Let you inner child shine ! Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 20th to 26th


This week I’m in an amazing place in Portugal called Terra Alta to learn all I can about Permaculture. It’s like being in a summer camp all over again, except that it is for environmental conscious grown ups ! That said, my partner and I and a big group of people are just like little kids all over again.

We are camping making fire, building natural buildings, cooking and laughing it really feels like the perfect kick off for the Leo Season (my favorite one, I’ll let you guess why… It’s only the most important season of the year for a humble Leo like myself).

While we are playing and planting crops over here I have also had the chance to share some knowledge about Tarot and definitely one of my favorite topics which I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow ! Double post this week ! How lucky are we ?

Since I don’t have much access to the internet, I better be quick with this one, so here it goes :

Weekly Forecast July 20th to 26th

Monday July 20th – New Moon in Cancer 6:33pm UK

New Moon in Leo !! Right ? No… In Cancer ! That’s right, 2020 is definitely a Cancer year ! With this New Moon in Cancer we are called to revise the intentions we’ve set in June 21st during the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Do you remember ? About a month ago?

 Now that we have woken up to what we need to change with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn ♑️ two weeks ago, we are ready to fully embrace this New Cancer ♋️ Cycle which will last for about 9 years ! And I dare to say given all of what’s been going on in 2020, for the next 35 years ! What is home for you ? Where are your roots ? Who are the people and projects you want to nurture and how can you take better care of yourself, others and the planet ?

In case you were wondering, the New Moon in Leo will happen on August 19th this year

If you are interested in working with the moon, Join me and others in my exclusive Moon Watchers Club on Facebook with bi-weekly Full Moon and New Moon videos and workbooks and more ! 

Tuesday Sun in Cancer Opposes Saturn in Capricorn

Have you ever felt torn between the idea of taking care of your self and doing something that mess you feel good and being responsible with your obligations ? Well this is how Sun Opposite to Saturn feels like. We want to be where our focus is but Saturn is reminding us that we still need to get the work done. It’s tough to make a choice. Be gentle with yourself and try to find the right balance.

Wednesday Leo ♌️ Season Begins

Right after we get more clarity where our heart needs to be, we begin Leo Season as the Sun moves into this new zodiac sign until August 22 when it steps into Virgo ! Now we can allow our inner children, and actual children, to have some fun, fully express ourselves and why not even take the spotlight a little. Our focus shifts from the coziness of home to our inner light. The goal is to renew with our self-confidence and authenticity. Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun and it brings forth these questions of how confident are you with yourself. With its big bright light we become more generous and take more space where we go.

Be bold, show yourself and most of all have FUN !

Thursday Mercury Sextile Uranus 

A great analogy for this aspect would be the Harry Potter twins Fred and George releasing fireworks inside the school hall. Uranus represents sudden change, rebellion and Mercury represents our mind, systems, ideas and communication. Sextile, these planets are creating some sudden noise to speak freely about what they want. Mercury in Cancer is emotional and nurturing, Uranus in Taurus is making this rebellion quite tangible (think about the statues of colonialism coming down in many countries with since #blacklivesmatter). In our personal lives this could be like a sudden need to take the day off for yourself and go soak up in the sun drinking some Matcha Lattes for exemple.


Tarot Card of the Week :

940A9D20-3E3E-4FB3-BA2F-4851872FDC5AIsn’t it just a beautiful synchronicity ! As the Sun moves into its home in Leo we have the major Arcana card The Sun as a wonderful reminder for ourselves this week.

This card brings forth a lot of joy and happiness. It reminds us to be free to be ourselves, to live authentically, to have a light heart and free mind. The child in the picture carries nothing Appart from the red flag. It is naked totally comfortable and confident and the flag a symbol of power. The horse symbolizes movement and freedom. There is abundant joy if we want to embrace our personal inner light !


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