

Mercury finally moves into Libra where it feels comfortable in an air sign. Here Mercury becomes more concerned with relationships, beauty and harmony. It wants to create balance and find the right words to convey its message. His focus shifts to communicating in a clear harmonious way. At the same time, it takes of his nose of the nitty gritty details and the desire to perfect everything as it was in Virgo and it opens itself to see the broader picture. What new sides and new perspectives can it consider, is there a way that it can find more balance ?

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