Back on track or wait for it- Astro Forecast Week August 23rd to 29th 2020

Hello dear Moon Watchers,

While I sit here with my coffee replacement made of cereals and Chicoré – with a little bit of a headache (I must admit) – I look at the energies coming up next week and I can’t decide how to feel about it.  Part of me is excited about them, I want to know how they’ll play out in my life, but part of me Is also wishing for some slower moving energy.

Perhaps it is the fact that all the outer planets are in retrograde (as of the moment Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), or simply the urge that we feel from Mars pushing us into action before it goes retrograde in September. I guess 2020 will not let us truly relax until the very end. 

In any case this is a very important week astrologically as Mars will form it’s first (Of three) Square to Saturn so the tension is building up quite a lot. As it happens with squares, we will be taken in one direction or another wether we like it or not. This is a way of the Universe of making us move in the path we need to be following right now and correct our course of action. Are you in the right path, or have you strayed away from it ? We will soon find out. 

Check out this week’s forecast below : 

Weekly Forecast August 23rd to 29th

Sunday 23rd

Void of the Moon in Scorpio

Sundays are wonderful days to do nothing, just relax and take time to enjoy life. We are starting the week with a short Void of the Moon in Scorpio inviting us to precisely just that. Relax and leave it at that. Not an ideal day to start new projects, or new adventures, but best to just take a ste

Monday 24th

Mars 26° Aries Squares Saturn Rx 26° Capricorn

Mars the planet of out drive and motivation kicks off the week building up tension with Saturn. This is the first of three squares happening between these two planets, and most likely we will feel the first one with more strength. In one hand we have Mars which in its home sign Aries likes to move fast, get things done and just blaze through it’s goals. It’s an impulsive, action oriented planet. Saturn on the other hand, likes order, step by step approach and specially discipline and responsibility. Saturn wants to keep the structures that are in place, Mars just want to move as fast as possible and fight for what it wants. Squares tend to takes us in a direction of movement. Possibly we may feel more energized to go forward with our goals (Mars) and we will need to get a structure in place in order to do so (Saturn). Another option is we will feel restricted and frustrated in the advancement of our goals and desires. Saturn in this case will be making Mars sit down and have a deserved lecture about responsibility and discipline versus impulsiveness. Either way, these energies are strong and we can feel them personally and collectively. The first time is the hardest, the other two will be easier because we will know what is coming for us. The second square happens on September 29th, 2020 and the last one in January 12th 2021.

Tuesday 25th

Mercury 10° Virgo Trines Uranus 10° Taurus

Mercury in Virgo, leaves the chattiness of Gemini to become analytical and systematic. When It is in harmony with Uranus Retrograde in Taurus, we are focusing our minds into new ways of thinking the future and thinking outside of the box. Uranus likes originality and will certainly bring that into the Mercurial mind. 

Venus  17° Cancer opposes Jupiter 17° Capricorn Rx

Venus the planet of our desires, love, beauty and finances while it enjoys its emotional and nesting time in Cancer is Opposing Jupiter In Capricorn who is more concerned with career, business and structures. Although we might desire to stay at the comfort of our homes, we might feel pulled to act in the realms of our career To bring growth to it. Tough choice, the key here is to find a balance between the two. 

First Quarter Moon 🌝  in Sagittarius 0° 

As we continue this busy Tuesday, we have our first quarter moon in 0° Sagittarius. This is the opportunity to start acting on the first steps of what we have seeded during the New Moon in Leo or back in the New Moon in Sagittarius late November 2019 (can you remember ?). Sagittarius wants to expand the mind, the beliefs and follow the path of adventure. It is ruled by Jupiter, known as the great Teacher. With the Fire energy of inspiration and action, it brings lightness and enthusiasm to your life and a desire to learn new things and experience life to the maximum.

The Sabian Symbol for this First Quarter Moon is : « Retired Army Veterans Gather To Reawaken Old Memories »  and doesn’t it feel exactly like this ? As if after more than 6 months of waiting, slowly moving we are somehow remembering where we were back then ? I really invite you to look back to late November last year and take note of your progress.

Thursday 27th

Mars 26° Aries Sextiles North Node 26° Gemini

After getting so much tension from Saturn, Mars has an opportunity shown by the North Node in Gemini. A door for us to step into our future destiny opens and it’s our chance to seize it.

Venus 19° Cancer Trines Neptune 19° Pisces Rx

At the same time, Venus in Cancer Trining Neptune in Pisces might just gives a feeling of daydreaming and imagining what we want for our dream life. Ideally with these two energies we would be able allow some time to dream what we want, but also be aware of the opportunity to act that shows up to us.

Saturday 29th

Mercury 17° Virgo Trines Jupiter 17°Capricorn Rx

Finally on Saturday, Mercury forms a harmonious aspect with Jupiter, our minds expanding in the direction of creating a detailed plan for us to follow through to achieve our goals.


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