Plan Your Week with the Energy of the Planets – Work with FLOW

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Have you ever looked at your to-do list and felt like pulling your hair out ? Or maybe you constantly forget important tasks you must do in a week and you efficiency is low ? I sure have done both.

When I started my solopreneur adventure I was so overwhelmed with the amount of tasks I had and the little time to get them done. It’s one of those things you know it’s going to be tough but you don’t really know it until you actually start. Luckily, being a productivity NERD that I am, I’ve combined batch working with the energy of the Planets to boost my efficiency. And that is exactly what I am going to share with you on this post.


Plus if you stick around you’ll find a surprise at the end of this page.


I’ve always been a sucker for productivity since my corporate days and I was very early on in the game of Bullet Journals, the minimalist type (not the super fancy ones) because my goal was productivity and efficiency.


When I became a solopreneur, I struggled in the beginning to get organized and I felt often distracted, being pulled in many different directions, or not motivated at all. 


Luckily with my knowledge of Astrology and energy work, I realized I could combine most of my work and create a weekly calendar that matched the Planets energy so I could work from a place of FLOW. 


But first things first ! A little Key concept for ya :


Batch Work

You’ve probably heard about this from Batch Cooking, where you cook all of your meals all together in one day. I loved doing this when I lived in Paris. With Batch Working is the same idea. In simple words :


 Batch working is combining similar tasks in themed days and/or time frame.


For instance, you could have a Content Planning day that you’d schedule on the same day of the week. That way you know all you’ll do about content will be placed in that particular day and time : that includes writing your instagram, FB captions, blog posts and etc.


If you are anything like me you probably already gave this a try and you still feel there is something missing. 


What I found was that for certain tasks it was working better in certain days as for other tasks I felt absolutely discouraged. That’s when I realized that the Planets, just like the Moon (but this is another subject) have influential energies on the days and we could harness them to our advantage.


So instead of randomly assigning days for certain tasks, what If I could match them to planetary energies ?


…And that my friend was a game changer for me. 


I started by making a list of all of the ongoing tasks I had and I compared it to the energy of each planet represented by each day of the week and matched them together. That way I would not only batch my work but also match to the energy already available for me. 


Why swim against the current if you can use the current to make you swim faster ? 


As an exemple Monday is the day of the Moon, and the energy of the Moon is nurturing, caregiving, protective, emotional, intuitive. So I started offering my followers a Pick a Card Monday to nurture their energies over on instagram and reserved Wednesday’s for writing and recording content as it is the day of Mercury the planet of communications. Once I’ve aligned those, things just started to FLOW. 


Here are the Themes for each Planet & Day of the Week : 


  • Monday / Moon Day : Nurturing / Intuition /Safety / Emotions
  • Tuesday / Mars Day : Action, Motivation, Active / Warrior / Defensive / Energetic
  • Wednesday / Mercury Day : Ideas / Communications / Short travels / Writing / Speaking / Teaching
  • Thursday / Jupiter Day : Expansion / Blessings / Excitement / Enthusiasm / Education
  • Friday / Venus Day : Love / Values / Finances / Detail oriented / Adjustments
  • Saturday / Saturn Day : Structure, Responsibility, Goals, discipline, delayed gratification
  • Sunday / Sun Day : The Self, the essence, our focus or energy, Ego. Sunday Funday is exactly what it should be. Do what you love !


Because I truly believe in sharing knowledge…


I’ve created an exclusive Guide that you can grab for free so you too can start aligning your work with planetary energies and start harnessing this powerful motivation booster.


In the guide you’ll have a template to fill out with your tasks but also the key words to each Planetary Energy so you can easily match them to your tasks and created Universal Aligned Themed Days ! Isn’t that much better than just regular themed days ? 




CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE  to grab your Plan with the Planets Guide ! By filling out the form you’ll be added to my monthly newsletter where I share a bite sized easy to read forecast for the month, how to work with the Moon and more.  


If this has helped you in any way, please go over to my instagram and send me a private message over there to let me know ! @bellaperegrino



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