How do I conduct an Astrology Reading

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“I didn’t believe Astrology and I always found it difficult to relate to the horoscope description we read in the magazines, but now I can see how through my Natal Chart you can totally understand and see me, what powerful self-development tool it is”. A wonderful feedback from Catherine* one of my dearest clients after her very first Shine Your Why consultation with me. 


If you ever thought about having an Astrology consultation, but you feel hesitant, in this post I’m sharing with you my process of how I conduct my readings so you can understand better what to expect. 


Sit back, relax, grab a cookie and a Matcha Latte and let’s dive in this reading with me…

I start with…. (drumroll please)


Disclaimer !!!!

I always present this before I start a reading, why ? Because I truly believe it is my responsibility as an Astrologer to let people know that you Should NEVER take what Astrology tells you as your fate.


I believe we are here to learn and evolve and hopefully that’s what we will do, therefore there is no fated trait. Your Natal Chart is nothing but the starting point, if you harness the good of it you can shine and if you learn to work, heal and transmute the shadow or harder aspects of it you’ll thrive. 


Studying your chart will help you understand yourself better. But just like any self study, it requires you to come over to it to from time to time to grasp new information, to go deeper, to contrast to your experience of life. It is self discovery and it’s a life journey.


The preparation : 


You can’t bake a cake without the proper ingredients and you certainly cannot tell a story without setting the mood. Same goes with an Astrology reading, wether it is aSolar Return where we look at the energy of the year for you (birthday to birthday) or a Natal Astrology Reading.


So it all starts with three key informations your Birth Date, Time of Birth** and Place of Birth. Armed with these three key informations and thanks to technology I can enter them in a software (I use two Astro App and AstroGold) to calculate the position of the planets and asteroids the moment you were born. A snapshot of the sky at that precise moment. This is the physical information I use to interpret the archetypal energies that combined together make the blueprint of your potential.


Before we meet, I spend about 90 minutes studying your Natal Chart so I can see the best and most important information I’ll share with you. This way I’m already seeing the archetypal energies that you’ll express and connect to your life story.


The Consultation :

When we hop into the consultation via Zoom we first take some time to breathe and be present. A quick 2 minute centering to bring us back into the present moment and open our hearts to receive the information we need to receive. 


Then I explain what is Astrology and what you can expect from the consultation. I bring up your chart that looks a little bit like this below (in the exemple we have Aretha Franklin’s chart). From there I draw and explain the key aspects of it. We start by noticing where most of your planets are located in your chart and what that means.




In the case of a Shine Your Why (similar to a Natal Astrology consultation) I like to start from general topics to more specifics, building up the story and the layers as we go.

In the case of our exemple, most of the planets for Aretha Franklin are on the top half of her chart meaning she understands the world by actively engaging with it rather than reflecting and analyzing it.


She is has many planets in her 7th house of partnerships, marriage and intimate relationships which shows to me that love and partnerships had an important role in her life. She indeed married twice and was entangled twice to the same man. Even though they were important to her, she did change her mind about her choices (Mars in Gemini) and sometimes suddenly ending a relationship (Uranus). 


Then we move on to understand your leadership style with the modalities (you can read about what these means over here) and how do you function (via communication, inspiration, emotions or practicality )and what you need in order to recharge your batteries.


Then we dive into the core of your personality analyzing your Sun (your essence), Moon (your emotional core) and Ascendant (your role in the exterior world). We dig into how the they are acting in your chart (Zodiac Sign) and how they get along or not with other planets. We look for instance at you value and desire in life (Venus) and your drive and motivation to go after it (Mars).


We look at your Midheaven (Medium Coeli – MC) or what we say your Career Line and see how do you get social recognition and how do you shine outside the realm of your home. If you look at Aretha’ s MC you’ll see its in Leo and we can understand why she was such a great performer shining her light in the world.  


These are just some of the key aspects we look into. We can dive a lot deeper and look at your communication style with Mercury and Part of Fortune (what you do that brings luck to you).


You can ask questions and I’ll definitely ask you some questions. It is a wonderful exchange as we explore (Indiana Jones style) your blueprint. 


We close the reading with learning more about your astrological calendar and if we have time a wonderful message from one my favorite Oracle Cards. Right after you receive in your email your personal Astrological Year Calendar and the best dates and seasons for you based on your chart. 


There you go, this was a quick explanation of how I conduct my consultations, I hope it clarifies a little bit for you. 


I’ve read my own chart over and over again, each time understanding a new aspect a little deeper as I also understand myself a little deeper. Reading your chart is eye opening, reassuring and empowering. It is radical self-acceptance and drive to evolve from the things holding us back. It is a journey of self-understanding which creates more harmony in every aspect of our lives. The more aligned we are with our true calling the more inner-peace we experience and the more love we can infuse in our lives. 


If you want to go even deeper I’m soon launching a wonderful Intuitive Coaching program for a very feel select group of people where we go deep into creating positive change in your life. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about it and secure your spot when the doors open.



*To protect my clients Identities I never share their real names.

** The time of your birth is extremely important because it can alter key aspects of your chart such as your Ascendant and Career Line. 



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