Pack your bags, it’s time to move forward Astro-Tarot Forecast Week July 12th to 19th

Time flies and honestly it’s quite overwhelming to think that the time to move has arrived. We are finishing up the last details of our move as we get emotionally ready for the actual moment ! It’s crazy to think that we are about to really close a parenthesis, which really felt like a whole chapter, of our lives.

Maybe it’s the Covid-19 effect, or the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction or everything that has been happening this year, but our lives have most definitely changed forever and I’m quite excited to see what the new cycle brings !

This week, just like packing the last boxes of a big move, we are wrapping up what we’ve learnt in the Full Moon and closing the 2018-2020 Eclipse Season in Capricorn and Cancer cycle for good until they begin again in 8 years from now ! It’s time to make the last check before we set better intentions with the New Moon in Cancer early next week, as we get a second chance on perfecting the safe base we want to create for ourselves and loved ones.

Here’s next week’s forecast and scroll to read the Tarot Card for the Week !

Weekly Forecast July 12th to 19th

Sunday Last Quarter Moon July 12th in Aries ♈️

Finally we’ve had a little time to digest the powerful Jupiter Pluto conjunction and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse from the beginning of the month. We can’t deny it had it’s dose of stirred emotions and tension.

It’s like we just went on big hike to reach a mountain to take a big look at the land beneath us. We just became more aware of the forests, the rivers, and the landscape. We are able to understand the big picture and once we’ve seen what we had to see, we start walking down the mountain, taking the time to think about what and where the changes will be made once we get to the bottom.

The Last Quarter Moon in Aries ♈️ gives us the energy to wrap up the lose knots and start clearing up what we still have left to clear up before we kick off a new cycle with the New Moon in Cancer on July 20th (a second New Moon in Cancer !).  Aries might want us to start new projects and be impulsive, but the time is to gather what we still want to keep and let go of the extra weight.

Monday Sun Trines Neptune

The Sun trining Neptune will help us get a little bit more clarity of what is our dream vision for the future and what is it that we want to create next. Take the opportunity when the veil lifts so tune in to your intuition and pay attention to your dreams. 

Thursday Saturn Quincunx North Node

By Thursday Saturn in Capricorn (planet of discipline and responsibilities) is making a weird aspect – called quincunx – to our North Node in Gemini (which points to our destiny path). This is going to require us to make some adjustments in our goals, plans and discipline to be able to share our ideas and knowledge with the world.

Thursday Sun Opposes Pluto

Also on Thursday the Sun opposes Pluto and we feel torn between or need to go deep into ourselves to transform and evolve and our focus in nurturing our projects, our home and family* (family here includes the one you chose for yourself too). Inner change can impact our closest circle, but its inevitable if we want to evolve to a better situation for ourselves and those around us.

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Tarot Card of the Week :

9C11E5FA-2AD1-4442-A8D9-375A65A49C8F The Three of Pentacles is usually a card of team work and support to build your projects and achieve your goals.

Reversed, this card is inviting us to look at our close network. Who are the people very close to you, or the very few you trust to help you with the important task at hand. You might feel tempted to do it all on your own, but if you can reach out to those who can give you a hand a help you move forward on your path.

Keep your friends close and be brave to ask for help if needed !



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