Stay focused & opened – Weekly Astro-Tarot Forecast July 6th to 11th 2020

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All I want to do this week is take some me time. I don’t know about you, but the energies of last week were quite intense and not only keeping all animals awake at night (cats and dogs went crazy over here !) but also me !

When I see all the changes I’ve started in my life in the past 2 years I ask myself : “I did all that ?”. They feel really real right now…  But then again the Eclipses Cycle that has just finished on the axis Capricorn / Cancer were activating some important areas of my Natal Astrology Chart, making the effects even stronger (this is valid for a lot of us).

I cannot help feeling a pinch of fear as well as excitement. Can you see the butterflies in my belly ?

This week however, we will get a little bit of rest. We still have some tensions we need to resolve, but all in all I feel like they are here to support us more than anything.

I actually have a surprise for you ! You want to stay tuned because TOMORROW I’m sharing with you a great tool I use that helped me through out these changes !

Check out next week’s Forecast or scroll down for the Tarot Card for the Week

Weekly Forecast July 6th to 11th

Mercury Squares Mars July 8th

When we get to the middle of the week that Mercury (planet of communications, thoughts, ideas, systems and short travel) who is preparing to end it’s retrograde motion later on, squares Mars (our motivation, drive, action) to add a little spice. We are being called to Walk the Talk and not just Talk the Walk. It’s time to take some action into what we have been thinking about because the tension has been building up. Mercury in Cancer is a lot more emotional and defensive, with Mars in Aries we can be a bit more impulsive with our words and reactive with our emotions. The idea here is to be upfront with how you want to nurture yourself and others, but mindful not to come off too strong. 

Mercury Retrograde Ends July 11th

By Saturday Mercury ends its Retrograde motion (it will still be in a shadow period as we say while it picks up speed for another 2 weeks). Hurray ! A little less glitches and difficulties when it comes to communications, technology and transportations. So if you were in revision mode with a project (like writing a book or something) you are getting the green light to move forward with it ! Go go go ! Enjoy because it won’t go retrograde again until October 14th (to November 3rd).

Venus Sextile Chiron also on Saturday July 11th

We get an opportunity to find healing through beauty, love and romance. Venus is the planet of love and desires,  in Gemini it gets creative and curious and perhaps this curiosity is going to help us look deeper into the wounds (Chiron) we carry in regards to leadership, identity and our bodies.

Tarot Card of the Week :

1F4454DA-A71B-4F76-BC81-79AA0940A0E9The Four of Cups portrays a person feeling a bit bored or refusing the opportunities being presented to him/her. So deep in though that we become unaware of our surroundings.

It’s like when we are so focused looking at our phone that when a person we know passes by that we’ve been wanting to meet up with we don’t even notice. We are in what we call a focus lock, and we miss out the world around us. In one hand we miss a chance, in another we can also avoid an icky situation.

Cups represent emotions, and this case could also be referring to avoiding certain emotions. Given the astrological forecast above, I feel like this could be referring to Venus Sextile Chiron. We have an opportunity to heal something so we need to be aware not to avoid looking out our emotions and thought patterns.

The advice for the week is : Stay focused but opened to receive love, information and healing.

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