6 Reasons to consult with an Astrologer

Hi there Moon Watchers !

A few days ago going through some of my old files in my computer I found one of these ready made Astrology Reports I bought online for 5 dollars back in 2014. I hadn’t seen it in a long time and it dated back to when I had started learning Astrology. At that time I would still get easily confused about the jargon used by some fellow practitioners. It came with quite a few pages and reading it took me back into memory lane and I remembered how confused I felt about it. Although some parts made sense other just totally fogged my mind even more. 


Going through this made me think about these reports and that is why I’ve decided to share In this post 6 reasons why you should get an Astrology Reading from an Astrologer rather than purchasing a cheap Report Online.


1.Ready made (computer based) reports are impersonal 


If you are going to start a journey of self discovery you most certainly want to get personal. Although some reports have good information, they don’t necessarily take into account the current circumstances your are living or even what are the issues and focuses you have in your mind right now. It’s like reading a recipe to bake a regular vanilla cake when you are trying to make a gluten free chocolate lava cake. It doesn’t address the issue because it has to be general.


2. Very often the information is contradictory 


Human beings are complex. We are a mix of certainties, paradoxes, contradictions and confusion. Yes you might feel really good about making sure everyone is happy and there is a bunch of harmony around you, yet you feel a deep call to follow your own path in be assertive about it. In a ready made report these contradictions are often confusing because they’ll address one side of the puzzle only and will not integrate a 360° view. An astrologer wil be able to connect the dots and integrate the information in a way that you can understand your beautiful complex being. 


3. If you have a question well you can’t get a direct answer 


There is no secret in this one. Because these reports will give you a general list of some of the traits of the planets and elements involved, if one thing is not clear to you, or you’d like to better understand a particular piece you cannot ask questions.  You get what you get. There is no one to guide you to understand them. 


4. They have their limits 


You’ll notice these reports have their limits, not only they won’t go deep, they don’t answer your question they are often written with astrological jargon that makes it hard to understand. They might even present themselves in a way that this is your destiny and you have no choice in the matter.


5. Spending time with an astrologer you exchange energy that is transformed into information 

Because everything is energy, the moment you send your request, the astrologer is already tuning in into your energy and when you actually meet the energy is transformed into information. It’s like sending a text to someone to tell them something important in comparison to calling them and having that energetic exchange to really say what matters. 


6. With an Astrologer you actually start the healing work of self-discovery


If you are consulting an Astrologer is because you feel you need answers. Perhaps there are patterns in your life that you’ve started noticing, or you are going through a particular change, or any form of need to go beyond what you’ve been doing so far. With your astrology consultation you can understand these patterns and have keys on how to break them. You can finally understand some of the inner conflicts you might have and even better understand your key gifts that will help you move forward on your path.


At Moon Watchers by The Stars Within we focus on helping you decode your true potential to shine. Perhaps you have been trying a career for a long time and you are fed up of it, or there have been some changes in your life and you need to reconnect to your essence. Together we uncover your life purpose, your key talents and gifts. It’s all about empowering you to know yourself inside out, to encourage self-acceptance where there needs to be and motivation to break through patterns. 

So there you have it ! 6 reasons why consulting an Astrologer takes you up to the sky instead of computer made reports. 

In less than a couple of weeks I’m launching my premium Soulful Coaching service where only you and a select few will have a chance to dive deep into self discovery and breaking through beliefs that hold you back from creating the life you desire. It’s a heart based coaching program where you’ll connect to your true essence and gain the knowledge to design the life you wish to have. Sign up to the newsletter to be first to know when the doors open.

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