Light your inner Fire – Astro-Tarot Forecast Week August 9th to 15th

I can’t believe how quickly time flies ! I’ve turned 34 years old last week (happy birthday to me !) and I can’t lie to you… I did run away from the computer so I could really practice self care and some time out in the Sun and enjoying in Nature as much as possible. So I apologize for missing last week’s forecast and my weekly hello. That said, I’m ready to roll and I’m fully energized to give you the best of what I’ve got in terms of Astrology and Intuitive Coaching !


Grab your Pastel de Nata (Portuguese custard tart) and your cup of coffee or tea and join me as we check out this week’s forecast.

Weekly Forecast August 9th to 15th


Healing talks 

As Mercury the planet of our minds, thoughts, ideas and communications forms a harmonious (trine) connection to Chiron the asteroid known to be a wounded healer, we have an opportunity to heal through words and communications. Perhaps it’s a good day to journal or talk things through with a friend or someone you trust, so through your words and analytical thinking you can release wounds that are ready to be healed.


Proclaiming Freedom

After a good heart warming conversation where we are finally healing some of our issues regarding action and leadership, we feel a tension rise up as Mercury creates a challenging aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This might make us say and think about radical changes and freedom. In fixed Taurus, Uranus might find a little bit difficult to rebel in a grand way, but the energy to create a fuss, or at least start talking about the much needed Freedom is here.


Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

The Moon makes its way to becoming darker and darker. It is time to tie up lose ends,  and get down with whatever you need to accomplish. In Taurus, the Moon feels good when it recognizes that things are being built and created in a slow steady pace. Not a good time to start new projects, but rather focus your attention to be stubborn to finish them. I would also suggest indulging in some pleasures since Taurus likes delight itself with good food, comfort and friends. Find the right balance between relaxing and enjoying life and building for the future.


Act upon the changes you can no longer ignored

Mars forms a challenging aspect (square) to Pluto forcing us to take action into making the transformations we decided to make back when Mars joined Pluto in January. It’s time to start manifesting these changes. Mars is inviting us to take the necessary steps before it goes retrograde on September 10th where it will slow us down and asks us to revise our action plan.


Are you really ready to be free ? 

When a big planet such as Uranus stops to go retrograde we feel it. It’s like a huge body going forward that suddenly has to slow down, stop and reverse. It takes an incredible amount of energy to do so. Therefore we feel this Uranus halt. Being a Planet that embodies the archetype of an Activist and Rebel crying for freedom, during its retrograde time we are being asked to re-think what is freedom and how are we building our own personal freedom. The effects of this transit will become more clear once it passes in Jan 14 2021 as it usually happens with further planets. 

Tarot Card of the Week :

C43A2ED2-6180-4ADB-B58D-8421B06979C0The Ace of Wands Reversed sparks to me as energy that wants to be released but still hasn’t found a way to do so. Much like the energy of this week in Astrology, there is a tension building up inside of us ready to come out, but yet the time is not right just yet. It is important that we take time to dream the vision, to let ourselves be totally filled with the passion required to motivate us to move forward. 

Before we can Manifest our desires, we must first dream of them, every detail. Being internally motivated is often a more powerful fuel than being externally motivated. What motivates you right now in life ? What is your dream and vision ? Are you feeling that fire burn from within ? Build up on it, increase the pressure, so when the time comes for it to be released and for you to take action you can become your infinite source of inner motivation !



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