Live your Hero Journey- Astro-Tarot Forecast Week August 16th to 22nd 2020

Hello dear Moon Watchers

Back in 2006 when I was in university, I started studying and reading about Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey. This philosophy has accompanied me for most of my adult life and one of my all time favorite podcasters, public speakers and illustrations Andy J Pizza is a huge fan of this, which just makes me even more passionate about it !

I won’t go much into the explanation of the Hero’s Journey, but I can say this : this week’s New Moon in Leo and overall forecast really makes me think about how much are on the right path of our own Hero Journey.

We live in a time, and specially since the beginning of the year, where we are being propelled to fully step into our own hero journey. One that is aligned with our values, desires and minds. We are deconstructing the structures and removing old ways that no longer serve ourselves so we can develop entirely from caterpillars to full on beautiful butterflies 🦋.

I can’t deny this really touches me deeply since, for the past two years, I have been in a process of deconstructing old beliefs, ideas and conditionings that I have received, engaged in and taken as being truthful. I cannot even begin to tell you how much my life has changed.

Yet, it all doesn’t come ease and there are it’s bits of challenges, tensions and conflicts, but it is important even in these time to take stock of the victories, celebrate the moments where you (or I) have taken a leadership role in your life. Where do you still want to make progress and where you are already the leading star…

So often I see in my intuitive coaching sessions people giving their power away to others, stepping out of the spotlight believing they don’t know how to lead their lives, letting others do so. It makes my Leo heart really sad. That is why I’m so determined to helping people that want to live authentically, unapologetically and truthfully to their hearts.

If you follow someone else’s way,
you are not going to realize
your potential.

Joseph Campbell

That is also why I’m so committed in releasing my new website soon so I can help more people realize their full potential. That also means, I’ll be migrating the blog over there and if you are interested in knowing more about how Astrology and Tarot can help you understand your leadership style you can read more here and download this cool and easy Tarot Spread here. 

Weekly Forecast August 16th to 22nd

Sunday 16th

Sun trine Mars & Venus Square Chiron

When our focus and our drive work together it becomes very easy and pleasant to go after what we want. Mars trine Sun helps find harmony between our essence and our actions.

On the same day, Venus the planet of love, beauty, values and finances is making a challenging aspect to Chiron the asteroid also known as a wounded healer. We might be facing some hurst and past traumas regarding Venus realms. Although there could be tension, it may also help us understand what wounds we still need heal in regards to these matters so we can move forward in a better and lighter way.

Monday 17

Sun Conjunct Mercury

Our minds aligns with our focus. Mercury is the planet of the mind, communications and systems when it comes close to the Sun, at the same degree their energies blend. In a sense this means that we speak and think who we are at our core at this moment. It could be a great day for being assertive and having a boost of confidence ! With Mercury also making a harmonious connection with Mars, it will become even easier to feel extra motivated by our thoughts and ideas.

Tuesday 18

Mercury Sextile North Node & Venus Sextile Uranus

 What a great day for ceasing an opportunity ! There could be messages, ideas, informations that suddenly come to us that not only will help us take the direction we are all collectively being geared towards to but also more aligned with our hearts desires. What if you hear news, or have a sudden insight about something that might really make a difference into shifting your life in a better direction and more desirable direction ? Keep your ears and heart opened !

Wednesday 19

New Moon 26° Leo

The Moon finally comes together with the Sun to begin a new cycle. New Moon in Leo is asking us to step into our true authenticity and be brave to live our own stories ! All of that whilst having fun, being kind and generous and creative ! How can you step into the leading role of your life ?

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is : “After the heavy storm, a rainbow 🌈” .What a wonderful new beginning after all that we have been through. It’s time to set the intentions so we can be like a colorful rainbow.

Thursday 20

Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury is finally going home entering Virgo. Here this planet feels a lot more comfortable where it can be analytical and practical. During the time Mercury will be recharging here in Virgo, our minds will look for practicality, order and efficiency. Attention to detail is a must. When the Sun joins the party, we will be a lot more focused on getting that to-do list our of the way, thus ending the party and vacations time we had while in Leo. I suggest take these three days to start thinking about what would you like to re-organize in your life so you can declutter and create space for efficiency.

Saturday 22

Sun enters Virgo, Virgo Season Begins &Mars Sextile North Node

Since you took the time to think about how to organize your life, now with the Sun officially kickstarting Virgo season you are ready to start acting on it ! Virgo is all about perfecting things, making things better and devoted work. If it is about fully engaging in a task Virgo is here to be fully committed to it. With this season we are invited to take a closer look on how we can improve our lives, work and the planet. With Mars connecting to the North Node we are extra motivated to share ideas, thoughts and engage with our friends and networks.

Tarot Card of the Week :

The six of wands often represents victory ! It depicts the prodigy sun returning home, or the Hero arriving at the village after one of its victorious quests. there is celebration and acclamation!

Some tarot readers will this energy as blocked or even negative, representing the opposite of it’s traditional meaning. In my experience and in the relationship I’ve built with my cards, I often see reversed cards as inward expressions of its energies.

So if it would mean victory in this case I see it as inner victories. With the New Moon in Leo this week we have the opportunity to  step into the leadership role of our lives, becoming the main actors/actresses. I think of this as a huge victory of our higher self over our egos. What feats have you accomplished and what do we still want to accomplish in your life. Wonderful time to dream and set intentions.


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