You’ve won and lost battles, but you still stand – Astro / Tarot Forecast

Did you know that our minds love rituals ? Not necessarily spiritual rituals, but a form of routine that breaks an ongoing action.

It helps us shift from one energy into another and it gives us time to integrate the progress.

For example, since the beach re-opened here in Bali, Mathias (my partner) and I enjoy going for a little sunset walk at the end of the day to cut from work and allow ourselves to get into the mood for a cozy night.

And as our time here in Southeast Asia comes to an end, we are really taking the time to acknowledge all the blessings and learnings we have received for the past few months. IT hasn’t been always easy, being far from family and friends, quarantine but it has had its share of positivity too. I mean surfing without a wetsuit in a 30° Celsius water, what could beat that ? 

But don’t let me take you away from the important energies surrounding us for the next seven days ! Check out next week’s Astrology Forecast below :


Monday – Jupiter  Conjunct Pluto 24° of Capricorn JUNE 30th

We start the week as Jupiter the planet of expansion, blessings and optimism comes together with Pluto the planet of death, rebirth, transformations and transmutations the changes that we have been seeing in a collective level will begin to feel even more real and everlasting. Hopefully, since Jupiter is such a positive planet, we will start seeing how positive these changes really are for the long term. 

Tuesday – Saturn goes back into Capricorn 

A planet of responsibilities and discipline, Saturn which has been retrograde in Aquarius, goes back to Capricorn and stays there making sure we are keeping up with our promises and doing the work we have to do to evolve. Saturn transit is often feared because it makes you work hard to be able to enjoy the benefits. It understands that hard work pays off and the important role of delayed gratification. In Capricorn, this energy is extra strong and is reminding us of our responsibilities and discipline ! Pull out that to do list ! It’s about time you start checking off some items.

Weekend – July 5th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4:44 GMT in 14° Capricorn

And why not close the week with a blast. We are finally wrapping up a cycle of crisis and changes that we have started on July 12th 2018 ! Can you remember what was your life back then ? This Full Moon and Eclipse are here to stir a few last things up and make sure we release Capricorn’s authoritarianism and need for control to fully embrace the nurturing, intuitive, caregiving side of ourselves. Not only individually but also collectively. These set of Eclipses won’t happen for another 9 years, so whatever we are finishing up now we started way back in 2011. As Justin Timberlake says it goes around.

The card of the Week :

5C6E31F4-527B-4FEC-BB6D-C2AEF76F6B0A9 of Wands Reversed

Can you believe how far we’ve come and how many battles we’ve had since the beginning of the year ? It’s definitely exhausting and we are still hurt and trying to recover from all that has been going on. Inside we are feeling low in energy, but we KNOW that there is a light at the end of tunnel and despite all the hardships we are still standing. We stand together. This card is asking us to reflect and acknowledge all that we have gone through, all the adjustments we have made, all the battles we’ve won and lost but is also reminding us that through these lessons we still know how to get up back to our feet.

Stay strong, harness your gifts, hold on to your passion, better times will come.



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wishing you a wonderful week !




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