There are many Stars in the Sky…

I help you ignite yours & embrace your light

The moment you were born, the Universe registered your life purpose, your talents, your gifts, and so much more. With 3 simple numbers: your birthdate, the time you were born, and the coordinates of the city where you first opened your eyes, we can uncover the blueprint of your life, personality, and path, helping you find deep happiness and inner fulfilment. Thanks to Astrology, we can study the core of who you are in order to create a life that you’re truly excited about.

Imagine it: you wake up with joy, humming while making breakfast, feeling connected to yourself and your purpose. You finally work in a job you love, or you’ve created your own company. Your book, art or music is making you shine. You bring the best of yourself to your family and friends because your life has meaning and you know exactly what it is.  You embrace your personal power and harness your talents to make every moment count.

Hi there,

I’m Bella

Astrologer & Intuitive Coach

I help creatives like you connect to your true potential so you can fully embrace your WHY & live an inspired life. 

There is no point in hiding it: I am passionate about human nature, positive psychology and our connection to universal energies. Blame it on 10 years of personal soul searching before finally accepting my path. Simply put, I help you understand your true potential so you can hear your life’s calling and create a life filled with love and joy. If you are here, you know it’s time to say YES to your fire !

What lights you up ?

Understand your life’s true purpose, harness your talents, and learn to thrive.

How can I help you today ?

Don’t leave empty handed ! Catch your falling star and put it in your pocket :

A  »How to » organize your week using the planets as your energetic guides

Use your Tarot cards to guide you and discover your leadership style !

Take your Tarot Reading to the next level with simple steps !

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