Expanding your horizons – Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 27th to August 2nd

Since I met my partner I shared with him passion for Tarot cards. He was so opened about it and even decided to learn to read them himself.

I love how when two people meet (romantically or not, it can be a friend) we expand each other’s universes and minds. We allow ourselves to try new things and share the things we like. Hopefully evolving in our own ways.

I would have never taken a permaculture course by myself if I hadn’t met my companion. The dreamy, artistic, writer in me much prefers to spend time imagining worlds and digging into Astrology, Tarot and other spiritual pursuits than planting. However, precisely because I’m dreamy, I need something to ground me, and he expanded my world in that sense.

This week we have the chance to expand our worlds as well, dream of a new future and start rebelling to old ways.

Check out this week’s forecast.

Weekly Forecast July 27th to August 2nd


Monday First Quarter Moon in Scorpio ♏️ 

As the Moon in Scorpio squares the Sun in Leo marking the First Quarter Moon, we feel the tension rising as we enter one of the busiest weeks of the month. With Scorpio’s intensity and ambition to go deep with our desires and empowerment, we might face some challenges because the Sun is shining our attention towards play and fun. Mars the ruler of Scorpio, while in Aries will be squaring Mercury in Cancer on the following day making us a bit more snappy and careless with our words. Best is to avoid conflict and really measure words before speaking them, specially if you feel emotional about certain subject. This square adds a little spice to this First Quarter Moon which asking us to move forward with our ambitions and reclaim our power. That is precisely why it’s important to be mindful about others feelings and specially watch for reactive emotions.

Monday Jupiter Sextile Neptune

On Monday Jupiter the planet of joy and abundance connects with dreamy Neptune in what we call a sextile, bringing us an opportunity for blessings. Perhaps we are getting a chance to receive a sign that shows us a door to align with our dreams. It’s a window of opportunity are you going to take it ? 

Tuesday Venus Quincunx Jupiter and Square Neptune

Venus the planet of our desires, love, finances and values is making a few aspects to adjust to a new situation. First Venus Quincunx Jupiter than Square Neptune. We are called to adjust what we desire for our growth and joy which can create some tension with our longer term dreams. Sometimes we want to follow a path which may seem more abundant but that might add a little confusion in regards to our initial plans. Imagine a going on an adventure to expand your world but what you find in your journey makes you question your itinerary.  

Sun square Uranus

On Sunday the Sun square Uranus makes us see a situation with a radical different perspective ! We feel some tension building up inviting us to make a quick move, retrieve our freedom and act rebellious, perhaps a little pre-view of the Full Moon in Aquarius next week. This gives me a feeling of skinny dipping in the moon light – if only Portuguese waters weren’t freezing cold ! One can dream am I right ?


Tarot Card of the Week :


We have to juggle between many activities and keeping our balance is what we need to do. What areas of your life are out of balance or are asking too much of you ?

The danger with trying to do to many things at the same time is that we might over do it and spread ourselves too thin.

Look over at your resources, both financial and physical and see where you can adjust to find a better equilibrium.




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