Weekly Forecast June 22nd to 28th 2020

Hi dear moon watcher,

Since we moved to the house we are in Bali, we’ve inherited a little border-line wild cat, which we named Kat. Truth is, she chose us. Naturally, being a cat lover, we took care of her.

About 10 days ago she got attacked by the neighbors’ dogs, she was in shock and terrified. The vet said she would be ok, but we were concerned about her. So we started showering her with serious love.

In return, she learned our rhythm, our timings. Now she eats with us and sleeps with us.

Even though she is some what more domesticated now, her essence is still wild and she will occasionally fights the other animals that try to go inside our house.

But one day we will have to leave this house and also leave her. It breaks my heart to think about it, but we are, just like everything in life, just passing by.

The dynamics of our home makes me think about the energy of this week. Where is home, how do we nurture it with a long lasting effect and what is the balance between roots and our need to move forward ?

In times of a pandemic and where old limiting beliefs are being brought down it is only natural we have to rethink everything. 2020 is definitely challenging us to do so and I’m an optimistic one, I know we will look back in time and see how this year made us work hard to collect our blessings.

This Weeks Forecast :


Eclipse energy, new beginning for emotional bonds and roots.

We are still in the energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, where we are called to find a safe place to nurture ourselves and our loved ones. We are trying to give a new meaning to what is home, and where are our roots ? (Click here to join the Moon watchers club and grab your New Moon Guide)

Middle :

Venus Direct 5° of Gemini

On Wednesday June 25th Venus finally stops its retrograde movement to go direct in the astrological wheel. This means that delays in the realm of finances, desire, love, our values and beauty will finally stop and start picking up speed. It will not be retrograde for another 18 months and hopefully we’ve had time to revise what we truly value in life and what we desire going forward.

Weekend :

First Quarter Moon in Libra 9° opposing Mars in Aries

We are called to take action with the first quarter moon in Libra but keeping in our hearts the balance and harmony with those around us. However we are torn between acting impulsively with our own interests in mind. In one way we want to take mindful action making sure everyone happy when deep down our motivation is more centered on what we want individually. The key is to find the right balance. When to act quickly and when to take a step back and be measured.


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