And just who am I ?


B341D6EB-EBE9-45ED-94AE-5B7F8DD7193EIf it has got to do with shining a light on your true potential & life’s purpose 

I’m your girl 

I’m Bella Astrologer, Intuitive Coach and watercolor artist

It takes a lot more than reading your horoscope to understand the power you have lying within you

Wether you are just starting in Astrology or if you already have some knowledge, and you are tired of reading stuff out there that just creates more confusion…

(Ahem*)This is where I slide in with my telescope, computer, some hot cocoa and a few tarot cards.

Make a little room for me next to you, will ya ? Let’s look up at the stars and feel that connection. Let’s use this knowledge on a down to earth practical way and harness this energy.

Every person has a deep purpose, mine ?

With my Sun and Moon in Leo and Pisces Rising, I am here to infuse positivity and optimism into your life as well as inspiring you to live a life filled with purpose and joy. My career zone in Sagittarius and Capricorn combines the thirst for new ways of thinking to teaching these in a practical, logical and step by step way.

After more than 10 years of spiritual studies (Astrology, Tarot& Oracles, Yoga, Crystals, NVC, Aromatherapy and Reiki ), I finally left the coorporate world to live my mission full time. This blog is for me to share with you all the knowledge I have gathered these past years and some of the exact same techniques I used to decode my own life purpose, and that of many other intuitives like you. 

Let’s begin ?

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