Find Out Your Leadership Style with Astrology

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When I worked in the corporate world as a team manager, before I had decided to go all into Astrology and Intuitive Coaching we would often talk about leadership. What does it mean to be a leader, what is a good leader and is everyone a leader


In this post I’m going to tell you how you can find your leadership style in your Birth Chart and rise up to the leader you are meant to be !


I had my own set of beliefs regarding this matter back then and I even thought I was not a leader. I was still learning Astrology and despite knowing I am a Leo Sun (often depicted as natural leaders) I didn’t feel like a “leader”. To me a leader was someone who had strategic vision and were able to gather people around an exciting project. 


After a long process of researching and trying to understand what leadership meant, there were FOUR things that made me change my perspective on this issue :


 Number 1 ) was this TED Talk from Drew Dudley about Everyday Leadership. You should definitely watch it so inspiring.


Number 2 ) Gandhi’s famous words “Be the Change you Want to see in the World” – this is strong leadership right there.


Number 3 ) Understanding Modalities in Astrology


Number 4) Using Tarot to go deeper – (there is a surprise by the end of this post).


AAnnd as you know Astrology is my thing, so we are going to dive into that !


What are modalities 


In Tropical Western Astrology, the Zodiac signs can be divided into three categories that we call modalities. Each modality represents the way a sign creates, maintains and changes a season or a cycle.


There are the Cardinal Signs : the ones that are in the beginning initiating each season of the year such as Capricorn initiates Winter, Cancer initiates the Summer, Libra initiates the Fall and Aries initiates the Spring. 

These are initiators, visionaries and starters. They are natural leaders who like to be in the front bringing people towards one direction that they believe is the best one.


There are the Fixed Signs : Taurus maintains the Spring, Leo carries on with the Summer, Scorpio deepens the Fall and Aquarius stabilizes the winter. 

These are the managers, the everyday leaders, they keep things moving and they hold the status quo. They keep the oil in the machine so everything runs smoothly. These are leaders that your team looks up to to continue the work, to keep it going, to not lose sight of the long term goal set by the Cardinal signs.


And last there are the Mutable signs : Gemini carries us from Spring to Summer, Virgo harvests from Summer to Fall, Sagittarius warms us from Fall to Winter and Pisces melts us from Winter to Spring. 

These are the ones that initiate change. They notice the wonderful things we have been doing and they see that we need to change so we don’t stay too stuck in our ways. They bring new perspectives, they see what worked and what didn’t work, they broaden our horizons and bring us to a sense of love. These are the leaders that see change as a constant way of evolving and improving. 


How to find this in your birth chart :


Armed with your birthdate, time and city you can enter this information in a website like and you can look for a little box like this :




Count how many points you have in each column represented by C, F, M and you’ll know how much emphasis you’ll have on each leadership style. You’ll notice we all have a little bit of each. This way you can know what are your natural ways of leadership and really highlight them so you can be the best leader you are meant to be.


21DB100B-0FC7-4EC5-9F43-6A97EC5BE5E9Now that you know what is your leadership style thanks to the modalities of the Zodiac, you might feel ready to jump into going deeper with a wonderful Tarot Spread I use with my clients. Click here to get the Tarot Spread and try it for yourself.


If you still feel confused about it you can schedule an appointment to get a full Astrology reading with an astrologer. Here at Moon Watchers by The Stars Within we offer a Shine Your Why consultation where during one full hour over video call we dive deep into your Natal Astrology to uncover your core personality and life purpose, your strengths, talents and gifts so you can fully shine your star within. You can contact me for more information over here.


Until next week !








If you’ve found this post helpful in anyways go ahead and direct message me on instagram to let me know I’d love to thank you in person. 


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